Veteran writer and literary journalist Pushpatai Trilokekar-Verma

Veteran writer and literary journalist Pushpatai Trilokekar-Verma passed away on Friday morning due to old age. She was 85-years-old. She has made a vast contribution to the fields of journalism and literature with her detailed and deep-studied writing. She started her career with Acharya Atre's 'Maratha'. With her simple yet flowing and sharp language, she forced people to take notice of her. She was a columnist with Dainik Pratyaksha for quite a long time.

Pushpatai Trilokekar
Pushpatai Trilokekar-Verma

 Fearless and well-informed were the two words which defined her style of journalism. After 'Maratha', during the period of emergency, she took up work with 'Pahaara', an evening-daily. During her stint there, she had taken a tough stand against the emergency. Later, she got associated with several weeklies and dailies as a freelance journalist.

She travelled across India and studied Indian culture and folklife in detail. She has done abundant writing on Indian temples, popular culture, culinary culture, etc. Nature and its significance in social life were her favourite topics.

Books like 'Prakashnagri Kashi', 'Devanchi Janmakatha' written by Pushpatai epitomise her vast knowledge about the Indian culture. Also, 'Draupadi chi Thali', a recipe book penned by Pushpatai, was a bestseller. Her book, 'Prithvi che marekari' (killers of the earth), focused on environmental pollution, shows her longing for Mother Earth. Besides, 'Mission Antariksh' – a science fiction, 'Gard Andhar' – based on the underbelly of the narcotics world, 'Kashmir', 'Jalti bhumi, dhusti maney - Punjab', are some of the famous books she has authored.

Pushpatai got attached to 'Dainik Pratyaksha' right from its inception. She wrote a weekly column for Pratyaksha. She even wrote for the special annual issues of Pratyaksha. As a columnist, Pushpatai was attached to Pratyaksha for more than 12 years. Her articles received great responses from our readers.

Pushpatai Trilokekar, her husban Pradeep Verma along with Dr. Aniruddha Joshi
Pushpatai Trilokekar, her husban Pradeep Verma along with Dr. Aniruddha Joshi


She, along with her husband Pradeep Verma, had excellent working relations with the Executive Editor of Dainik Pratyaksha, Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi. Dr. Aniruddha had, in fact, launched Pushpatai's book 'Devanchi Janmakatha'.

Her demise has left grief in the world of literature and journalism. She is survived by her husband, veteran journalist, Pradeep Verma.