US President Trump's 'Deal of the Century' for Israel-Palestine Peace

Palestine, Turkey and Iran reject Trump’s Proposal

Amman/Ankara/Tehran: All the Palestinian groups have come together against the ‘Deal of the century’ announced by President Trump. There was no Palestinian leader with President Trump when he announced the deal. Therefore, the Gulf media claimed that President Trump brought all the Palestinian groups together with his announcement. At the same time, the countries Turkey and Iran have severely criticised the US proposal and have made vitriolic criticism that the United States has sided Israel as expected.

The Palestine leaders had rejected the proposal by President Trump even before its announcement. All the Palestine groups attended the meeting called by President Mahmood Abbas, in-charge of administration in West Bank, regarding the matter. Along with the main groups Fatah and Hamas, other smaller groups were also present for the meeting. All the details of the meeting have not been disclosed. But as informed by the media, it was unanimously decided to reject the US proposal.

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The US will declare a Great Plan for peace in the Middle East, criticise Palestine and Jordanian leaders

Washington: US President Donald Trump declared ‘It is time to reveal the Great Plan prepared by the United States to establish peace between Israel and Palestine. The United States will declare the plan before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House. The Palestinian leaders will not like the plan. But they will benefit from this plan.’ This announcement by President Trump at a time, when all the major leaders of the world have gathered in Israel to pay homage to the Jewish people, killed in the second world war, becomes significant.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to visit the United States in the next week and meet President Trump. Benny Gantz who gave a bitter fight to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the last Israeli elections also will be meeting President Trump around the same time. President Trump said while talking to journalists, that he will be declaring the Great Plan for establishing peace in the Gulf before this.

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Palestine leaders warn against the US Great Plan

Ramallah/Gaza: Hamas leader Ismail Hania announced, “Hamas and the other Palestine groups are coming together in Cairo, against the ‘Great Plan’ devised by President Donald Trump. We will decide our own plan, for the security of Jerusalem and our other holy places, during this meeting. But will never allow the US plan to succeed.” Saeb Erekat, the leader of Fatah Party, in Palestine, warned ‘The plan prepared by Trump for Israel and Palestine will trigger violence.’

The plan outlined by US President Donald Trump to try and establish peace between Israel and Palestine has elicited violent reactions from the Palestinian leaders. Four days ago, President Trump invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the main opposition leader Benny Kantz, to the United States. Before that, President Trump will be announcing the Great Plan prepared for Israel and Palestine. There are hardly a few hours left, for the US President’s announcement. But the Palestinian leaders have already dismissed the plan of the US President.

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Angry protests erupt in Palestine against Trump’s Deal of the Century

Gaza: Vitriolic reactions emerged from the Palestinians against the US President’s Israel- Palestine proposal. The Palestinians, who took to streets in Gaza in large numbers, expressed their anger by burning photographs of US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Hamas leaders have warned that Trump’s proposal would not receive acceptance under any circumstances and the entire Palestinian population would unanimously foil the US-Israel conspiracy.

In his peace plan, President Trump proposed that Israel would hold the sovereign right over an undivided Jerusalem and remain its capital. In exchange for that, Palestinians will receive double the area presently held by Palestinians, Trump announced. President Trump asserted the proposal was the ‘Deal of the Century’ by adding that the Palestinian capital would be in east Jerusalem.

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President Trump announces ‘Deal of the Century’ for Israel-Palestine peace in keeping with two-state solution

Washington: US President Donald Trump announced the ‘Deal of the Century’ stating that it was the last opportunity for resolving the Israel-Palestine issue. According to the deal, an undivided Jerusalem would become the capital of Israel. At the same time, Trump asserted that Palestine would receive double the land Palestinians hold, and East Jerusalem would host its capital. Also, he proposed making an investment of $50 billion in Palestine if the offer was accepted.

The US President presented his plan in the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump revealed the highlights of the 50-page plan. Trump stressed on the word ‘undivided’ as he stated that an undivided Jerusalem would become the capital of Israel. President Trump proposed that a part of East Jerusalem could host the capital of Palestine, which would have more than double the current land area occupied by Palestinians.

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Iran and Turkey condemn President Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’; Arab nations respond cautiously

Tehran / Ankara – The Arab nations have severely reacted to US President’s proposal to resolve issues between Israel and Palestine. Massive demonstrations were held in Turkey against this proposal. Whereas, Iran has claimed this proposal of President Trump as ‘Highway to Hell’. However, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman have cautiously expressed their stance that they support Trump’s efforts, but not essentially his plan. At the same time, these nations have urged Palestinian leader Abbas to initiate negotiations.

Severe waves of criticism have emerged from the Palestinian region, West Land, Gaza Strip, Turkey and Iran after President Trump declared the ‘Deal of the Century’. Thousands of Turkish citizens have strongly criticised the US and Israel outside the US Embassy in Istanbul. Furthermore, they also protested out loud that only Muslims have the right over the Land of Israel.

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