Seminar on ‘ Twitter ’ organized by Aniruddha’s House of Friends

Twitter SeminarThe recently passed Juvenile Justice Bill has been in discussion for over 3 years. The Bill was passed by the Indian Parliament just a couple of days back. It was a long overdue but a welcome happening. But had it not been ‘Social Media’ the Bill would have struggled to see the light of the day. But amongst the whole of social media, Twitter played a very important part. It was a classic case of how public opinion gets built and how it made the government, opposition and all the concerned stakeholders to take a morally righteous decision. This was one of the cases of social media driven ‘democracy’. It shows how good intentioned people can come together and do good things in simple ways.

Twitter SeminarWe all are aware that Dr. Aniruddha Joshi (Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu) has for long been advocating the responsible use of social media by common man, as this is the ‘Age of Information Technology’. Dr. Joshi has further said that however learned we may be but if we are not hands-on with IT we would be called ‘learned illiterates’. Through his discourses, writings and seminars Bapu has been talking of importance and need of IT for us. He has also explained the divisions that the society would see based on the IT usage of individuals, termed ‘Digital Divide’. With it becomes imperative that we ‘actively’ associate ourselves with IT and bring it in our daily life and work.

digital_identity_TwitterToday in addition to a physical personality every person has a ‘Digital Personality’ which is formed not only on the basis of our usage but also on the way we use social media, various apps, electronic devices and different IT services. Even during the interviews in the professional and corporate world these factors do feature in the basic assessment for selection of a candidate as today for every brand it is important how it and also the employees working for it connect with various social and professional circles virtually through IT. Hence social media including Twitter should be used by us to connect with various communities and like-minded individuals, share and spread ideas and knowledge and thus create a stream of our updates related to our own interests, hobbies and spheres of influence, which may be Tweets, Facebook posts, blogposts, Vines, Google updates or any other ‘active’ actions on social media. With this it becomes imperative that we ‘actively’ associate ourselves with IT and bring it in our daily lives and work.

Twitter SeminarHence Aniruddha’s House of Friends in association with Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation had organized a seminar on the subject, ‘Twitter: Appropriate and Mature Use”, yesterday at Shree Harigurugram. More than 125 Shraddhavans attended it. The seminar was delivered by one of our Shraddhavans, Prasadsinh Kolte who is Chief Operating Officer of MahaOnline. The concept and culture of seminars has been introduced in our organization by Bapu himself and he has been holding seminars on various subjects.

Twitter SeminarYesterday during this seminar, various aspects related to Twitter were discussed. The audience were first made aware of the effectiveness of Twitter and later were explained how Twitter be used in effective and responsible manner. This was followed by a workshop in which the participants actually used Twitter mainly from their mobiles and also from their tablets. Later an interactive question-answer session was organized in which all the doubts of the present friends of Bapu regarding Twitter were addressed. Moreover in the New Year Special Issue of Dainik Pratyaksha of the year 2014 titled ‘The Social Media – Appropriate & Mature Use’, Bapu had mentioned of Twitter being ‘jabardast’  being ‘awesome’.

Due to operational restrictions we had to limit the number of attendees at the seminar. And hence we would be broadcasting its recording very soon from, the dates of which I would be informing you soon. But I am sure not just those who attended but every friend of Bapu would surely heed to his advice and get ‘active’ with use of Information Technology in his daily work and chores. From now on seminars like these on various important subjects would be organized by Aniruddha’s House of Friends and later on will be made available from Aniruddha TV for everyone.

Twitter Seminar

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