Bapu's New Year Gift to Shraddhavans

ll Hari Om ll
In His discourse before Diwali, Bapu told us that the 'Matruvatsalya Upanishad' will be made available to all on the day of the Datta Jayanti. And so it will be – we will all have it on that day. Bapu said, "This Upanishad is meant for each one, for each insufficiency in his life and in his mind, for each of his vices, for each of his merits and each of his sins; it is meant to take care of the previous birth as much as of the present one and equally of every one that will follow; it is meant for his nature and temperament and for the desirable change in these. This upanishad contains everything, just everything that is essential to conserve and protect bhakti and nurture and strengthen trust."Bapu then recited the shlok / the mantra –  
"Sarva mangal maangalye shive sarvaartha saadhike | Sharanye tryambake gauri narayani namostute ||" 
and in all earnest, added that this upanishad will facilitate the attainment of all sanctity and purity; of all purushartha.
He then went on to say, "Read this upanishad greedily, read it with hunger; I am telling you from the heart, read this upanishad that My Mother got Me to write, like you were starved for it. It will for sure, bail you out of every one of your troubles and lead you to walk the path of virtue."
We all read the 'Matruvatsalyavindanam' with love. Bapu would be very happy if we read the upanishad in the same way – with the same kind of love and to repeat Bapu's words, 'with greed and avid hunger'.
As the year 2012 draws to an end, it brings us to a threshold beyond which anarchy is all that awaits us. In the circumstances, this upanishad which will offer support, care and protection to every shraddhavaan, is the greatest new year gift to us from Bapu, indeed a very special one and more so because it is at the same time, the protective shield of Mothi Aai's Grace.
ll Hari Om ll