Ambadnya Ishtika Poojan: Notice about offering Chunari

Ambadnya Ishtika Poojan: Notice about offering Chunari


Hari Om, 

Several Shraddhavans perform the Ambadnya Ishtika Poojan at their home as prescribed by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha. Shraddhavans offer Chunaris to the Ambadnya Ishtika, that is, Mothi Aai Adimata Jagadamba, as a part of the Nitya Poojan. On the day of Punarmilap of the Ambadnya Ishtika, the Chunaris are also to be a part of the Punarmilap. 

A few Upasana Centres have enquired about offering blouse pieces instead of Chunaris daily, as immersion of Chunaris collectively after the Utsav is not possible due to certain administrative rules and regulations. Moreover, these blouse pieces could then be used for making the Godhadi (quilt) or for personal use. Taking their proposal into consideration, the following changes have been made to the Ambadnya Ishtika Poojan:

  1. It is necessary to offer Chunari to the Mothi Aai on the first day of Poojan.
  1. From the second day onwards, a Chunari or a blouse piece can be offered as a part of Nitya Poojan. After offering them, the blouse pieces should not be kept on the Ambadnya Ishtika but should be kept on one side of the Ishtika. Thus, the Chunari offered on the first day to the Ambadnya Ishtika will continue to be on the Ishtika for all days of the Poojan, while the blouse pieces can be kept aside after being offered.
  1. The blouse pieces offered to Mothi Aai can then be used for making the Godhadi under the “Maayechi Ubb” Yojana or even for personal use.
  1. The Chunari offered should be made part of Punarmilap along with the Ambadnya Ishtika.

The changes to the Poojan procedure, as given above, are optional. Shraddhavans may offer Chunari daily to the Ambadnya Ishtika. In such cases, all the offered Chunaris should be made part of the Punarmilap.