Saptamatruka Poojan, an exhilarating experience!

- Sangita Shiveshwarkar By Bapu's grace several parents have an opportunity to perform Saptamatruka Poojan , and experience its significance. One woman among the childless women then decides to perform this poojan by considering Bapu as her child. Bapu supports her at every step for getting this done. After the poojan, this woman experiences immense joy and her housemaid, who does not know Bapu, experiences something very blissful.
  Through his Pitruvachan, Bapu has communicated to us about Saptamatruka Poojan and its significance. He has also told us who the Saptamatrukas are and how one can perform this poojan. Samirdada wrote about it on his blog and also uploaded the picture. When I read it, I desired to do the same poojan. However, since the poojan had to be done for one’s own child, I felt I should not be doing this poojan since I am childless. I was also scared, thinking that if I performed it, would it be alright? However, would Bapu ever keep a good thought, a good desire unfulfilled? One day, I saw a picture of Matruka in the daily newspaper ‘Pratyaksha’. I loved the picture. Several positive things began to happen in my life from that moment onwards. I went to Gurukshetram for darshan on January 7, 2014, since it was the period of Shree Vardhaman Vratadhiraj. I saw a big picture of Saptamatruka poojan in the shop adjacent to Gurukshetram. Since I liked it, I brought it home. On reaching home, out of nowhere I remembered that Bapu had said in one of his Pitruvachans that those who do not have children should not feel bad. He had indicated to those women that Bapu himself would be the child of every such woman. On a Thursday morning, as I went to the market to buy flowers, I felt I should to do that poojan the same day. I then bought all the necessary things for this poojan, half a portion of dried coconut and the betel nut leaves. My florist also had Champa and lotuses. I was halfway home when I realised that I had forgotten to buy wheat. I knew that I now, I would have to go back. Just in time, I realised that there was a grocery shop right opposite Sai Dham, and I bought wheat too. On reaching home, I performed my usual poojan and chanted my prayers. I then looked up Samirdada’s blog and made arrangements for the poojan. I was feeling happy. The environment at home was joyous and sacred. I wanted a stotra that one needed to chant for this poojan. Just as I was about to begin my search in the Matruvatsalyavindanam Granth, I found the stotra printed on a paper. It indicated that once a Shraddhavan takes a step ahead, Bapu is ever ready to take the remaining steps for this Shraddhavan. Bapu I am Ambadnya! One has to seat the child in one’s lap for some time after the poojan. I kept Bapu’s picture in my lap. I could have just offered jaggery and dry coconut as Naivedyam. I had no space to keep seven plates of food. Then I thought, why cut corners? I had seven small steel plates. I immediately prepared puran (a sweet made of dal and jaggery), varan (a dal variety to be eaten with cooked rice) and bhaat (cooked rice). I also prepared a dish by mixing cabbage and potatoes. I could offer a full-fledged Naivedyam. I was very happy with the way I handled it and also took a picture of all of it on my mobile phone. The whole decoration really looked nice. I was thrilled. Finally, I was satisfied that Bapu made me do the poojan pleasantly. I had invited my sister-in-law for the poojan. When my maid came home in the afternoon, I showed her the poojan decoration and told her that it was done per Bapu’s guidance. I explained to her the names of all the deities. I then asked her to pray for her children as well. She took the prasad and went away. When my maid came home the next day, she looked quite happy. She said, “Yesterday, you asked me to pray from the bottom of my heart. I prayed wholeheartedly, and a miracle happened! I work at the home of anotherwoman. A boy from her office had a dream that his mother had died. The woman pacified him and told him to help a needy person and said that the bad thoughts would also go away in this way. He gave thousand rupees to her and requested her to give that money to a needy person. She came home and handed over those thousand rupees to me.” Look at this; the necessitous woman had thousand rupees in her hands so that she could buy things for her small children. One would understand now how Saptamatruka poojan can work at several levels. I was the witness to the power of heartfelt prayers. Here was a woman who was not even a Shraddhavan, but she prayed wholeheartedly to Bapu for her children, and her wish got fulfilled. Bapu’s ways are inexplicable. I got the golden opportunity to shower flower petals on Bapu the following Thursday. I got to sit and listen to his Pitruvachan. I am Ambadnya!