The Special Anniversary issue published in the daily PRATYAKSHA on the occasion of Datta Jayanti is immediately followed by another special issue on New Year’s day. Last year, the subject for the New Year’s issue was ‘The Bapu that I have know’. The response to this issue was so overwhelming; and coupled with the heightened curiosity about Bapu and the ardent desire to know more about Bapu, left us with no option but to retain the same theme for this New Year’s issueonce again as ‘The Bapu that I know’. In the coming year, I am planning to put on my blog, excerpts of the selected articles from last years issue that is from the issue of 1st January 2012.

aniruddha bapu, aniruddha, bapu, dr aniruddha joshi, pratyaksha, new year issue, datta jayanti,I am absolutely sure in my mind that this year’s issue will be a priceless possession for all Shraddhavaan friends of Bapu. Last year’s issue opened up to the readers, varied facets of Bapu’s dynamic personality. Readers will definitely find the same novelty and newness in this year’s issue. Readers, I am sure, will also get an insight into Bapu’s multi-faceted personality. Bapu is the ideal example of how one can live a meaningful life by adhering to the divine principle of ‘Sacred Purity is the only decisive measure’; of how one can manage varied aspects such as sports, arts, literature, entertainment along with the family and near & dear ones and yet derive undiluted joy in the process. He is the epitome of how one can make one’s life meaningful and full of contentment, through, amongst others, unceasing efforts, in-depth study, an accurate analysis of things happening around us, based on a keen sense of observation and the requisite amount of exercise. For Shraddhavaan friends of Bapu, it will be a golden opportunity to get to know more about the various facets of his dynamic personality through this New Year’s issue.

I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes for the new year to all Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhaktas. On the occasion of Datta Jayanti on Thursday last, Bapu made an ‘offering’ of the Shree Maatruvaatsalya Upanishad to all Shraddhavaans and thereby secured their future. While conveying his wishes for the new year, Bapu said that the wishes were not only for the coming year but for every moment of every birth hereafter of all those who have love for him and who hold on tight to the feet of his Mother. I am attaching a video clipping of that.