Kojagiri Pournima - Importance of Staying Awake

Hari Om Dear Friends,
Bapu, during his discourse on the auspicious occasion of Dassera, spoke about the importance of staying awake during the night of Ashwin Pournima which is also known as Kojagiri Pournima.
On this night, he said, Laxmi Mata, as told by Mahavishnu, travels around the world and makes enquiries wherever she visits - "Ko Jaagarti?" (Who is awake?). Any person who wakes through the night remembering the Sadguru, and waits for him, in the firm belief that he exists and that the Sadguru knows that he is being exhorted to come, that he knows everything - even if there is a semblance of such a feeling within that person - would be surely blessed by Laxmi Mata.  
I am pleased to attach the relevant video clip which will help you to see and hear Bapu as many times as you wish.