I love you My Dad

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Today was the day for which every Shraddhavan had once again waited extremely eagerly for over a year. Yes !!! It was 'The occasion' of celebration of Aniruddha Pournima.

 In the morning we all were ready and very eagerly waiting for Bapu to come. The scene was packed with Shraddhavans filling every corner of Shri Harigurugram and the roads and the grounds outside it. And then the moment arrived. Bapu arrive at Shri Harigurugram and there was a wave of love and jubilation that spread amongst the Shraddhavans.

Bapu was welcomed on the Utsav stage and the customary Parade of Disaster Management Volunteers, as like every year commenced. It was a show of gait and pomp by the smart looking DMVs trained as per guidelines laid down by Sadguru Bapu himself. The commands by the Parade commanders and the bangs of the feet  of the DMVs were reverberating throughout Shri Harugurugram. Now came the final moment of the parade. The commentators announced the last of the platoons which was to fall on the main turf. As and how the last platoon was passing past Bapu saluting him in the most elegant style, did the commentators stated something which sent waves of a massive love-filled uproar. The commentators while ending their commentary said "I love you My Dad". This single sentence,  "I love you My Dad", the feeling of Bapu being 'The father figure' for every Shraddhavan, brought a torrent of emotions at the scene. The utterance of words ' My Dad' made everyone nostalgic with the memories of Bapu's fatherly love that he has showered over each and everyone of us for last so many years.


From this moment onwards everyone from the thronging crowds, just everyone, had just these five words their mouth on seeing Bapu, "I love you My Dad". We indeed love you Bapu.  

Hari Om

Shree Ram

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