Sadguru's Feet - The Only Refuge

Sadguru's Feet - The Only Refuge

Hari Om Dear Friends!
I just thought that I must share with you some of the heart warming responses that I have received to my post on the 10th anniversary of Bapu’s historic speech on the 13 Point Programme. I really enjoyed posting this blog, as it gave me an opportunity of reliving those treasured moments, as also for reaffirming our commitment to the cause and mission that Bapu has charted out for us.



Hari om DadaI had been their to witness the historic discourse of our beloved Aniruddha Bapu on 3rd October 2002. The vision of our beloved Bapu created such a positive energy and we Bapu Bhakta have been following the 13 point program from that day onwards.We are really blessed that we were able to contribute in almost every yojana of this Tera kalam in every which way possible.

Actually it gives immense pleasure and pride to see that the each and every activity has blossomed in last 10 years and its fragrance is widespread.

Bapu has shown us through his 13 point program that a common man like me can also contribute to the Society's betterment.


4 October 2012 02:44



Hari Om Dada,Many thanks for taking us back to Param Pujya Sadguru Bapu's discourse on HIS unique "13 point program". As our beloved Bapu always says that Sinhawalokan (review) is a must to progress in life, your artcile was indeed needed at this moment.You have given very comprehensive details of almost all the activities. The work done under each point is no doubt huge but the Data Management of all these activities is itself a mamoth task. Congrates to the MIS team.Good work does not reach to mass because there is lack of authentic data to support it. You have with your Management skills have overcome that issue.

It is really high time for us to sit, go back to 1996 and understand how methodically HE has been planning is activities, sequensing these activities and execuion of HIS activities. Having done it get invloved in HIS mission in whatever BESTEST way we can with total devotion. This is the only way for Shraddhawans to stay on HIS Maryada Marg and be a part of HIS Ram Rajya.

Once again thanks to you for sharing such a important topic.

Hari Om.

4 October 2012 11:41



Hari Om Dada. This note is a must read for all of us who are associated in some form or the other with the activities carried out by our Sansthas, and for all those who are associated with Bapu as a whole. I myself being a member of the Samarpan Pathak started by Bapu, am not only feeling proud, but much much much above that when I read all the astonishing figures mentioned in your note. This indeed has been possible only by the blessings and guidance of our beloved Sadguru, but the most important thing which filled by heart with emotions is the way you have concluded your note Dada. Your deepest gratitude conveyed to each and every Shraddhavaan Bapu Bhakta for his contribution to this epic movement in every which way, is the best part of the note ! Shreeram Dada for sharing such valuable information on your blog.

4 October 2012 11:48


हरि ॐ दादा,
तुम्ही १३ कलमाविषयी पोस्ट टाकली तेव्हा लक्षात आले..... बापरे १० वर्षे झाली त्या प्रवचनाला...... अजूनही बर्‍यापैकी आठवते ते प्रवचन..... ते प्रवचन ऐकून आम्ही तर आवक्‌च झालो..... काय ते आपल्या बापूंचे बोल..... अगदी काळजातच घर करून राहीले आहेत... पूर्णपणे सुरक्षित असे.... कारण ते होतेही तसेच.... त्या अमुल्य अशा ठेवीची तुम्ही आज आठवण करून दिलीत त्याबद्दल खूप खूप श्रीराम....
त्या प्रवचनात परम पूज्य बापूंनी १३ कलमाची अनाऊसमेंट केली आणि त्यादिवशी मन अगदी भारावून गेले.....आपला बापू काय काय करेल याची आपण कल्पनाच करू शकत नाही.... तरी सामान्य माणूस ना कुठेतरी मनात वाटले की एवढे सगळे कसे जमणार? पण लगेच मनानेच सांगितले परम पूज्य बापूंनी सर्व श्रद्धावानांना सांगितलेलेच आहे की ‘तू आणि मी मिळून अशक्य असे काहीच नाही’ आणि ते त्यांनी खरे करून दाखविले प्रत्येक कलमातील कामे कीती पुढे गेली ते पाहून आपल्याला समजते..... आणि आपण सेवा करो किंवा न करो बापूंच्या कार्यात काही फरक पडणार नाही.... फरक पडणार आहे तो आपल्या आयुष्यात आपले प्रारब्ध त्याने धूतले जाणार आहे...... आपण साथ देवो अथवा न देवो तो एकटाच पूर्ण समर्थ आहे हे सर्व तडीस नेण्यासाठी..... श्रीराम बापू.....
पूर्वी वयस्कर किंवा काही शारीरिक आजारामुळे त्रस्त असलेल्या श्रद्धावानांना दिवस-दिवस बसून राहणे नको व्हायचे.... ते चिडचीडे व्हायचे.... त्यामूळे घरातील इतर लोकांनाही त्यांचा त्रास व्हायचा..... परंतू आता तसे होत नाही कारण..... घरात असलेल्या वयस्कर किंवा काही शारीरिक आजारामुळे बाहेर जास्त न पडू शकणार्‍या श्रद्धावानापासून सर्वांचाच विचार करून..... इच्छा असेल त्या प्रत्येकाला काहीतरी सेवा नक्कीच करता येईल याची सोय परम पूज्य बापूंनी या तेरा कलमद्वारे केली आहे..... अगदी घरातल्या घरात चारा लावणे, गोधड्या शिवणे, स्वेटर विणणे, अशा अनेक प्रकारच्या सेवा कमी श्रमात उपलब्ध करून दिल्या आहेत..... कोणी रिटायर्ड झाले की पुढील वेळ काय करायचे? हा प्रश्नच श्रद्धावानांना पडणारच नाही...... ते कशाला..... नोकरी करता करताही आपण कोणती आणि कीती सेवा करू शकतो याचेही managment होऊ लागले...... आणि प्रत्येक श्रद्धावान मग तो पूरूष असो वा स्त्री, वयस्कर असो वा तरूण प्रत्येकाच्या कुवती प्रमाणे प्रत्येकाला सेवा करण्याची संधी परम पूज्य बापूंनी उपलब्ध करून दिली त्याचा फायदा घेऊन आपापल्या कुवतीप्रमाणे त्यात एफोर्डस्‌ टाकायला लागला..... आणि इच्छा असेल तर ते नक्कीच जमते........
श्रीराम बापू....
4 October 2012 13:20


Anonymous Subhash S. Chitre. said...

Hari Om! Dada,Thank you for taking us to the day 10 years back, when P.P. Bapu initiated before a vast sea of devotees assembled on grounds and beyond of Shri Harigurugram Bandra, His 13 point programme.My wife and I had the fortune to be a witness to that event.

The figures given by you about the work done so far on all these points speaks a lot about the progress made.

After coming to U.S. in 2003 and while in Detroit, I had the fortune to make a presentation to the devotees who had assembled on the Vardhapan Din, in June 2006, when the 13 point programme was revisited and the progress made till that time was communicated to all present.

Indeed we have gone a long way since then; though of course, by no means the work is complete,---we have miles to go !!

Thank you again !

Subhash S. Chitre.

4 October 2012 23:25


Blogger Naresh Kukyan said...

Hari Om Dada. I was not a witness to Bapu's Historic pravachan of 3rd October 2002 as I came to know of Bapu in the Year 2004 only. However after reading your synopsis on the same I can understand that Bapu gave a detailed outline of the work he wants to us to undertake. In fact Bapu gave us Manual for Bapu Bhaktas on that day.

6 October 2012 18:45


In the middle of August 2012, I had announced the commencement of a Forum titled, Sai - The Guiding Spirit. A beginning was made but, with the Ganeshotsav celebrations coming in between, there was a gap.

I intend to initiate a discussion on a new subject - The importance of having complete faith in the Sadguru. (You can click on the following link to access the same:
Bapu, in his discourses (both Marathi and Hindi) on January 9, 2012 had mentioned that this year - 2012 - is the year in which we must reaffirm and reinforce our faith in our Sadguru, for this is what will protect us in the troubled times to come. He recited the verse (verse 74 of Chapter 19) from the Sai Satcharita “…Ek vishwaas asaava purta, karta harta Guru aisaa.” (What is required is steadfast faith in the Guru; for it is only He who is the Doer, the Protector and the Destroyer of all obstacles that come in our lives and in our path of bhakti). I am pleased to attach the relevant clips of Bapu’s discourse in Marathi and Hindi, so that each one of you can see and hear it as many times as you wish.
Marathi Discourse Clip of Bapu

Hindi Discourse Clip of Bapu

There are still around 84 days to go in this year, which should give us enough time to do the maximum that we can. The Sai Satcharita is the medium through which Sai bhaktas reinforce their faith in Sainath, by going through the experiences that various bhaktas had of Sainath when Sainath was present in person. Today, it is the YouTube which is helping Shraddhavaan Bapu bhaktas to reinforce their belief and faith in Bapu through the video clippings of Anubhav Kathan, narrated by the very person whose experience it is.
The Aniruddha Chalisa pathan, which is scheduled for the 20th of October, 2012, is yet another opportunity that has become available, to all those who can make it, for reinforcing the faith in our Sadguru. Those who cannot make it, there is no need to feel disheartened. Let’s make the best of every opportunity that is available to us.