Overwhelming Response from My Friends on "Balancing Bhakti and Personal Commitments - How Bapu Teaches Us" Blogpost

Hari Om Dear Friends, 
I am very happy to see an overwhelming response to my post 'Balancing Bhakti and Personal Commitments - How Bapu Teaches Us'. I am publishing some of the comments and views on this  blog post.
1) devendra said...
Hari Om Dada, It was also explained by Swapnilsinh in the Aadhiweshan that Bapu likes Salman Khan, Bapu also said that God Tussi Great Ho.....is one of the favorite movie in which Salman has acted. Bapu told that every shraddhawan should watch this movie that God Tussi Great ho…..In which what problems god faces is very well shown. Eak tha Tiger is based on the real story and RAW as well as ISI till date are searching for the couple.That means entertainment is also related to aadhyatma. In all the way our Sadguru is enormously trying to concentrate our mind to aadhyatma. Bapu was also explaining the meaning of few songs which are related to God. If we keep God (Bapu) as our center point of life we can enjoy it in all the possible way, in fact all the ways becomes possible. There is one shot In the movie that Salman & Katrina was trapped by RAW & ISI, their was no way to escape, when Katrina showed Salman that they are trapped by their officials Salman was relaxed and does not showed any type of expressions that he is in trouble. That means we should have 108% faith in our Sadguru. At the same time one school bus came and they both caught the bus and run away. That means if all the ways are closed there is always one way which is kept open by God on which we need to proceed, as explained by Bapu. Because he is the only one who can say that, Ekbar jo maine commitment kar di to phir main apne aapki bhi nahi suntan. Hari Om.
30 August 2012 17:16
2) Anjanaveera Mahajan said...
Hariom dada, It's wonderful to read about our Bapu's liking ! Bapu is our ideal too as He has not only put us on the right path of bhakti but also shown us how to live life ! I am so happy to hear that Bapu likes Salman Khan as he is my favourite too.Salman Khan has shown that he is different from others by doing constant efforts.Bapu has said very right that Salman knows how to carry himself,that's most important point to learn.His acting has 'sahajata'naturality.He does not wear masks as other actors put.Same way Shammi Kapur had natural acting potential.Salman Khan has an aura and he knows how to maintain it . Sharing moments with our family and friends is another point ,we have learnt from our Bapu .Shree Ram dada for sharing these wonderful moments with us !
  Anjanaveera Mahajan Muscat
31 August 2012 13:08
3) Swapnil said...
Hari Om Dada,
  Thanks for sharing little secret ;). I also watched this movie and Salman really performed well. Very importantly, your post gives us message that how P. P. Bapu see the background of the actor while admiring him as favorite actor. Its teaches that we just cannot call anybody our favorite one as Purity should be the only decisive measure. Lastly, as P. P. Bapu always says, we should cherish every moment of life. Playing games, watching movies, dramas together, going for outing once in awhile, refreshes us, gives us happiness. Being happy is very important since it gives us lots of positive energy.
30 August 2012 16:51

4) Sangitaveera Vartak said...

हरि ॐ दादा, तुम्ही हा ब्लॉग सुरू केल्यापासून अनेक विविध वि़षयांबद्दल विविध पोस्ट टाकत आलात. तुमच्या ब्लॉगवरील variety of post मुळे आमच्यासारख्यांच्या knowledge मध्ये भर पडत असते. आम्ही तुमच्या ब्लॉगवर येणार्‍या नानाविध पोस्टची वाट बघत असतो आणि आज काय पोस्ट टाकली हे देखिल कुतूहलाने पहात असतो.... काल तर काय एकदम पिच्चर विषयी तेही बापूंच्या आवडीने... मस्तच... बापू नेहमीच आपल्याला आदर्श दाखवित असतात... ह्यात ही सगळ्यांना घेऊन सगळ्यांबरोबर.... प्रत्येक नात्याला आणि प्रत्येक लहान लहान गोष्टीला ते कसे महत्व देतात.... आयुष्यात करमणुकीलाही किती महत्व असते ते आपल्या आचरणातून दाखवून देतात..... बापूंना सलमान खान आवडतात हे जाणून खूप खूप आनंद झाला कारण मलाही तो फार पूर्वी म्हणजे त्याच्या पाहिल्या पिच्चर पासूनच आवडतो.... फक्त आपण आपली आवड जोपासत नाही....पण आता तुम्ही ही पोस्ट आणि बापूंचे फिलींग शेअर केल्यामुळे..... ते मला कळून चूकले..... बापू आपल्या अत्यंत अशा buzy schedule मधूनही ते जर आपल्या नातेवाईकांसाठी आणि मित्रांसाठी वेळ काढतात आणि त्यांना वेळ देणे बापूंनाही आवडते तर मग आपण आपल्या आयुष्यात काय करतो? अनेक सबबी सांगतो मी बिझी आहे, आम्हाला वेळ नाही, भरपूर कामे आहेत इ. Realy very very thankful for sharing this 'Balancing Bhakti and Personal Commitments - How Bapu Teaches U' this post.... a lot of shree raam for this.... हरि ॐ
31 August 2012 13:40
5) Vaibhavsinh Karnik said...
As mentioned by you dada , our beloved Bapu, along with HIS family, had been to G7 theatre ( BANDRA-WEST) to watch the movie EK THAA TIGER.Our BAPU likes to watch movies with his family and friends. We (my family) were lucky enough to be a part of the group which Bapu took along with him to watch this movie. Our Bapu has seen all the movies of SALMAN KHAN starting from WANTED, DABANG, READY, BODYGUARD and the latest EK THAA TIGER. HIS best movie being DABANG. When BAPU watches a movie HE likes to watch it in a conventional way i.e eating Popcorns, Samosas and Cold drinks. While watching a movie BAPU is completed engrossed in movies enjoying every bit of it, cheering the jokes and applauding good dialogues and fight scenes. Truly our beloved BAPU has set an example as to how to strike balance. Shreeram
31 August 2012 17:15

Aniruddha Bapu