Shreeshwasam Utsav Memories forever...

Shreeshwasam, which all we Shraddhavaans had so eagerly looked forward to, was held between 4th & 10th of May 2015. After Parampoojya Bapu had emphasized its unimaginable importance, Shreeshwasam had become the most awaited thing for all of us. Every one of the Shraddhavaan who could participate in the festivities will, I am sure, be carrying with them a treasure trove of memories that will last far beyond this lifetime. The mere thought that we were part of the ‘select few’ who could be part of the Shreeshwasam Utsav is truly exhilarating and invigorating. I know there are many, many more Shraddhavaans who, with all their heart and soul, wanted to be present for the Utsav, but could not due to genuine constraints. The memories of Shreeshwasam are so beautiful and precious that one would want relive it over and over again.  


To make this possible, we have captured on video all the beautiful moments of Shreeshwasam over all the eight days (including the Sthapana Poojan performed by Parampoojya Bapu himself on Sunday, May 3, 2015), covering his arrival, and the entire bouquet of events such as Jalakumbha and Guhyasooktam, Parikrama, the absolutely captivating idols of Panchamukha Hanumant and Ashwini Kumars, Shree Aadimata Saptachakra-Swamini Poojan, offering of Prasad, drawing of Mooshak (mouse), Jhal and are sure to be deeply ingrained in the minds of Shraddhavaans.  


There has been increasing demand by Shraddhavans to release the DVDs of Shreeshwasam Utsav containing highlights of each days and important ceremonies conducted during this period. But instead of DVDs we are uploading and releasing these Shreeshwasam highlight videos from my YouTube Channel. This will make these videos available to each and everyone of you, even to those at remote places and that too for absolutely free.   We have already released the video of highlights of Sthapana Sohala and of Day 1 and Day 2 from my YouTube Channel. Today, I will be sharing the video of highlights of the 3rd day of Shreeshwasam. Thereafter, highlights of the subsequent days will be released at regular intervals.

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