The Maghi Ganapati Janmotsav 2013

Hari Om Dear Friends,

As I am writing this post from Shri Harigurugram, the sweet chants of ‘Om Gam Ganapatayay Namah’ are softly ringing in my ears. Yesterday and the day before 'The Maghi Ganapati Janmotsav' was celebrated. The Maaghi Ganapati Janmotsav is being celebrated since the year 2009. The celebrations are held on 2 days. The first day, entry to the function is by invitation only. Thereafter, on the next following Thursday it is celebrated at Shri Harigurugram where all Shraddhavans can attend. Usually during the intervening period, the idols of Ashtavinayak are kept at the Link Apartments, where poojan is performed every day.

Today, at Shri Harigurugram, before the darshan commenced, Bapu spoke for a few minutes. He emphasized that we must always remember that God always loves us, no matter what sins we may have committed. He said that God has a plan for each of us and can execute only if we co-operate by chanting God’s name. He stressed upon the point that no matter what adverse situation we may find ourselves in; never ever think that God does not love us.



As mentioned earlier, the Maaghi Ganapati Janmotsav 2013 was celebrated at the Uttar Bhartiya Sangh Hall at Bandra (East). I am indeed very happy to inform you that the entire function was a grand success. The function started at 6:00 am with the ‘Dhwajarohan’ (unfurling) of the Dharma flag. The Poojan commenced at 8:00 am  and, with a couple of scheduled gaps, concluded at around 4:30 pm.

This function was organized jointly by Aniruddha’s House of Friends and Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam.

Bapu arrived at around 2:30 pm and watched the poojan and havan being performed. After the poojan, the continuous chanting of Shree Ganapati Atharvasheersha commenced. The complete atmosphere was charged with bhakti and sense of complete joy.

Around 5:00 pm, the invitees started arriving and within an hour’s time, the entire guest enclosure was buzzing with activity; our volunteers from Aniruddha’s House of Friends attended to each and every guest, providing information on Bapu and his mission to first timers and consolidating relations with those who have come before.

While I was observing people having darshan and at times exchanging a word or two with Bapu, the expression of thirst, joy and contentment on their faces was a joy to behold. I can say with certainty that there wasn't a single person who left without that feeling.

The volunteers of Aniruddha’s House of Friends and Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam deserve the fullest praise for striving to ensure that the entire function was conducted in a graceful and dignified manner.

My joy was multiplied after I got feedback from many of the invitees stating that they were extremely happy with the divine darshan they had of Bapu.

Shreeram and Ambadnya.

ll Hari Om ll