Pravachan of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu on ShreeShwasam - English Translation

Hari om. Shreeram. Ambadnya. Let us begin by listening to the Shreesukta. The Shreesukta! A unique and wonderful gift that is part of the Vedas – a gift that as the Upanishad and the Matruvatsalya say, came to us because of Lopamudra. The Shreesuktam is the poojan (worship), it is the archan (adoration), it is a stotra (a hymn singing praises) and it is a stavan (praises), it is just all of these in one, offered to the Mother and the daughter both together – to Mahalaxmi and Her daughter Laxmi together. So then we begin from today with the Shreesuktam. Our Mahadharmavarman will recite it for us.


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Aniruddha Bapu- ShreeShwaasam - 12 Mar 2015


The Shreesuktam in Yogindrasinh's voice..........

Hari om. We may not have quite followed the meaning today. That does not matter at all. (May we know that.....) this sukta is a depiction of 'Shree' - the original form of the Mother, my Aadimata and of Her daughter Laxmi who is on the mission with Her and for Her as also of Their form, of Their attributes, of Their tenderness and in fact of Their Being as such in entirety. Very pure and very sacred indeed! The Shreesukta works at 9 planes, through 9 channels and through 9 pathways. Also, it is by means of this very Shreesukta that the three Vedas, viz. the Rigveda, the Yajurveda and the Atharvaveda have made a provision of tremendous strength to enhance every aspect of 'health' per se and in every way. Moreover, 'health' here does not merely refer to the health of the body, it refers to the health of the mind, of the praan, of the pradnya and even that of our lifetime - our existence in a birth so to say. Further, 'health' here includes the health of any and every single circumstance or state in life, of our financial state, our intellectual capacities, our emotional capacities as much as and to the extent of the health of the atmosphere in our home. But then the Vedas are huge works, really voluminous and written in the Sanskrit of very ancient times, which even the Sanskrit scholars of today do not quite follow. Besides, it is not possible today to practice the prescriptions in them – the Ahnik, the Trisandhya, the Suryanamaskar and all the yadnya formalities could be deemed impracticable in today's times. And the Sanskrit language is so flexible, it can be turned around as you like. For instance in Marathi, we say, 'Ram eats a yellow mango and Gopal eats a papaya' which is a simple sequence of words making an equally simple and straightforward sentence. That is how it is in English and in Hindi too. However, in Sanskrit, the word 'Ram' could be at one end of the sentence, the first word in the sentence could be 'mango' and the word 'papaya' could follow after another two words. So then, which one connects with which other? Is 'Ram' to be connected with 'mango' or 'Gopal' with 'papaya' and how? There are rules that help decide this. But even today there are many who do not know them; even those who call themselves scholars do not. One word has several different meanings. Take the word 'Naag'. 'Naag' is the cobra. But it also means the elephant and it also means 'zinc' which is a metal. Now, if the context is that a person made a certain article made from 'Naag', the reference has got to be to 'zinc'. Besides, the word even refers to 'ivory' at times. What then? That surely spells a problem! To add to this, the grammar is quite difficult, very complex in fact.

At this point I want to share a story with you. This is how it goes. There is this queen who is very well-educated but the king she is married to, is not. He is very dumb. He does not know Sanskrit at all. One day, as the members of the royal family are bathing in the waters of a pond, the king playfully splatters some water on the queen. She exclaims, "Modakehi sinchayet!" At that, the king quietly orders his servants to bring him a whole platter of 'modak'! They are after all the king's orders and so the platter arrives at once. The king begins to toss modaks at the queen. The queen feels so disgraced. What she had meant was something totally different – She had said, "Modakehi sinchayet" that is "Ma+udakehi sinchayet" meaning "Do not splatter water on me." 'Ma' in Sanskrit is 'do not' – 'do not splatter water". The women members related to her are all well versed in Sanskrit and so they get to know that the king, her husband is a fool. She is left upset.

So.....'ma' means 'do not' but in combination with 'udakehi' becomes 'modakehi'. This is how meanings get twisted by the time they reach us and at times deliberately out of cunning motives order to keep us ignorant.    

In the times we live, it is just not possible to perform the yadnya, that too getting up early and performing them a prescribed number of times or doing them in the required series. We do not do this. Do we know how pure and clean the food that we eat is? No, we do not. How pure and clean is the air that we breathe in? Do we know that? No, we do not. How are the people around us? Do we have an idea? No we do not. What about our mind? How is it? We know that and that is exactly why as per Aai's (my Mother's) wish, I spoke to you first about health. What you ought to eat, what is good, what you ought not to eat, etc.

And now I bring to you, the ultimate - Aai's supreme gift – the 'ShreeShwasam' – 'The Healing Code of the Universe', i.e. 'Vaishwik Nirogikaranam Guhyasuktam'. 'Nirogikaranam Guhyasuktam' means the healing code. That is what we have to understand and that is what we are going to celebrate. How we are going to do it, what it is going to be as also the purpose and intent behind it, is what I am going to talk about today but in brief. If I decide to talk in detail today, it will take us 30 to 35 hours and that is of course not practically possible. So I am going to explain the essentials and we will get to experience what it is going to be like. A copy of my talk will be made available to all. But in any case either before the ShreeShwasam function or atleast until the day of the function I myself will ensure that a booklet based on this talk is made available to you.  

So....we have to know that since the Aadimata and Her Son created the universe, they created mankind and life in the universe, they would have already made provisions for and taken care of all the possible needs of all forms of life, Just like the mother who sends with her child a water bottle and lunch box and handkerchief, this and that when he leaves home to go to school, Mothi Aai, the Great Mother of this universe has sent all of us humans here to this earth, the Vasundhara for schooling. This here, is school and our home is over there, in the Bhargalok. We have come here to school from the Bhargalok. The Mother has already provided for us, taken care of our needs and is aware of the difficulties we would be faced with.

We must, in the first place know that some consider our Mother, whom we refer to as Mata, to be a power, an energy. In a way it is not wrong. Well, it is not correct but it is not wrong either. All depends on what you believe in. The fact remains however, that believing that She is our Mother is way different from believing Her to be a power, only a power. Believing Her to be our 'Mother' is believing also Her 'unconditional love'. The mother does not feed her child because the child does things for her sake. She does it merely because it is her baby. Besides the milk is formed naturally in her and flows spontaneously. She neither has to shoot out an order nor does she have to take any medication for the milk to be formed. It is formed naturally and automatically. She does not feel dirty to clean her baby midway through her meal. That is affection. If you believe that She is only and only a power, She enters into the role of a teacher, she enters into the role of your boss. And then 'as you perceive and believe, so you shall receive' is what will be meted to you.

But we want Her and believe Her to be our Mother because that alone is Her original and basic form and its principle. She has caused the universe to come into being which means She is undoubtedly the Mother of the universe. Do you understand? Yes She certainly is energy and it is this energy that fills and pervades the universe. The universe, the infinite cosmoses that be, are all full with this energy. What do we mean by that? Vibrations are what we mean and it is owing to these vibrations that the progress of the world occurred.

We know that the Brahma, beyond form and attribute, what we call 'Dattaguru' was. Aditi not apart from the state beyond attribute and form and one with it, assumed the Gayatri form as the awareness of the Parmeshvar that He is 'Him', the Parmeshvar. The Gayatri then caused the sound in the Big Bang. What was it? It was the Om i.e. the Pranav. It was at that instant that the three sons came into being. Right? Dattatreya, Kiratarudra and the Parmatma – Devisinh. We also learnt who the Trivikram is. He is the Son of the Aditi form. Although the Aditi has to do with the One who is beyond attribute and form, for the sake of mankind, She became manifest as Shreevidya with Her 16 Kalaa. Since the Trivikram is the Son of Aditi, He is also known as Aaditya. He is the Son of Shreevidya. So, the Trivikram is ever willing, equipped and prompt to strengthen and enhance our health in all areas that we spoke about earlier.

And what did the Mother, the Aadimata, the energy pervading this universe do or bring about? She created food before creating the one it would feed. She abided by this principle every time She created and for every creature She created. She did not create man or any other animal before She created their food. She created food, She created oxygen, She created water before She created creatures that would live off these. On the same lines, She created medicine or remedy before disease struck. She had made necessary provision already and beforehand. May we mind well, that today we are by no means creating medicines and remedies. We are merely discovering them.

Does availing of this healing code imply not taking any medication? Does it imply not undergoing surgery even if required? Not at all. The Healing Code is not a replacement of these treatments which are at a much lower and gross plane. The operation is what happens at the gross physical level. If the doctor prescribes medicines, they will have to be taken, surgery will have to be done if need be. But that these may be successful, that medicine may act favourably, that the correct doctor may be found and at an appropriate moment, that we may be able to withstand treatment, that side effects or risk may not occur, is what the Healing Code will achieve. More importantly, the Healing Code will ensure that all of this is eliminated, no question of it at all. The Healing Code is, it impacts even before (so that risk and trouble may not occur or before the need arises) and it is, it impacts after as well (when the need arises). We must know this well.

What does Quantum Physics tell us? This energy is everywhere, including our physical bodies. Let us take a simple example. If your clothes tear, can you patch them with plastic? No, you cannot. Can the patch be made of diamonds? No it cannot be. A torn cloth has to be patched with cloth only. A gold vessel will need a patch of gold. Only then will it blend to become one. If an earthen pot is patched with gold the joint is bound to crack at the seams. What does this indicate? The solution has to match the problem. A remedy that has nothing to do with the problem, is irrelevant and disconnected and can never solve the problem can it? Everything boils down to frequency. You and I are frequency too. When things go wrong with the frequency, when things go wrong in the body, in the mind, in the situation, it is to be understood that there is something wrong with the frequency. So the Aadimata, the Mother must have certainly already created or provided for frequencies that can correct those that go wrong. But we are not able to receive these and it is because we cannot receive them that we cannot receive treatment. For instance, if there is no hospital in a village, a person may remain deprived of medicines though he has the money to buy them. The same applies here but on a much higher plane. We are not talking about money here. It is our ignorance or the absence of appropriate knowledge that keeps us deprived (of treatment so to say). Always remember that keeping people ignorant helps to rule over them, exercise power over them. Many an expert feels apprehensive that opening up all knowledge to others could mean not commanding any worth or respect any more. But where is the need to do so? Welfare and well being for one and all is the Mother's wish. Does She stamp Her name on anything or claim exclusive right to anything at all? No, never. Why then should we humans do so? Does Her Son stamp His name? No. He does not either.

We have to now understand how all of this happens, how the ShreeShwaasam comes to us and how we have to receive it. So what exactly does the ShreeShwaasam bring about or lead to? I am in any case going to explain all there is to the ShreeShwaasam but at the end. So, how and where does it act? Those making notes may make a careful note of this. It works on 12 areas. It works through 12 channels on 12 areas. There are 12 Aaditya. And what did I say? The Trivikram is the Son of Aditi. Aaditya does not only mean the sun. Aaditya is of course one of the names given to the sun but Aaditya does not exclusively mean the sun. Aaditya means the son of Aditi, in other words the son, the one born of the original form of the Aadimata.

What then does the ShreeShwaasam set right?

  1. Disease ( ailments or maladies of all kinds)
  2. Discomfort (pain. This 'Guhya sukta' or Healing Code is competent to rid of all pain)
  3. Discouragement (it does away with disappointment, low spirits, deterrence)
  4. Despair (dejection, hopelessness, complete loss of hope)
  5. Depression (gloom, inferiority, dullness or melancholy not cynicism)
  6. Fear
  7. Weakness (not just physical but all types of weakness)
  8. Deficiency (inadequacy.... like we say that a person is deficient in vitamins. This can be corrected)
  9. Unrest and trouble ( disquiet /restlessness and trouble always go together)
  10. Grief
  11. Conflict
  12. Feebleness

So bear in mind that our Guhya Sukta is going to offer healing to all the above conditions. The Guhya Sukta will give it. It will grant it to every such person who wishes to receive it. We now have to see how this will happen. We understood what it gives. Now let us go on to how we get it. The power of the Aadimata, the energy pervades everything that be in the universe – it is in the air, in every substance, every medicine, every deed, every thought. This healing power is called 'Arula'. 'Arul' is a Tamil word and has the same meaning – grace. 'In the 'Sandhya' bhasha (language) too 'Arula' is grace. This language was spoken even before Sanskrit was. Today only the Himalayan yogis speak it. So, 'Arula' means the healing power. How does it come to us? It is the Mother Aadimata who has created it in the first place. But it is from Hanumanta that this power, this healing power or healing energy or the energy that rids of disease comes to man. It is the eldest Son of the Aadimata, Shreehanumanta, the Mahapraan alone who can supply the Saptachakras (7 chakras) in our bodies with it. So the fact that the atmosphere has Arula, has the healing power too, becomes very evident to us. But then who does the job of supplying our body with it? Hanumanta i.e. the Mahapraan does it and He supplies it wherever required in the saptachakras. He knows if all seven require it, if one of them needs a little less of it than the others or even if one requires a little more than the rest. He is after all the Mahapraan! ok! What does the Sunderkand say about Him? "Uma na kachhu Kapi kai adhikaee; Ramdoot jo kaal hi khaaee." Lord Shivashankar Himself says to Uma, "O Uma! What does one say? What can one say about the power, the capacities of Hanumanta?! He can even consume the kaal!"

"Kalagni Kaal rudragni dekhata kaapati bhaye; Brahmanda bhovete vedhe vajrapuchhe karu shake; Tayasi tulana kaichi, brahmandi pahata nase." That is He, Hanumanta! If the tip of His tail, merely the tip is enough to wind around the cosmos, our 7 chakras are no big deal, are they? He draws this healing power from the atmosphere around, from everywhere in the entire cosmos, from all places that it needs to be drawn, from the stars, from the planets, from the womb of the earth, from the rivers, from the oceans, from the forests, from just wherever and everywhere! Who does the job of drawing all this energy and pouring it into our saptachakras? Hanumanta does it. Remember it. So this means that Hanumanta is the flow of this energy, He is the flow of the Mother's energy. What is the Mahapran? He is the flow of the Mother's energy that brings welfare. The Mother's energy is bound to be such that it brings welfare and He is it – the flow of this energy.....i.e. the flow that brings welfare, viz. Hanumanta.

Once it is brought to the saptachakras, the channels in the body carry it to areas where there is disease, ailment, problem. Our body has 72000 such channels. By channels (naadi) we mean nerves here and not blood vessels. 'Naadi' otherwise means the 'pulse'. In Sanskrit or even in the Vedas, 'naadi' refers to nerves, brain cells which number atleast 72000 – i.e. the chief ones. So obviously it is these that conduct the energy. The energy will neither travel through the foodpipe nor through the blood vessels. Now it is the Trivikram who carries it further. Once Hanumanta brings the energy to the body, the Trivikram supplies this Arula to the appropriate area, to appropriate cells and in the required proportion. He also connects the chakra to the appropriate faculty or organ as also to our external situation. He is therefore rightly called the "Shubha Spandana Vaahak Praneta" (The One who initiates and carries vibrations that bring well being) And how exactly He carries out all this, is what we have to now study.

Everybody has had Aai's (the Mother's) darshan isn't it? How beautiful She looks! Do not ever forget it My dear ones! May Her face be on your mind, at all times – keep recalling it. Keep recalling Her eyes and look at them and all will always be fine.

The first slide please. So, our hand – is the dwelling place of the panchamahabhoota – the 5 Basic Elements. Look at every finger. Be it your right hand or your left. Every finger is associated with a certain element. The little finger is associated with the element of 'Water'. The ring finger, with the element of 'earth', the middle finger, with 'Akash' (space), the index finger, with Vayu (air) and the thumb with Fire. What does that mean? They have to do with these elements. What does it mean to bring about the union of these, is what we have to see later. As of now let us understand what the association of the basic elements with the fingers of our hand means.

Next one! The Chakras and their role. So, with which element (mahabhoot) is the Mooladhar Chakra connected? To the element of 'earth'. Who is the demon associated here? What is the principle that corrupts or defiles the health of this chakra? It is fear. I used the word 'demon' to indicate the undesirable principle or the one that causes trouble in the area. Do not conceive of a demon as such like Ravan. The 'Dravya' or the element that connects with the Mooladhar Chakra is 'earth' (Prithvi) and the vile factor that causes trouble is 'fear'. The Swadhishthan Chakra has in essence to do with 'Jal' or Water. Ok? And the demon there is guilt. Guilt really wrecks the Swadhishthan Chakra, you undesrtand? Then comes the Manipur Chakra, which is the abode of the Para Wani, of the Mother. This one is in essence associated with Agni or Fire. What causes damage here, is disgrace, shame, dishonour. Ok? These cause the trouble here. The Anahat Chakra has to do with the element of 'Vayu' or Air. What causes problems here? Grief and sorrow do. The Vishuddha Chakra has essentially to do with 'Dhwani' (overt verbal expression) Lying to God is what damages the Vishuddha Chakra. Remember also that the Vishuddha Chakra is the one chiefly connected with the health of man. That is precisely why I always keep telling you – Do not ever lie to God – (Lying is no doubt a vice and you may lie to anyone if at all; but do not lie to God.). I have alse said that if you get to meet Shreeram every single day. You have access to Shreeram and Laxman. You easily get to talk to Him in person but then you confess your mistake before His photograph. That is wrong. That is the convenient way out. More importantly, man has no regrets about having committed wrong. He feels the regret only after he is caught or after the wrong is exposed. He in fact goes all out to cover the wrong done. He hides it from everybody, even from God. 'Oh no no! I have nothing to do with it' Who exactly are you fooling? Your own mind? But He knows your mind very well in any case, remember that. Here, the lie in question is the lie that you tell God not other people. That is what causes disarray in the Vishuddha Chakra. Then every single person around you, turns into your enemy. Your friend becomes your enemy, your neighbour, your office colleagues, your relatives and your dear ones and well wishers too. Your own body becomes an enemy. The auto-immune disorders as they are called strike. Your own body begins to eat into itself. A damaged Vishuddha Chakra is what causes this condition. The next is the Adnya Chakra. The essential element is Light. Who is the demon here? Illusion. We remain in illusion. Oh I can do anything at all. I don't need God. What is wrong with immorality? Nothing. God has not come to know of what I did. He does not come to know in any case. This is what plays havoc with the Adnya Chakra. Since the Adnya Chakra has to do with progress and welfare on all fronts, all progress stops and in a single moment. Then we go on to the Sahasrar Chakra and here the essential factor is 'bhaav' or the sentiment of love. Love is indeed God. Who is the demon here? Craving desire. For instance, the Ganpati idol is at home as part of the festival celebrations and you want to quietly go eat fish, on the sly. Who will know? It is not being cooked at home. This is the craving sort of desire that does not permit you to reason and do without. Bapu tells us not to drink (hard liquor/alcohol) . But we do it. That is what we are talking about. Is that clear? You like sweet and you want to eat it. Fine. But you already weigh 400 kg and you want to eat 40 kg of sweet ending up with a weight of 500 kg. That is the desire and craving in question. Right? Bapu tells us not to sleep as long as eight hours. It is not good. But we long to sleep. You have to let go off the craving to lie in bed. Do you understand?

So, these Chakra take care of our health. Hanumanta accedes the chakra and once Hanumanta's energy enters the chakra, the demons are destroyed. Every demon that has attacked a chakra, is destroyed. The energy in the chakra is released. The Trivikram then carries it to the ailing or affected part of the body or of the aura or even of your life.

Next slide. These are the sapta chakras – the seven chakras. Just take a look. Next slide. This is the Sahasrar Chakra. Next. This is the Adnya Chakra whose seed (beej/germ) is 'Um' ("C±$'). Then we have the Vishuddha Chakra with 'Hum'. ("h±'). Next. Then we have the Anahat Chakra. then the Manipur Chakra. Next. The 'Ram' ("a±') or the Agni beej is the germ/seed associated with the Manipur Chakra. the Swadhishthan Chakra is associated with Jal or water and has 'Vum' ("d±') for its germ/seed. 'Lum' ("b±') is the Chakra associated with the element of Prithvi or the earth.

So we studied the 7 chakras in brief. You will of course get all the information in the booklet. Our Grantha too gives a detailed explanation of these.

Aai (the Mother) has filled the world with her pure energy that brings well being. The Hanumanta Mahapraan who is the flow of this energy of the Mother, comes to us, our bodies. How does He do it? When we do or are part of the ShreeShwasam, the Healing Code, Hanumanta who is the flow of the energy that will bring well being, will automatically come to us. Do you understand? The healing power will come to our Sapta Chakras (in order to destroy the demons in them). When it does the Trivikram sets about wiping out all the demons that stand in the way of the healing. By demons here we mean vices not 'ghosts' that are evil spirits as such. So all that hinders the healing in a given organ or area, in other words the hindrance could have the name cancer, it could be heart disease, it could be cirrhosis, poverty, impotency, it could even be weakness, it could be madness or being tense all the time or anything at all for that matter is what the Trivikram will wipe out completely with its power, the Arula. However, for the Trivikram and Hanumanta to come to us, we require a certain capacity; we require a certain capability to invite and receive Hanumanta and that is what the Vedic mantras can give to us, that is what the Yadnya can give to us. But is it possible in today's life and times to perform the yadnya regularly, to observe all the rules and set aside the time for this? It is not, not in the present era. Right? That is precisely why we have made this 'Guhya-sukta'. This Guhya-sukta will be recorded in a CD – CD or cassette whatever or perhaps both – so....when we listen to the Guhya-suktam we have to be calm. It is no use listening to it when you are in the fish market, distracted in the middle of haggling for a price while it plays in your ears or in the background when the husband and wife quarrel. That is pointless. It will do you no good. All through the time that the Guhya-sukta plays – and it is not going to be a long time, it is a short while – close your eyes and sit calm. Sit cross-legged, sit in a chair, you could be lying in bed at home or in hospital if you are unwell for that matter – be calm and breathe normal. You do not have to take deep breaths, close one nostril and then the other, then hold your breath – nothing of the sort. All you have to do, is breath normal and when you do so while listening to the Guhya-sukta, Hanumanta's energy is going to enter into your bodies with every easy breath that you take in and reach the saptachakras as required. No sooner does that happen than what will follow in the next two lines of the Guhya-sukta? The Trivikram will take over and carry the energy to wherever needed. That is the kind of capacity and power of this Guhya-sukta! You understand? Oh yes this calls for a louder applause.

"You might say, Bapu how come this Guhya-sukta has so much capacity and power? Just because You say so?" No! Who am I after all? I have already said so and have even very clearly mentioned in the Grantha, 'I am not an avatar – not of anybody. I cannot do any miracles.' Look! I have two arms and two legs, just like you. I even wear spectacles. Right?

So then, let us give a thought to this: Why should they do it for us? The Aadimata, hanumanta, the Trivikram, His healing power Arula, the Anapagamini Laxmi, mahavishnu, Paramshiva, Annapoorna, Prajapati Brahma, Saraswati, Kiratrudra, Shivagangagauri.....why at all do they need to make themselves so simple, so easy and lucid for our sakes? The fact is they are thus, They are simple and lucid. It is the hypocrites and conmen who make them complex and our foolishness favours it. Saibaba did tell us did He not? "I shall pull out my bhakta safely from the jaws of death." "Listening to My stories with love and faith, will rid of disease and ailment." Can Baba's Word be wrong? Does my Baba lie? No that cannot be! It must be I who is lying. I here refers to the person in question. What happens is I am not aware of Baba's Words in the first place, even if I am, I do not recall them at the right time and even if I do, I do not really trust them. That is precisely where some verses of the Shree Saisachcharit that Hemadpant gave us, are bound to help us. They are bound to prove very very helpful. Which are these?

  • Baba's Word alone decides | That alone is the infallible cure|

Once when rice with curd was fed to a black dog |It proved a cure for malaria

  • It is Baba's Word that is medicine | What a treatment for diarrhoea |

But then it is the Saint's Word that is actually medicine| Take in whatever He gives – it is blessed like the prasad.

He who does so (thus blessed, he) will need no other medication.

.....This is of course true but for whom? For the one who trusts fully that it is Sai's Word that is the supreme cure. God's Word heals. It is God's Word alone that cures you and restores you to good health.

  • All the joints in the body are stiff| The place is open to rain and wind|

         That is the kind of humidity there is |And yet fact is, the cure is Baba's Word.  

We get to read such verses in these two stories. The story of Bhimaji Patil and of Amir Shakkar. "Imagine the kind of humidity there must have been!" Living in a place as humid, as wet as that when your joints are stiff would otherwise have implied a worsening effect. But then the medicine is Baba's Word. Yes!

  • Take the effort, strive! Drop the worry of the fruit|

Here I am, I stand behind you, to back you up|

But what do you wish? You wish that the effort be taken by Baba and I enjoy the fruit. That can never be.

  • Sai Sai, if you say at all times| I will lunge over the seven seas

What indeed are these seven seas? Know well, that they are nothing but the seven chakras.

Sai Sai, if you say at all times| I will lunge over the seven seas|

If you trust these words full and firm |Welfare and well being will be yours|

Look at the certainty in my Baba's assurance! Look at the strength and firmness of His Word! Why then do we not think of these words first when we need to? Why is fear always first to creep in? (even before we think of this assurance). Take any thing in the course of usual life. Your daughter is pregnant or is in labour. What you think of before any other thing is fear! But it is these (Baba's) words that must be foremost in the mind. These are my God's words! If my God's words do not hold true, how can He be my God? My God's words can never go wrong. Never! If it so happens that they do not turn true, I must know that it is I who is going wrong, it is I who needs to be corrected. We have to now rise above our mistakes. And just how many have we committed in life? Plenty! Let us draw the line now. Let us stop it. Let us learn to trust. Did I not tell you? You are not judged by your performance. You are always being judged by your faith. I want to make clear what is implied here: Suppose X and Y are two countries and that are friends with each other. The country X is also friends with Z but B is its enemy nation. So now if B declares war on X, X trusts that my friend Z is surely going to send help – that is faith. But when the prime minster of the country Z calls to say that soldiers have already left and military aid is on the way, when my intelligence services inform that aid is actually on its way, what is that? That is not mere faith. That goes beyond. That is knowledge. Like the Vedas tell us, knowledge is not mighty and beyond reach. Experiencing that my faith and conviction have in actual fact come true, is knowledge. That my friend is going to help me, is faith. However, that my friend has sent help to me, is knowledge. That my God stands with me, He is at all times all around me, is faith. That He is coming to me to help, He comes from all directions, and that He is going to intervene when required, is knowledge. 'Knowledge' is not what they call 'Brahmadnyan'. That you can pack up and put aside never to be used. That is no good at all, not even worth burning for fuel. All those who want to accomplish erudition may well do so. I really know nothing about it. My namaskar to them from afar. We are ordinary beings. All we want is our lives be happy. That is all. Agreed? So, faith is what you just have to have. You are judged by your faith and not by your performance. Yes faith is necessary but what kind? Clear, firm, genuine and backed by strong conviction. The words 'God will help....' is not the faith we are talking about. 'Yes my God is helping me. He is. I may not be aware of it but He definitely is at it.' That is knowledge. When you keep reflecting over the times you received help and in actual fact experience the faith that God is helping me, that is knowledge. Your faith that He helps will then become knowledge. You have to attain this knowledge. What does Shreekrishna say in the Geeta? 'Ananyashchintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate, tesham nityabhiyuktanam yogakshemam vahamyaham'.

I take care and at all times of the well being of the one who, trusting deep and firm that I and I alone am and mean everything for him, gives himself to Me in love and bhakti. He makes a distinction neither between great bhaktas and ordinary ones nor between those who offer the jap 108 times and those who do so 24 times. I give their every little thing My protection and care and at all times. I go on curing them continuously. Yes I am there. I am their doctor for ever. And who else utters these words? Swami Samartha does – at the time He left His body. He recited the same shlok. 'Ananyashchintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate; tesham nityabhiyuktanam yogakshemam vahamyaham' Saibaba tells us this same thing. Swami Samartha says it too. Bhagwan Shreekrishna says it too. Is this reassurance meant for those who have great austerities behind them? Have they said this after some person completed great austerities? These words are meant for every ordinary person like you and me. Moreover, we must know that God is consistent, He never changes. If God was what He was in the Satya Yug, He was the same in the Treta Yug and the same in the Dwapar Yug, that is what He is going to be in the Kali Yug as well and I just have to be sure about this fact. If Saibaba saved bhaktas from so many grave illnesses, if He salvaged them from dearth and poverty and even from feebleness, why would He not save me? Am I His step child? We have to give a thought to this.

We recite the Dattabawani do we not? Dattamaharaj blessed so many! Right? 'Vandhya bhes dujhavi dev'...the buffalo was old, she could give no milk and could not conceive either. But with His blessings she gave milk. That is what we have to know. God will take from us, we will offer Him things and then He will give us in return for those? That is never how it is. He is in fact ready to give in plenty, opening both His hands. Just like He gave in the satya Yug, He gave in the Treta Yug, he gave in the Dwapar Yug, He is going to give in the Kaliyug – that is what we need to firmly trust. First start believing Him – what can He not give me? It is just that He knows the right time and the right means. I do not.

I am telling you...that is how it is. It happened once. I told a patient to apply Volini to his arm as it was paining. The next day when Suchitdada and I were on the way to the clinic, we happened to meet his wife. She said, "The medicine you gave worked. My husband's arm has stopped paining. He has piles and it is hurting since morning. I told him to go apply the same ointment!" I said, "Where is he now?" "He just went to the toilet" she said. I ran and knocked on the door to stop him. Had he applied Volini to the piles affected area, the whole world would have heard him wailing out in pain! The poor lady had no idea – she thought the arm stopped paining and so the medicine will work anywhere on any pain. But this medicine would have proved severely painful and would have the left the person howling in pain for at least 3-4 hours. Fortunately I reached in time and oh yes! I always do! I am always in time! I am never late. So let us know that the doctor knows which medicine to apply where and God knows very well which medicine to give and when. We feel it would be good if we were given 4 doses of antibiotics at one time. That would kill the bacteria instantly. No! That would kill your cells instead of the bacteria! Just leave it to the doctor. He knows how to administer the dose – 6 hourly, 8 hourly or 10 hourly. Do not use your brains here. Right? If for instance, a by pass surgery is on its way and the patient tells the surgeon, 'Please repair this vessel first, then take that one there, insert this from so and so access....' Will that do? That is just not your job and area of authority. In the same way, leave it to them! The job is Aai's, it is of the Mahapran and it is of Trivikram! They are going to do it! And why? Because of our faith! Because of our love and most importantly, because of Her grace! Her unconditional and unmerited love! Unmerited love is what is very important. What does that mean? It means the grace that we receive despite the fact that we do not deserve it, despite the fact that our capabilities are not worthy of it. Unconditional, unmerited favour. I like this translation of 'Grace'. – 'Unmerited favour'. The love, the forgiveness, the acceptance and all that we are granted in spite of the fact that we have neither merit nor capacity, is 'Grace'. Grace is Her name, Grace is Her every act. 'Unconditional' indicates that She expects nothing. There is just the one condition – 'May we have faith – complete and firm that He is the Doer and He, the Protector who rids us of all trouble and evil'. That is what you must have My dear ones!

 So, the CD that we are going to make will also generate faith. If your faith happens to be weak and wavering, it will be strengthened. If you have insufficient knowledge, your knowledge will grow. How then is the Healing code going to work on you? All have to say 'Hari om, Shreeram, Ambadnya'. Say it loudly. When you listen to the Healing Code, and breathe out normally, you will also be exhaling all the ailments, diseases, vices, evil energies, evil vibrations, vile powers and germs.... and all of this My Mother will take in, She will accept as the breath She inhales. She will then set right, repair all this in Her lungs, purify it and exhale, She will breathe it out and we will then breathe the same air in – the air that carries Her exhalation and vibrations. So the Mother is going to do it. As we listen to the Healing Code and breathe out, She will draw out all the undesirable, the vile out of us and breathe it into Herself. She along with Her Son will purify all that. Her Son is Her breath as well as Her lungs. She will breathe all the bad and breathe out all the good, vibrations and principles that are good, meant for our good, those that bring welfare. We will breathe these in. This is what is going to happen. Do you follow? The Trivikram, Hanumanta and the Aadimata – all three of them are ready and willing to do it for you and I have their Word. I have this promise from them and so it definitely is. It is undoubtedly going to happen. We must understand that we need not breathe in any different way – We have already read this in the Matruvatsalya Upanishad have we not?

What does the 4th Chapter of the Matruvatsalya Upanishad say?

"O Uttam! It fills Vritra with so much joy to see man in misery, to see man cry and that is why reinforcing evil desire in man's mind, Vritra weans him to sin.

....also therefore, well aware of this condition of man, the Sons of Mother Chandika, wage war but never against any man or any sinner; their war is instead, always directed only against Vritra and against the demons who believe and follow him.

 ......It is therefore O Uttam, that the Sons of Mother Chandika rush to help the shraddhavans who are given in heartfelt loving bhakti of the Chandika-kul.

The indications that the Indra in the human body has transformed into the Indragni: (Indications of total good health and therefore an entirely good and desirable indication):

  1. Complete pure health, perfect health
  2. Energetic mind and body filled with enthusiasm as also the absence of fatigue and despair
  3. Courage and confidence
  4. Supreme and sharp intelligence (Highest intelligence)
  5. Balance
  6. Generosity
  7. Ideal in qualities and deeds

All this is what we stand to gain. Then let us go on to the shlok at the end of the 4th Chapter – the fourth Vikram as we call it.

 Om Aadimata pashchattaat vishnuh purastaat rudrah uttaraattaat trivikramah adharaataat|

Trivikramah nah suwatu sarwataatim shivah nah naasataam dirgham aayuh||

Our Aadimata, who is all and everything for us, is always with us. She always stands in support and stands behind us. Mahavishnu, leads and is always in the fore, He is our guide and is ahead of us. Kiratrudra, who blesses and is forever willing to forgive, holds the protective shield over our heads. Trivikram who supports us, and bears our burdens for us assumes us from below (under). (Just think! How much the Trivikram loves you! What extent does He go to for your sake? You always offer a tall seat to the one you respect and revere. He is not made to sit at your feet. But the Trivikram is ready to sit under your feet. Understand His love! He is ready to become your seat in order to carry you on His shoulders, He is willing to become your chariot, He is ready to become your charioteer. Do you get Me? Trivikram who supports us, and bears our burdens for us assumes us from below) The Trivikram pervades the east, the west and all ten directions and it is on Him alone that our life depends. May it be the Paramshiva who gives us protection from all four direction and in every way. may He grant us a long life.

What a beautiful prayer! We have to always bear in mind these words that appear in the 7th chapter:

"The boundless loving gratitude for the Aadimata that Shraddhavaan has in his heart and that will never dwindle is Ambadnyata"

In the same chapter we read the story of Aditimati, the wife of Kashyap.

It was owing to her Ambadnyata that the flag became a huge tree and it was owing to her Ambadnyata again that the same huge tree became as light as the flag.

So dear children, do bear in mind that it is Ambadnyata that is the secret behind all happiness.

All the three sons of the Mother Chandika are ambadnya.

I too am ambadnya and it is Her grace that I am ambadnya."

The shraddhavan who, standing before the Chandika-kul expresses repentence for his mistakes and his sin, certainly receives forgiveness from the Aadimata through Her Son.

O Madhyam! My Mother's forgiveness is infinite just like She is and although My dear Mother is a warrior and committed to destruction of evil, She is for the shraddhavan, very simple, straightforward, lucid and of innocent and naive heart."

Now understand what Parshuram says in the 9th Chapter of the Matruvatsalya Upanishad –

Hear the words that the Aadimata uttered in My ear at the time She gave Me My name. Listen!

My Mother said,

"My dear child! I love You (and I keep loving You) at all times, eternally and constantly."

(Beautiful words indeed! The One who heard them can never forget them.)

"My dear child! I love You (and I keep loving You) at all times, eternally and constantly."

O friends, these are the very first words of My Aadimata that I heard.

I was an infant and could not speak. I could only listen.

And that is what is important.

O friends! Do keep listening all the time to this Aadyavaakya (the very first sentence/words) of My Aadimata – the one that She uttered for Her dear Son. May you hold close and dear in your heart, this Matruvaakya (the words of the Mother expressing utmost love and affection) and may you recall it and reflect over it at all times. That is what it is 'to listen'.

This is Her ultimate, Her highest mantra,

It is these words that are the best, the supreme invocation unto Her

And it is these words that are the best and most effective measure to bring about a desirable change in your destiny.

In response, Parshuram called out to Her and said, "O Aadimata, You are so loving and I am ambadnya."

And the incredibly amazing happened. What happened was indeed impossible for any human. Uttam actually saw the Aadimata Mahishasurmardini holding all Her weapons rush eagerly towards Parshuram from the 'Aksha-moorti' in the temple of the Pancham (fifth) sacred dwelling.

The Aadimata Mahishasurmardini held Parshuram in a loving embrace, kissed Him on the forehead and then She, the Aadimata Herself actually spoke to Uttam and Madhyam. She said,

"I will come rushing to you too, I will, with the same love and eagerness."

So then dear ones, why do you not keep this in mind? Why can we not recall these words? My Mother has given Her Word to Uttam and to Madhyam has She not? Eventually She even transformed Vigat, who was so fallen, who was a sinner into Sugat, did She not? And what was Her promise to him? She assured him that he had received all that Uttam and Madhyam had received from Her. Therefore you should know that just like the shraddhavan knows for a fact 'May we have full, firm faith that He, (the Parmatma Sadguru) is the Doer and the Protector who does away with our troubles' so must he be certain and assured of "I will come rushing to you too, I will, with the same love and eagerness." She will...for my sake! Every single one of us must trust and be certain and convinced that Mothi Aai, my Grandmother is surely going to rush to my help too. If we do not trust the truth in Her word, all else is pointless and meaningless. I have said it time and again that Once They give it, She and Her Son never go back on Their Word, never! There is never a change in this, never! No matter how many lifetimes go by, how many Deluges and howsoever big they may be! Once They give Their Word, it is forever that it is given.

So let us go on to what the Parmatma has to say,

O shraddhavan! I am your server appointed by the Aadimata, (the Parmatma explains His role) a server who brings to your life, all that good, desirable, virtuous and nurtures and protects it. I am Her server, I am your server; which means I am but the waterwheel meant to draw out from the Aadimata's well of grace – again meant to serve you, for you to use. And if you do, there will be no troubles and tribulations in your life at all. Not even a trace of them. However, you will have to make the effort to make use of this wheel. This wheel is the Healing Code, the Guhya Sukta. Did you follow? It is this 'wheel' that we are going to receive and in entirety during the ShreeShwasam festival – this wheel that we need to draw out medicine, to draw out help from the Aadimata's well. Do you follow? Sure? So now you just cannot say that you do not have the wheel or the rope or the bucket either.

Then comes the Stotra, my favourite one.

The Chandika Prasad Stotra

The loving Aadimata is my Mother, mine alone.

It is She, the ruler and queen of my seven chakras

and the One who gives impetus, motivation to my two dormant chakras

My Aadimata is so very beautiful

That my life is very beautiful as well.

My Aadimata never goes wrong

And so my life can never go waste

My Aadimata can never be of distorted sentiment (vikrut)

And so my life can never be distorted (vikrut) either

My Aadimata is at all times filled with zeal

And so my life too is at all times full of zeal.

Every creation of my Aadimata is flawless,

And it is She who has made me as well.

It is my Aadimata who has given to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth their appropriate weight

And so She keeps to the appropriate, the weight i.e. the load of my body, of my mind and that of my buddhi.

My Aadimata is at all times so flexible

That is why I will never break.

My Aadimata is so tender, so gentle at heart

So I will never hard-hearted.

No weapon whatsoever can injure or hurt my Aadimata

And so my pain and my hurt can never last.

My Aadimata never wishes to do ill or harm to anybody

And so nobody can ever do any ill or harm to me.

My Aadimata can never be defeated

And so my failure too will only end up enriching me

My Aadimata sets right every single wrong in the universe

And so it is She who corrects any defilement in any of my three deha

So I remain undefiled

With every exhalation of my dear Aadimata

Stream out innumerable amazing miracles

And that is why every breath I take in, taking Her name

Brings about many a miracle in all my three deha.

We had actually prepared for the ShreeShwasam in the Upanishad itself but we forgot, right? You just read and forget it, that is what you do. Read it with love my dear ones, I am telling you from the heart – it is here that the preparation for ShreeShwasam happens. What in the world is Bapu saying, you might wonder! That was the Upanishad! No My dear ones! This is a promise. It is the Trivikram's promise, it is Hanumanta's promise, it is Dattatreya's promise, it is the Nityaguru's promise.

So now the 15th Chapter, where the Trivikram, Parshuram and Madhyam are in a discussion.

Madhyam asks,"O Trivikram! Are disease and ailment a punishment for sin and wrong?"

Trivikram speaks:

"Yes, for the shraddhaheen, disease and ailment are a punishment and retribution for wrong done; for the shraddhaheen, yes it is so. For the shraddhavan on the other hand, it is a warning meant to make improvement in their life."

When are we going to understand this? Whenever you fall ill, you question why! You wonder what wrong or bad you did to deserve this punishment! (But it is not a punishment in the first place!)

Parshuram then says,

My dear friends, it is not just physical ailments but mental disease also that drain and wear out man. May the ailment be grave, be it any illness at all, it just does not matter. When you are fully ambadnya and remaining so, you offer a prayer to the Aadimata, the incredible, the amazing actually happens.

O friends! The Aadimata Chandika can make just anything happen (do just anything)

Be it disease or be it any difficult situation, never, just never be in doubt about Her competence and capability to bring about miracles. Never do it.

O Friends! If you do not love Her or Her Kul (family), no man will ever be able to give you true love.

Also, if you do not trust in Her, no man will ever be able to repose real trust in you.

Most importantly, if you walk away from Her, everything and every person that is good and virtuous in your life will for sure, walk away from you. He who turns away from the Aadimata will find his good fortune turn away from him."

As simple as that!

O friends! The Aadimata Chandika can make anything happen, we must this know well. Also her Son, the Trivikram too can do anything at all for Her sake and for Her wish. The Mother and Son duo can do just anything. But,

'A Mother after all, She is so loving and affectionate

Especially for Her child, She is so very compassionate.

But what if Her child is naughty,

How will She take care?'

Well the answer is 'by giving the child the Healing Code'

When it so happened that all turned out naughty, She said, "Come my dear. May the Healing Code happen for you." Everyone is being naughty. But be they naughty, they are after all my children, are they not? At the most I might twist the ear, give a couple of slaps, a small beating, let you go hungry for a couple of hours, i.e. feed you at 3 instead of 1. That is fine. But all of this must serve the purpose of your well being and welfare in life.

In the 22nd chapter the Trivikram says,

"O shraddhavan! May it be trusted or not but it is the Son of the Mother Chandika, the Parmatma Himself who has sought and been granted the blessing for the sake of all the shraddhavaan that every picture, image or idol of the Aadimata is She, it is actually She the Aadimata."

We have all these promises do we not? So let us go on now to the 30th chapter of this very Upanishad where the Trivikram says,

"I am asking you the very question that My Mother asks and in fact keeps asking to us, the Sons of Mother Chandika.

O Vigat, 'What do you wish I do for you?'

O Sugati! Even when you were Vigati I was yours, all yours.

O Uttam, Madhyam and Sugati! It is for your sake that My Mother has groomed me, to serve you, to help you. Besides I am walking along with you, you did see it, did you not?"

I too am walking along with you.

So My dear ones! Do keep in mind that the Aadimata has given us Her Word. We already know about the promise Hanumanta has given us in the Hanumanchalisa – 'Naasai rog hare sab peera, japat nirantar hanumanta beera'| Sankat te hanuman chhudawe man kram bachan dhyaan jo lavai|' But how does one become aware of 'man-kram-bachan' and all in alignment? The answer is 'The Healing Code'. We do not need to sit in meditation. Just listen to 'The Healing Code' and breathe normally. Neither fast nor slow. We do not need to go out of our way to concentrate on it either. All we have to do, is listen to the song with love. It is a song but it is filled with mantra. Every word in it is going to seep inside us. This is a 'Ved Geet'. This Ved-Geet, this Healing Code composition or song will initially be made available in four languages, viz. Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi and English. We will try and make it available in every other language and as soon as is possible. However, the translation will have to be done understanding the context, not just the way the mind leads or even merely using your reason or intellect or only because you know the language either. I will have to sit with whoever does the translation. Am I clear?

Now we go on to what exactly is it going to be during the ShreeShwaasam Festival. Here in this very place where we are today, an exact replica of the picture or image or the arrangement let us say of the Chandika-kul will be set up on the stage. I along with Nanda and Suchit will offer the poojan in the period around noon and Sameerdada will offer the poojan in the evening. Every bhakta will receive the teertha and the prasad of this poojan.

Further, we have divided this area into three sections. The ground here is section 1, the hall is section 2 and section 3 is where we do the pradakshina on the Gurupournima day. So what will we have in section 1? You may recall that during the Avadhoot Chintan Festival, we had images of the 24 gurus of Dattatreya. This time too we have 24 images but 1 of Dattatreya and Ashwini Kumar each and the rest of the Shree form of the Mother Chandika and in a particular sequence i.e. in a sequence that represents easy conduction of the energy from Her to us. We are going to do the pradakshina around these images. As every group does the pradakshina, in the background we will hear the ShreeMularka ganesh mantra once, the Dattatreya Stotra, then the Shreesuktam that we just heard, then the Hanumatstotra, the Ashwinikumar stotra, the Usha stotra and then the Trivikram mantra. We will do the pradakshina listening to these 7 stotras. This pradakshina will be free of cost. Not a single penny will need to be spent. However those who wish to make offerings as per the poojan procedure will have to pay for those as the organization cannot afford to make those available free of cost. But the one who does it offering Rs 501/- and the one who does not because he does not have the money will both receive the goodness and blessings equally. There will be no distinction there. Ok? Clear? The offerings to made as part of the poojan on payment of Rs 501/- will be kept in a sort of scuttle (soop) and will have to emptied in a jal-kunda (a large pot of water). So all that was used in the poojan offered to Aai, i.e. to the Mother Chandika, will ultimately be offered into the water. Whether all ten members of a family do it or one of the ten does it or none of them do it, it does not matter at all. (All shraddhavaan will receive Her blessings in any case).

As we go further, the Guhya Sukta Ved-geet will be played in section 2. There we will have a beautiful idol of the Panchamukhi Hanumanta. With a calm mind and your hands joined together in prayer look at it. You may keep your eyes open or closed if you like, that is no issue at all. That is when the Guhya Suktam will be played. It will be played the required number of times. Listen to it with a calm mind. As you listen to it calmly you are going to be connected through your breath. You will connect like you connect naturally – with your mother. Each one will then be given a kalash of water that will be blessed and made sacred through mantras. The kalash of water is to be carried to the Panchamukhi Hanumanta to seek His blessings, then to Ashwini Kumar to seek their blessings. Your left hand will hold the kalash from below and your right hand will be placed on top. When you stand before hanumanta say 'jay hanumanta' and when you stand before Ashwini Kumar say 'Jay Ashwini Kumar'. Simple! 'Jay Hanumanta' and 'Jay Ashwini Kumar'. I do not need any big complicated mantras.

Now the Usha Pushkarni. 'Ushas' is a great goddess referred to in the Vedas. She represents the 'Ushakaal' – the early morning period. She is the mother of the Ashwini Kumars. The water (from the kalash) will be offered in the Usha Pushkarni and the same water will surge up in a fountain. The fountain will be made of the very water that you offer. The same water will keep doing the abhishek (anointing) the Trivikram Linga. So you will be offering it to the Trivikram Linga. Whom does the Pushkarni Teertha belong to? The Ushas Pushkarni teertha belongs to Ushadevi.

We have read the story of Ashwini Kumar – they had the face of the horse. They were twins and are known to be the 'vaidya' (doctors) of the Gods. It is due to them that illness is kept away from the gods. So we have to understand what they signify. Ushas is Ushadevi. We do come across other names like Suruvanti but let us consider the original name. Usha is the wife of the Sun. She cannot bear his radiance. She is the daughter of Vishwakarma, the engineer of the gods. We do find the reference although in only one story of the puran. The Sun had asked her hand in marriage. Not being able to withstand his radiance, she would burn. She would stay away from him but then he was after all her husband and so he did not like it. As a result they could not share a married life as such. Once when he came close to her, afraid and unable to bear the scorching heat she actually ran away. This story belongs to the vedas – the Rigveda. She ran away and lived in hiding on the Pushkarni teertha. Vishwakarma did not approve of her behaviour. He felt she ought to resolutely bear his radiance. His radiance was severe but that is how he is, he thought. She had actually got a very good husband. She was in fact fortunate to have him as her husband. Vishwakarma says to her, "Child! Do not do this. I will give you a mantra of the mahapraan. Recite the mantra of the Mahapraan and He will appear before you not in the Kapimukh form but in the Pancha-mukh (five faces) form." So following her recitation and austerity the Mahapran in the Panchamukhi form appears before her. He mingles His breath with that of the Sun and then He exhales into Usha's breath too. This raises Usha's capacity to bear the Sun's radiance and at the same time mellows down the blaze in the Sun's radiance to make possible marital relations between them. The scorching heat in the Sun's rays had now receded and the rays or the energy with beneficial, healing (that rid of disease) capacity united with Usha, the goddess who causes progress and development, enlightens, strengthens, makes aware and gives knowledge. The two united to give birth to twins, the Ashwinikumar. Some believe that they had the face of the horse. Why is it? - because Usha is supposed to have assumed the form of a mare when she went into hiding. Vishwakarma however did recognize her.

In any case this story is basically to be understood as symbolic or indicative of fact. Do you understand that the radiance of the Sun that does not scorch and so brings goodness and goodness only uniting with the Sun's energy that does not burn or is gentle and so brings benefit again results in a magnetic power which is the Ashwinikumar. So what is said is, 'nasatyau Ashwinikumar'. One is always with the other – they are always together. Their colours however differ from each other. One adorns the colour of the morning twilight and the other, that of the evening twilight. They are always together. They are the two poles of the magnetic field – the South Pole and the North Pole. One is where the other is and one cannot be without the other either. It is this magnetic field of the Sun created in the early morning hours that is called the period of the Ashwinikumar. So going by the time zone that our country Bharat is in, the half hour before sunrise is the period of the Ashwinikumar and the half hour after it is the period of Usha. The forty-five minutes that precede this make the Ashiwinikumar period. Do not think in terms of the sequence of the mother preceding the sons. Is it clear? Sure? The half hour preceding sunrise and the half hour following it are both periods of Usha.This is the power that brings about your development. The power of the Ashwinikumar that keeps you healthy reigns in the half hour or 45 minutes before this time. However, since she is the mother, her period includes the power or the goodness of the Ashwinikumar. So, for the benefit of those who wonder how they could get up so early, let us know that the half hour following sunrise hold for us the power and goodness of Usha and that of the Ashwinikumar whom she holds in her womb as well.

The Ashwinikumar are the magnetic field in our body. We have heard of the magnetic therapy and we know that the M.R.I. has to do with magnetic resonance. We are well aware of the capacities of magnetic power. Light too is in fact electro-magnetic waves. Today all our gadgets and devices work indirectly on electro-magnetic waves. The Ashwinikumar generate this power in our bodies and this magnetic field is the ultimate treatment. That is what the Trivikram does. Changing the magnetic field of our body with the help of the 7 chakras to correct it or make it apt or as it should be. He makes use of both the Ashwinikumar who are considered to be His nose. They are a nostril each of the nose. And what is the Trivkram supposed to be? He is supposed to be the breath of the Aadimata. So we will have two idols of Ashwinikumar and we will be offering 'jal' or water to these. the way you hold your hand – this way or that is no sin but if you do it the correct way, you stand to benefit.

There is no entrance fee and the Healing Code will not be charged either. Whether you pay or not, all have equal right to offer the jal (water) and be blessed. I have no problem at all. The important thing is free for all just like sunlight is. Unconditional! All that is required is love and trust. Do you understand? However, I am going to have a donation box (dakshina peti) kept there. Those who wish to offer the dakshina may do so at will. After all the rent for 7-8 days and so many other things cost a lot of money.            

The poojan that we have arranged for at the Uttar Bharatiya Sangh is of course optional. It is however very very beautiful and includes the best of suktas ands the best of sutras. Any one member of a family may do the poojan. I have also allowed those who are unable to pay the amount all at once, to pay as and when it is possible. Neither will your name be noted nor the amount due from you. No account as such will be maintained against your name. Do come. By now you know how things are done in the organization. Here again the pradakshina is totally free of cost. If however, you wish to offer the poojan material, you will have to offer the dakshina. You will receive free of cost, the Healing Code in its entirety but if you wish to have it for yourself at home, you need to buy the cassette. In any case please do not try to record it in your mobile phones. Your phones will not be confiscated but that will pollute and interfere with the magnetic field there. If a person buys the CD and ten others make copies I have no problem with that. Neither I nor the organization are interested in making money. But please do not upset things there. Allow the atmosphere there to remain charged the way it has to be and beautiful the way it has to be.

Then you go on to offer the water in the Pushkarni. As you do so, you will receive a few droplets that will sprinkle back on you. You will receive the teertha and the prasad as well. You may come on one of the days, every day, twice in the day but do make it a point to move in a queue. Do you follow? This is something you have to do heartily and with love in the heart. Moreover, it is for every single person. Nobody need be left out because he has no money. That can never happen – the ShreeShwaasam is free and for everybody. The mahapoojan is however, a fully different concept. Is that clear?

Oh yes and as per the estimations of a study, the city of Mumbai, the period stretching from 5 to 7 in the morning is when people may receive the vibrations of the Ashwinikumar. Between 5 am and 7 am approximately.

Now another important aspect: The symbol of the Swastik. We see that it has four arms. These four arms are considered to be infinite. They can be extended as much as we wish to and that too without intercepting one another. The Swastik is a symbol of the Healing Code. What does the Swastik stand for? We studied the algorithm related to it and the Healing Code is based on this very algorithm. The Swastik is a symbol of the Healing Power. It is a symbol of the Power that renders free of disease, of the Power that gives good health, of the Power that manages disaster in life. These four arms signify Ahaar (intake including all that we take in through our senses), Vihar (the roamimg, travelling and displacement of the mind and that of the body), Achar (conduct) and Vichar (thought). They work on Ahaar, Nidra (sleep/rest), Bhaya (fear) and Maithun (efficiency). That is also why the mantra that Bharat has always loved and revered has been called the Swasti-mantra. the Vedas call it the Kha-swastik. And which one is that? 'Swasti na Indro Vruddhashrawah| Swasti na Pusha Vishwavedah| Swasti nastaksharyo Arishtanemih| Swasti no Bruhaspatirdadatu|| This Swastimantra that we get to hear on many occasions is the Kha-Swastik. 'Kha' is the sky, space. 'Khaga' is the bird. 'khe gachhati iti khagah'| The one that surges into the skies is the bird. On the same lines, the one who journeys in the skies is 'Khaga' as well. So the Sun too is 'Khaga'. So the Swastik is the symbol of the Sun who is the Khaga. In the above mantra, Indra is the Sun and the four names of Indra stand for the four kinds of powers that work on the four petals respectively of the Muladhar Chakra. So why is the Swastik an auspicious symbol of wellbeing? Because it signifies health in every sense of the term. It is for this reason, a very beautiful symbol.

Now for the shlok of the Trivikram. I had mentionned it when I spoke about the Ramrajya. Does anybody remember?

Om trataram Indram avitaram Indram have have suhavam shuram Indram|

havyami shakram purahutam Indram Swasti nah maghava dhatu Indrah||

trataram Indram avitaram Indram! 'Trataram Indram' means the one who cures and saves after disease strikes. The one who saves when (after) difficulties arise, is Trataram Indram. Avitaram Indram is the one who saves before trouble strikes, the one who protects from disease i.e. before it strikes, is Avitaram Indram.

Om trataram Indram avitaram Indram have have suhavam shuram Indram|

havyami shakram purahutam Indram Swasti nah maghava dhatu Indrah||

This mantra was supposed to be recited during the bath. Many did it for 8 days and then stopped. They forgot. Who says it everyday? Oh!! (Bapu clapped). I clapped out of love because I am very happy. I am very happy to know that what I said was wrong. Yes I feel happy. The father is bound to feel happy! Most certainly! I am so happy! Keep saying it. This mantra has an immense power my dear children! This one is among the mantras that have been recited for hundreds of thousands of years. This one is an extremely sacred and holy mantra. We get to read the history in the Pratyaksha now! Moreover this mantra, to be recited while having a bath, will, with its goodness become part of our livesss.

Now for the names of the Trivikram: Those who wish to make notes may do so. Trivikram has many names. One is 'Jaatavedah'. We only just heard it in the Shreesuktam. 'jaatavedo mahavaha'. The other name is 'Samagni'. When the 'agni' in the body is 'sama' it neither exceeds the required ideal level nor does it fall short of it. This condition is good health and so the term 'Samagni'. The third name is 'Mitragni'. This means the agni that is friendly (meaning accommodating, accepting). It is the agni that does not burn and so does not harm. After jaatved, Samagni and Mitragni comes the fourth one viz. Shreeshabda. The Shreeshabda is the Word (shabda) of Aadimata, the Mother. The next one is 'Ambadnya'. That too is a name of the Trivikram. Now, 'Kshamendra'. There cannot be any being like the Trivikram and so Aadimata, the Mother gave Him the name Kshamendra. The seventh name is 'Shreeshwaas'. The eighth is 'Indranath, i.e. the 'Nath' – the Lord and Master of Indra. So these are the 8 main names by which the Trivikram is known.

Please can we have the very first picture – the picture of the palm – the one after Aai's image. So understand why Bapu showed us this image. there has to be a reason. look! jal (water), Prithvi (earth), Akash (space), Vayu (air), Agni (fire). Our hand has tremendous power. So, if we learn to do the mudras, we stand to benefit immensely as do our 7 chakras and the various channels in our body

I am not going to show them today. Do not take them down. You will get them properly sketched in the booklet. There is no point drawing the wrong pictures. No harm of course but no point either. The five fingers of the hand are each associated with one of the five basic elements (panchamahabhuta) and so certain types of movements make it easy to direct the electro-magnetic charge in our body to flow in an appropriate direction. So you will get to know in the booklet about the mudra and its purpose, whether it uses one hand or both – all the details. This one is the Avadhoot mudra. The word 'Avadhoot' is very important. We say 'Avadhoot Chintan Shreegurudevdatta!' We did the Avadhoot Chintan destival, then the ShreeShwaasam and now we are doing the ShreeShwaasam. So that was the Avadhoot Mudra. Next! This one is the Amba Mudra. It is Aai's, the Mother Aadimata's mudra. These are not mindless or pointless movements of the fingers. They are meant to appropriately rouse the power centres in the body. Arrangements will be made to teach you these mudras. Teachers will be trained. They will come to you, to the centres and even to remote villages. It is not going to be just anybody deciding to teach you. Please know that! So this one is the Amba Mudra and then the Anjaneya Mudra. Dattatreya Mudra, Amba Mudra and Anjaneya Mudra. 'Bapu, what good is positioning the fingers this way?' You might ask. You will know when all of these are done together. The fingers have to remain so for a minimum of 7 minutes. The upper limit and the entire related technique will be taught to you. Do not worry. Some might say that they have come from far away places. You will be taught wherever you live, be assured. Just do not worry.

Incidentally, 'Bapu Your people from Mumbai....' is what I always get to hear. The people in Mumbai are as much mine as much as the people in Ratnagiri, as much as those in Kolhapur and Karnatak and Uttar Pradesh and even those in Tamilnadu. Ok? Simple as that!

So now, the Anjaneya Mudra which is the Hanumanta Mudra and then the Trivikram Mudra. Then the Shivalinga Mudra where the Shivalinga takes shape in your hands – using your left thumb. This one too is very important and the effects of this Mudra will also be explained and the teachers will ensure that everyone learns to do it. Then comes the ras-mudra. This mudra lends the body and the mind freshness and vigour. Next – Swastimudra which is also called the Arula mudra. So we have in all 16 mudra and all of these will be taught to you. You might wonder what these mudras have to do with ShreeShwaasam. It is not compulsory that you do them. But what do these mudra mean? Every body, every substance, the earth, the skies, the planet, the stars...are all made of the panchamahabhoota (the five basic elements) – from their different combinations in particular proportions. They are the five basic elements and they have their respective sites on the five fingers of our hand. Whether you are a left-handed or right-handed does not matter at all. Balance is struck by the way the fingers are positioned. Moreover disease results out of the imbalance of these five elements.

Listen to the Healing Code with a calm mind. You could do these mudra even while travelling in the bus. You could do any one of them or all – sit with your eyes closed and do the mudra with a calm mind If you are listening to the ShreeShwaasam Healing Code, so much the better. If you are not, that is fine too. If you are doing the namasmaran that is welcome and if you are not, it does not matter. These mudra can transform your life. They can turn away and so protect from evil powers or evil vibrations directed at you. There are many who are aware of the very powerful and intense effect that the Shivalinga Mudra can have in this respect. But if this is made open to the public how will the business of selling the talisman or that of jugglery or even that of treating the possessed as it is called, flourish? This is precisely why this knowledge is deliberately kept from the simple and ordinary folk. However, what we have here, is the Mother's. Everything belongs to Her. It is Hers, She owns it and that means every one of Her grand child will receive it. So I tell you that there is immense beauty to learning these mudra....immense purity and sanctity and immense goodness and virtue. We are ordinary people. We commit ten mistakes in a day, perhaps even a hundred and repeatedly. But we have to find a way out, we must not be stopped or deterred. Oh I did this, Oh that happened, this, that and the other...So what? What is the big deal? Put it behind you, come out of it. Take Her name, take Her Son's name. Walk on in life. Why brood over the past? What is the point? That is no good. If your past has to be changed, the Trivikram is capable of it. He will step into your past and repair it. You will not even know how and when it happened! Oh repaired already!! Yes repaired and done with!! Followed? So we must know that it is on that day that the Healing Code that we are going to receive will manifest and start acting. My upasana that I have been doing since 2011, all the jap that we have offered, the pathan (reading of sacred works) that you offer along with ten times the fruit that you are granted apart from the interest that 'He' gives you – because with 'Him' it is always done 'right away and rightfully'. If you read the Ramrasayan sitting down on the floor, you get ten times as much as returns. But then who takes the trouble? Who wants to forego sleep and sit through the night? If you do, you feel groggy in the day. That is bad. That is not correct. Agreed? So, apart from the returns that are ten times the worth of the effort that you put in, 'He' even reserves some more and all that He has thus set aside has been put together to continually and incessantly generate and give to you what you are to receive.

Now do you recall the five words that I had mentioned to you? I know I did it in the Hindi discourse so those who were not present are excused. Arula is Aai's, the Aadimata's grace, Her unmerited favour. Arula is the loving grace and acceptance that She bestows on us although we are not worth it or we do not deserve it. Irul is darkness or fear. Marul is delusion and Thirula, also a power is the power of nothingness. Darul is blasphemy which means cursing God, denying God. Thirula, the power of nothingness means the power that the Aadimata, the Mother sets aside in reserve to be used to grace even the one who has no virtue or love for God whatsoever, has sinned, is unwilling to take Her name and even is an aethist. That is Thirula. If we understand these five concepts, we will get an idea atleast of Her greatness, Her immensity and Her large-hearted and unconditional love. It is Irul, Marul and Darul that give rise to disease and ill-health whereas Arula and Thirula hold the remedy to correct these. We are shraddhavaan. Our conduct need never necessitate the use of Thirula. Arula ought to suffice for us. Do you get Me? Fully? 108%?

So we have to resort to medicine and treatment per se but never losing sight of the fact that it is God's Word, the Aadimata's Word and the Aadimata's breath that are in actual fact the basic and true treatment. We have to undergo surgery too if required. No worries though because everything can be set right but only if we trust and trust firm that God never changes, He is constant and consistent and that His Word never changes either. His Word too is constant and consistent in any and every Yug (era). Dattamaharaj revived a person who was ill for 19 years. That was in the Dwapar Yug. We are in the Kaliyug now. And it is not even 100 years since Baba left His body. Why do we not trust in His Word? Baba said,

To the one who gave himself to me – in body, mind and word - all in complete surrender, I remain forever indebted (I am bound to grace him at all times).

My samadhi too (not just Me when I am in the body) will grace and stand by the word I have ever given to you. Do keep firm, unshakable faith in Me (and My Word).

We must remind ourselves of these Words, these assurances that Baba gave us.

We must know that the Healing Code, the Guhya Sukta that we are receiving is a Secret Key. Why are we receiving it? Only because of Her grace and because She loves us unconditionally and abundantly. And of course it is going to prove useful. We have to put it to good use. If you ask Me, 'Bapu does that mean we will be immortal?' the answer is No. Nothing of the sort. Every person who takes birth has to die some day. I never give pointless assurances, that is wrong and that is a lie. The gods, the 33 categories/grades (koti) of gods too have to perish in the Great Deluge and return after being created one more time.

It saddens 'Him' (the Parmatma). It pains Him, you think it does not? He certainly is not happy to destroy or cause the world to perish.

Hence the Healing Code – so that we remain basically in good health physically, mentally, financially, from the point of view of good life in general, in the sense of fame, enriched in experience and in happiness. Know that God is eager to make this happen, the Trivikram is eager and so is the Aadimata, the Mothi Aai. She truly is so eager and willing to give every one of us every thing that is good.

Like Saibaba tells us, "The treasure brims over to spill.......the one who knows and goes all out to experience and enjoy this unconditional love, the child of the Mother, the one who truly loves the Parmatma Sadguru and His Mother, will plunder the riches of the treasure and enrich himself.' We have to understand Saibaba's words. And why will He heal me? Why should He set things right for me? Why should Aai, the Aadimata cure me?Merely because that is what She wishes for me! No mother wishes that her child fall sick and squirm in pain. But the Aadimata and Her Son keep making a way out, presenting remedies also to what is meted out to you by way of fate. That is why the Swastikshem Sanvad and also the Vaishwik Nirogikaran Guhyasuktam (the Universal Healing Code – the code that is potent and competent to rid of ill health) or the Swastikvidya. This Swastikvidya is not filled with complexities. It is filled with Aai's, the Mother's love, Her blessings. It cannot be measured in terms of wealth. It is priceless, invaluable and you cannot and must not think of it in terms of material worth. The Hari is infinite and boundless and so is everything about Him – His story. The Aadimata too is infinite and boundless and so is Her forgiveness. Why is She willing to forgive? Why is the Trivikram called Kshamendra? He wishes to forgive, that is why. If it was He who created man, does He not know that man can go astray? That he is capable of misusing his freewill? If you hand over your mobile phone to your 2-3 year old child and he flings it like it were a ball, would you strangle him? No, never! If the ordinary human understands this would the Mother Aadimata, her Son the Trivikram, the Parmatma not? Would they not know that man may go astray, sin and misuse the freewill that they have given to him? In fact that is the reason why they have kept the option to forgive open. But when do they forgive? They forgive not when the wrong done is caught, they forgive when man confesses the wrong he does, when he feels regret and repentance that he committed the wrong in the first place. That is it! That is enough! That is sure to earn forgiveness. And the Aadimata's forgiveness is for every single person. Remember the words in the Upanishad "I will come rushing to you too, I will, with the same love and eagerness (that I had in My heart when I rushed to My Son)."

You will clap only when I tell you to.

Today we have to make a resolve. When you are very happy what do you do? You close your fists and thrust your elbows backwards. Yes of course you may do all this the way it is done these days. But apart from that when you are happy, exclaim loudly 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'. Is it clear? Whenever you feel happy, this is what has to follow. If your son stands has to be 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'. If you see a six hit in a cricket match...... 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'. If you see a wonderful goal made, 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'. have you followed? Sure? So now on, we will be saying 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge' just like we began saying 'Ambadnya'. When you are overjoyed, yes, ok, close your fists and express your joy but do say 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'. Do say it, what is the harm? Whatever be the style of the times. What is the problem? I am One who changes with times.

So, all will now say it together. Throw up your hands or do whatever you wish to. Say 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'. I am not going to say it, you have to. All say it together when I count to three. One, two, three 'Jai Jagdamba Jai Durge'!! Yes!! Ok!!

If you ever wander in the hills and the valleys, look up into the skies and shout out loud, call out to Her, roam as you cry out Her name on top of your voice. I tell you, you will love it! You will enjoy it. She, the Aadimata is everywhere – in Nature, in all creation. It is She, all around. She will send you Her energy through the plants, the streams, the hills, the mountains, the skies and today I am certain that every one of my children is going to be saved. That is for sure.

॥ हरि ॐ॥ श्रीराम॥ अंबज्ञ॥