The Matruvatsalya Upanishad – The Most Sacred Moment Ever

ll Hari Om ll
A few weeks ago, Bapu announced that the 'Matruvatsalya Upanishad' will be released on the day of Datta Jayanti, i.e. on Thursday 27th December 2012.
And now in His editorial - the Tulsipatra-887 that appeared in the 'Dainik Pratyaksha' issue of 23rd December 2012, Bapu revealed to us a series of beautiful secrets that are associated with this event. He shared with us the beauty, the glory and the grandeur of the event, of the moment that will witness the release of the 'Matruvatsalya Upanishad' in this world. We are all waiting eagerly...
As part of the Kiratkaal series, we are reading at the moment, the account of the wedding ceremony of Paramshiva and Parvati. While on the manifestation of the sacred Manasarovar, unfolds the eminence and sanctity of its waters and connects that moment of the Satyayug to this one – in the Kaliyug - to the moment of the arrival of the Matruvatsalya-Upanishad.
I am citing here facts that come to light as a result of the conversation among the divinities i.e. Aadimata Shreevidya, Mata Shivagangagauri, Mata Arundhati, Brahmavadini Lopamudra and Shachi: "The waters of the Manas-Sarovar would forever remain an intact union of the waters of 108 sacred rivers. But in accordance with the downfall of man in the Kaliyug, one by one these rivers would dry up leaving the Manasarovar feeble. This would imply in turn, a huge paucity of water leading to wars, to complete mayhem and eventually to the reign of violence."
Every such time that man proves helpless against the disregard of purity as also against the downslide of morality and of virtue, there happens war.
So we must know that as the final lap of the Kaliyug begins, there will be a world war resulting from the dire crisis of natural resources – water, energy, etc.
Every war entails wreckage and ruin, but the devastation and ruin that awaits mankind following the war resulting from the energy crisis will be the worst ever calamity the world has seen. The entire Chandikakul will however, be prompt and ever equipped to protect and help the Shraddhavaans.
Bapu gave to us, the 'Matruvatsalyavindanam' – the 'Mataraishvarya-Ved', which we know, is the 'Mantramalini', the ninth manifestation of the Aadimata.
And now we have the 'Matruvatsalya Upanishad'! This as Bapu says in the Tulsipatra, is indeed a sacred journey, a journey of pilgrimage that intends to give us a contented life free of fear. Bapu gives in our hand this work that manifested out of love and depicts simple, pure and virtuous paths to attain the grace of the Aadimata Chandika and Her sons.
The Matruvatsalya-vindanam and the Matruvatsalya Upanishad will be the refuge of all the Shraddhavaans and they will emerge safe and unscathed from the calamity that will strike the whole world. The Chandika Kul will grace and protect them. The Ramrajya – the reign of Shreeram – will be established for them and for them alone. The Ramrajya – this state or these circumstances will hold true for the Shraddhavaans, for them alone.
So special and so unique is this day that divinities like Mata Arundhati, Brahmavadini Lopamudra, Shachi and their friends expressed a wish to be born on earth to celebrate the release of the Matruvatsalya Upanishad on the day of the birth of Shree Dattatreya. Aadimata Brahmatripurasundari Shreevidya gave them their word that She Herself would bring them along with all the Devgan and the Rishis in their respective subtle forms to the earth, to the venue of this glorious event and to listen to the Matruvatsalya Upanishad... to be part of the moment and to bless it. The moment is near. 
We are without doubt, all going to be present on this day that celebrates and means above all, Bapu's love and concern for us, His earnest wish to bless and grace us with Mothi Aai's (Adimata Chandika) love.
We will read this precious and sacred work that Bapu has given us, just the way Bapu wants us to – with love, with gratitude and with avid hunger.
Shreeram Bapu...
नम: सर्व शुभंकरे l नम: ब्रम्हत्रिपुरसुंदरी l
शरण्ये चंडीके दुर्गे l प्रसीद परमेश्‍वरी ll
 ll Hari Om ll