Paduka Pradan Sohala


During the Adhiveshan held on the day following Aniruddha Pournima 2012, Bapu had announced the names of 125 new centres who had been recognized as 'Authorized Kendras'. The ceremony for distribution of Padukas viz. 'Paduka Pradan Sohala' for these Centres was held yesterday at Shri Harigurugram.

The ceremony commenced in the morning and Shraddhavans from various parts of Maharashtra and outside could be seen at the function. Such was the intense desire to receive Sadguru Bapus’s Padukas, that the representatives of centres from London, Dubai and Lagos came for the function. Representatives of three new centres from Australia had informed about their inability to be able to make it for this function. They will be coming at a later date to receive the padukas. One more centre was not represented. Hence, a total of 121 sets of padukas were distributed. More than 3000 Shraddhavans participated in this ceremony. Before receiving Sadguru Bapu’s Padukas, the Pramukh Sevaks from each Centre performed the poojan of Bapu's Chinmay Padukas on the stage specially made up for the function. After the poojan and upasana, aarti was performed by all the poojaks who then also offered their dandavat before the Padukas. Finally came the big moment!!! Padukas were handed over to the respective Centres along with other requisite paraphernalia that forms an integral part of the Upasana. Shraddhavan Bapu bhaktas danced to their heart’s content to the tune of melodious gajars and abhangs. The atmosphere at Shree Harigururam was truly charged and each of the Shraddhavans who attended the event carried home happy moments that they will cherish forever.