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As we all know that from past many years Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu has been elaborating on the importance of Social Media in today’s times. The New Year Issue of Dainik Pratyaksha of the year 2014 was completely dedicated to the very topics of Social Media titled “Social Media – Mature and Appropriate Use”. In the Agralekh of this issue, along with other topics Bapu had specifically mentioned about use of ‘Twitter’ and it’s increasing influence in the present times. An altogether separate article on ‘Twitter’ was also published in the same special issue.

Around three months ago I too have actively joined ‘Twitter’ and I share my thoughts on various subjects on a regular basis through it. My twitter handle is @samirsinh189 - In today’s modern times ‘Twitter’ has become one of the best and fastest medium to connect with the world and current happenings. To help Shraddhavans adapt with the changing times and for their convenience Sanstha had organized a seminar on ‘Twitter’ on Friday, 25th December, 2015. It gives me pleasure to say that post this seminar many of our Shraddhavans have joined ‘Twitter’.

aniruddha tv

With this reference I would like to inform all my Shraddhavan friends that this Seminar will be telecasted on Aniruddha TV ( in form of a webinar on 8th, 9th and 10th of January 2016. The scheduled time of the same will be informed to you all soon by me.

Considering all this, I am sure all the Shraddhavan friends of Bapu will start the use of ‘Twitter’ ( at the earliest.

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