I got rebirth by saving me from Pneumothorax (air bubble in the lung)

- Ashaveera Nayak, Mahim
I got rebirth by saving me from Pneumothorax (air bubble in the lung). At times, the expanse of an ailment takes such a disproportionate shape that one feels pretty helpless. In such times, while one’s body may not support, a Shraddhavan’s mind gives him/her much-needed support. One begins to believe that one would get cured if Bapu wishes. This steadfast belief works in one’s favour, and everything gets sorted.  I am Ashaveera Nayak, a 50-year-old widow living alone in Mumbai. I work for Shamrao Vitthal Co-Op Bank as a clerk. I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 2008. I am sure that if Bapu had not been with me, all that happened within 2-3 years span would have left me crippled. I was admitted to the hospital for eight days. While I recovered 85% from the disease, I was unaware that much more was to come. After the discharge, my hands and legs began turning stiff in the next few days, almost like a log. I could not even knead the dough to make chapatis. I started ordering food from outside. During the same time, I went to Suchitdada’s clinic along with my sister Sushma Shirish Wagle. On broaching the topic of my ailment, Suchitdada said that my line of treatment was appropriate and asked me to chant ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ five times daily. I began to chant Hanuman Chalisa daily as per his advice. Apart from that, I chanted Shlokas and Stotras from the ‘Aradhana Jyoti’ book, such as Ramraksha and Ghorakashtodharan Stotra. I also chant Gurukshetram Mantra. I read Matruvatsalya Vindanam and Shree Ramrasayan books. I also began to go to the Upasana Kendra. In August 2010, I lost all my hair. My sister brought me SSCPL’s Keshkalap hair oil. I regularly applied it on my head and saw some hair growth after about two months. Now, I could tie a ponytail too. On 1st November 2010, I began feeling slightly breathless and had chest pain. Therefore my daughter-in-law admitted me to the hospital. After the x-ray, I was diagnosed with Pneumothorax (air bubble in the lung). It was imperative to shift me to a bigger hospital since the ailment needed to be treated with intensive care. I was in the ICU for 13 days. After my discharge from the hospital, my son and daughter-in-law brought me to my sister, a staunch Bapu devotee. My health gradually began to improve at her home. Then the path to permanently get rid of this ailment began to appear. My brother-in-law and my sister admitted me to the hospital on 26th November as I began facing breathless again. Once again, I was diagnosed with Pneumothorax in the right lung. An ICD was attached, and the air bubble was removed twice. I was discharged on 4th December. We decided to take a second opinion to determine the reason for the recurrence. After examining me, I was asked to get a CT scan and Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) done. I was confined to a wheelchair full-time during the procedure, so I began to feel breathless by evening. I was immediately admitted to the ICU, and again the ICD was attached. By now, I was fed up with this recurring ailment. My Sadguru cared for me and gave me the necessary strength. While lying in my bed in the ICU, engrossed in my thoughts, I saw Bapu and Nandai in a gross but more diminutive form. At first, I could not believe it, so I shut my eyes twice or thrice but could still see them smile at me. I saw them bless me, and then the scene disappeared. Their blessings made me feel much better. Also, the doctor had suggested Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS), which was very costly. That was the only permanent solution for Pneumothorax. Even if that were true, arranging money for the surgery was difficult. I had spent money like water on various treatments and hospitals by then. I sold my jewellery and borrowed some money from my relatives as well. Finally, after taking a second opinion, VATS surgery was decided to be performed on my left lung, as it was the most affected. I firmly believe that Bapu resolved the issue of expenses in no time. My niece Shivani met my Branch Manager and gave him an application for financial help as per the suggestion of my sister’s relative. The staff helped me generously, and we could gather about Rs. 85000. My sister’s mother-in-law got me Rs. 65000 through a renowned bank. Besides, my sister and brother-in-law wrote to many trusts and got me the help of almost 85-90K. With the blessings of Bapu, I now had sufficient funds for the surgery. Accordingly, my surgery was scheduled. My sister and brother-in-law continuously chanted Ramraksha, Ghorakashtodharan Stotra and Hanuman Chalisa while the surgery was being performed. My sister’s mother-in-law chanted stotra at home, and my niece chanted Dattabavani and Dattamala Mantra. The doctor had indicated that the surgery would take 2-3 hours, but he would abort it if he felt it would not help the patient. He also said that the decision would be at his discretion. However, my sister had complete faith in Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. She was confident that the surgery would go as planned and that I would get cured and return home completely recovered. Her faith turned out to be true. The surgery was successful. During these testing times, my Bapu’s grace made everything happen. After performing the surgery for about three and a half hours, the doctor spoke to my sister. He said, ‘Your God has saved your sister. Before the surgery, her left lung was completely dysfunctional. I was concerned because I felt I would have to abort the surgery halfway. Your God has saved her and given her a rebirth. You should thank God.’ I regained consciousness around midnight. We all knew that we needed not to fear when Bapu was there. I have thoroughly recovered only because of everyone’s chanting and Bapu’s blessings. I got discharged on 1st January 2011. Bapuraya, my sister Sushma and I bow at your lotus feet and request you to grant us Seva at your feet. Let all of us be your Vanarsainik. Bapuraya, our only request is that you let us have the opportunity to serve you till our last breath.