Such unfathomable strength!

- Prakash Dali, Ratnagiri We do not have any savior other than Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu. This is an incident that took place on December 09, 2009. My elder son, daughter-in-law, grandson and younger son took my car to visit the Govidyapeetham at Karjat. After their visit, they proceeded to Mumbai to attend a wedding. They were quite late while returning to Karjat. Apart from their good deeds, Bapu’s blessings were with them and therefore, a big calamity could be averted. That night, around 3 or 4 in the morning, they were coming down the Kashedi ghaat. The driver seemed very sleepy, so everyone requested him to sleep for a while. However, since Khed village, their destination was just about 14 kms away, he convinced them of reaching the place effortlessly. Even so, a loud thud was heard soon after. The car had toppled four times before it came to a halt. Everyone in the vehicle had been half asleep when it occurred. All of them started calling out to Bapu as soon as they became aware of the reality. Several people gathered around the vehicle and pulled all the passengers out to safety. All of them were trembling with fear. My elder son, daughter-in-law and grandson took another vehicle and returned home, while my younger son and the driver waited by the vehicle. Later, the car was towed back home. On hearing of the incident, I started trembling as well. In spite of having met with such a massive accident, no one was either hurt or for that matter, even scratched the slightest. When Bapu is your savior, no one can touch you. In fact, Bapu has strictly instructed everyone not to travel long distances late at night. Even so, they didn't follow! Despite it, Bapu saved them. May it be night or day, he always comes to the rescue. I'm sure he does not get any time to relax. Even today, when I think back of the incident, I get very distressed. For the last 10 years, everyone from my family has been following Bapu. We read the Granth and also perform poojan on a regular basis. Most importantly, all of us apply the Udi while stepping out of the house. We are immensely grateful to Bapu for showering his blessings upon us!

Sairama tava sharanam | Krupasindhu tava sharanam |

Oh Shree Ram, I surrender to you! Oh Krupasindhu, I surrender to you!