The first Aniruddhadham – the sacred work begins

Hari om

Tuesday, the 7th of May 2013 saw the beginnings of the creation of the first Aniruddhadhaam at Dudul village, Dehu-Alandi Road (Taluka Haveli, District Pune). A sacred beginning to a sacred mission on a day that was sacred indeed also for another reason – it was the day Shree Swami Samarth left His body.

As directed by Param Poojya Sadguru Bapu the Mahadharmavarman Dr. Yogindrasinh Joshi and Dr. Vishakhaveera Joshi along with a few shraddhavaan, offered the upasana before the work began. The upasana included the recitation of the Shreegurukshetram Mantra, the jap 'Om gam ganapataye namah', the Shreeadimata shubhankara stavanam, the Shreeadimata ashubhanashini stavanam, the Shreeramraksha stotra, the Shreehanuman Chalisa and the Ghorakashtoddharan stotra.

The upasana was offered before photographs of Mahishasurmardini Chandika, Shreeguru Dattatreya, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha, Nandai and Suchitdada. The flag of our organization (our sanstha) and that of the 'Skandha' fluttered tall and erect on either side each.

All the shraddhavaan present then did the upasana of their dear Sadguru Bapu. Following the upasana, the Mahadharmavarman Dr. Yogindrasinh and Dr. Vishakhaveera broke a coconut. An essential and integral part of this upasana that marked the beginning of work, the Gurukshetram Udi was sprinkled all over the expanse of land belonging to the Aniruddhadhaam.

This day (the 7th of May 2013) witnessed the beginnings of the creation of the Aniruddhadhaam and so marked the beginnings of a new era. The new era has dawned, we see the sun rising – we see the light – it is Bapu's Word. We have entered the new era. Our Bapu has led us to it

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra.