Bapu brought me out from my father's grief

- Apurva Rane, Malad “Ease“ is the nature of Sadguru. Whatever he decides happens, and then things unfold effortlessly. A Shraddhavan who understands this enjoys an effortless life. A Shraddhavan, who accepts Sadguru’s decision, will never feel disappointed even if he faces a sad situation. One who accepts Bapu as one’s Dad would never feel lonely ever. Ever Loving Bapu My name is Apurva Bharat Rane. I am originally from Andhra Pradesh, and my mother tongue is Telugu. My husband’s family is in Mumbai. None of my paternal family members stay in Mumbai. I had found Bapu Parivar in this new city. The family members of Bharatsinh took good care of me. Ambadnya. Bapu has given us quite a lot, and he keeps giving it at all times. It all began with the reading of Shree Saisatcharitra and several other holy books. Learning new things continued with 13 point programme announced by Bapu. We also learnt how to make Ganesh murtis from the Ramnaam notebook. We learnt Time management from Nandai’s Atmabal classes. Suchitdada is ever ready to help us in our every difficulty. On October 25, 2013, I had a telephonic conversation with my mother, as was my usual practice. She told me that my father was not feeling well. His knee was hurting quite a lot. She further said to me that she had called the doctor in the night, and he had asked my mother to take him to the city hospital. I was pretty disturbed hearing this. I wished to visit my father, so I called up Bharatsinh. He asked me not to worry since it was just his knee pain. As I wept while talking, he asked me to call Dr. Leenamveera and communicate the same to Dada. I agreed, called her up, and she said she would get back to me soon once she had a conversation with Dada. My mother called me around 11:30 am. She told me that she was taking my father to the doctor, but felt scared. She asked me to reach my village urgently. We booked a flight to Hyderabad, which would take off at 3:10 pm, and decided to take my sister’s car to reach the village. As Bhartsinh and I stepped out of Vile Parle station, Dr. Leenamveera called us over the phone. I could only hear her say that go there without any anxiety and keep chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Since I could not hear anything, I gave the phone to Bharatsinh. Dada had conveyed the message to rush there urgently. Our flight landed at 4:30 pm at Hyderabad. We reached our village at 10:30 pm amidst rain and thunderstorm. We were all exhausted, but my father by then had left for heavenly abode. I was feeling terrible that I could not even talk to my father one last time. Next day around 11:30 am we cremated him. Bharatsinh called Dr. Leenamveera and gave her this update. With the sudden death of my father, my mother was in a terrible shock. Since she began to feel uneasy, we called the doctor. The same doctor who was attending to my father came home promptly. After examining my mother, he turned to me and asked me if I was the same daughter who stays in Mumbai. I nodded in affirmation. He told me that my daddy would often remember me and spoke fondly about me. Hearing this, I could not hold my tears back. The doctor said seeing me in that state, “Please do not cry. Your father was quite happy, and he went away without any suffering. In my several years of practice, he is the only patient I have seen pass way while being so happy.” I asked him if he was in pain? He answered, ‘No’. He had no pain. He said that he had no problem. He said that he was fine and very happy. Listening to him, I felt as if my Bapu was holding his hand and taking my father along with him. On one side, I felt happy with the thought, and on the other hand, I was sad that I could not talk to him before he was gone. Since I was very attached to my father, I found it hard to accept the truth. When we returned to Mumbai after finishing all the rituals post his death, preparations for Aniruddha Pournima were in full swing. After Adhiveshan, on November 27, I got a call from Link Apartment that I had to perform Aarti on the stage on November 28. I was very happy because I would be seeing Bapu from very a close distance. It was almost a month since my father's demise; my heart was heavy with this personal loss. I was missing my daddy. I decided to say that I missed my daddy as soon as I stepped down from the stage after Aarti. As Aarti got over and I went in front of Bapu, I could not utter a word of what I had planned earlier. Instead, I said, "Hari Om Bapu. Congratulations." I then stepped down from the stage. I wanted to congratulate Bapu on becoming a grandfather. However, I could not say whatever I had thought. What happened later was even more astonishing. On Thursdays, I perform Seva through Ahilya Sangh. We get to know about our seva at the last moment on Thursdays. It was the first Thursday after November 28, after Adhiveshan, and my Seva was at the back of the stage. Darshan began soon after the Aarti. Shraddhavans who come for Darshan always say, "I love you, Bapu." However, on that day, everyone was saying, "I love you, Dad." I was pretty surprised to hear this, and I felt bad at the same time because I did not say the things I had earlier planned to say to him on stage. That day, on reaching home at night, I said sorry to Bapu and slept weeping. I had a dream. Bapu came in my dream and talked to me. It was morning, and I felt Bharatsinh was waking me up by this time. I woke up, but I felt pretty different that morning. I was very calm. I had found an answer to my question about why my daddy had left me without meeting me. I got up and prostrated in front of Bapu. I said to him, “I love you, my Dad.” I then began my wait for the following Thursday. It was December 5, a Thursday. I had decided to say to Bapu that I loved him. Feeling happy about it, I went to work. I reached Shree Harigurugram in the evening. That day, my Seva was at Gate No. 1. Exactly the gate through which Bapu enters the ground! I was very happy because as soon as he entered from there, I would be able to say to him that I loved him. As usual, his car arrived at Gate No. 1. Bapu got down and came walking right in front of me. I said to him,” I love you, my Dad. I really love you”, in a low pitch. Just as I finished saying this, I heard the same words being spoken in the form of a song. “I love you, my Dad. I love you, my Dad, forever.” I could not understand what was so special on that day. Why was I hearing something else instead of the usual, ‘Hari Ala Re’. However, all Shraddhavans present there began to sing the same rhymes with much joy and happiness. “I love you, my Dad. I love you, my Dad, forever.” My throat got choked up listening to those words. Bapu understands our feelings so accurately, I felt. He fulfilled my desire to say, “I love you, my Dad” to him in such a unique way. Indeed, I love you, my Dad. I can never miss you. You are there with me forever. Bapu, you are always with me. You are with me through thick and thin. I have only one prayer at your lotus feet.

“Janma Majha Vyartha Na Ho, Mrutyu Lago Sarthaki.”