Narration of Personal Experience at Shree Harigurugram

ll Hari Om ll

At Shree Harigurugram, last Thursday we witnessed videos of blessed moments in the lives of 3 bhaktas – Shraddhavan Girishsinh Karulkar from Pune, Shraddhavan Amitsinh Singhal and Shraddhavan Sonchoriveera Ghosh originally from Kolkota but settled in Juinagar, Mumbai. All three narrations highlighted totally different dimensions each and yet converged to indicate one common fact to the Shraddhavaan viz. Bapu's leela – unfathomable, amazing and of course so loving!

Girishsinh Karulkar could bag a very good job despite not having a very great technical background. By Bapu's grace, the job even kept offering prospects of growth. However, it was his firm resolve to stick to Bapu's values at all costs, that opened up the channel of real progress. His sincere effort to remain faithful to himself, to Bapu and to his employers paid off. That was what actually caused the progress. Needless to say that he could do all of this because of his unshakable faith in Bapuraya and his love for Him. The Shraddhavaan who even in the material world, adheres to the 'path of the maryaada' (the path of restraint), walks on the path of Bapu's values contained in the Shreemadpurushartha will for sure have welfare and well being in life; that is what this narration illustrated endorsing also the words, "I shall render possible, the impossible for the one who holding My hand, walks along My path. "The Sadguru, assuming the role of a friend who never betrays stands firm extending His helping arm at the very point where human efforts tire.

"Take the effort, strive! Drop the worry of the fruit.

Here I am, I stand behind you to back you up.

But mind well, if you expect Me to labour,

And the fruit to drop in your lap, that just can never be.

Give your all, be alert in your effort and task."

This narration underlines the principle and the glory that the above words from the Sai Sachcharit hold. If there is true love for Bapu in the heart, true and firm trust in Him, He gives the good sense, the buddhi, the strength of mind to do and accept the apt and the apt alone. So true indeed!

Girishsinh's narration about his job was followed by the very innocent narration of Sonchoriveera Ghosh – one that shared with us, how this young girl from Kolkata who came down to Mumbai after her marriage was drawn to the path of bhakti. She shared very candidly how her journey to Bapu happened. She learnt about Bapu and wanted to attend the discourse. But something or the other kept standing in the way. Why in the world was that happening? The question kept eating into her. Also who was Bapu indeed? Is He really god? I just have to go and I just will go. I will find out for myself. She was determined. If He is god, she ought to be given a proof of it, she demanded standing before Bapu's photograph! Who is He indeed, was the question she came with to Bapu's Hindi discourse. However, the moment she was convinced of His extra-ordinary and unusual aspects, it did not take her a moment more to give in to the complete trust that He was indeed the God. "You are indeed God. You just cannot be anyone other than God." – were the answers she got to the question she had come with. The principle that is the Sadguru answers the bhakta's call, responds to it, yes it does and that is the fact that the narration highlights.

What I liked the most about the narration was her conversation with god in her home before she left for the discourse. "God, I am going to Bapu. I am going with the belief that He is God. May my belief not be vain god! May there be no untoward happening with me." She came to Bapu with her eyes wide open.

In our country, there is so much wrong being done under the name of divinity. Blindly resting their faith in these practices, people allow themselves to be taken in. On this background we see an ordinary housewife coming to Bapu with her eyes open. She comes, she experiences and only then is she convinced. But then once convinced, she instantly accepts Bapu's divinity and that Bapu is indeed the Sadguru, absolutely without a delay! She first feels faith for Bapu and then convinced about it, her faith becomes her unconditional trust. This was what touched me. I liked it very much.

We saw the video of Amitsinh Singhal's narration during the time of the Hindi discourse. There was not a single person in the audience I am sure, who did not feel his eyes well up with tears. What indeed does the leela of Sadguru Aniruddha bring about! Bapu pulled out Amitsinh's family safe and sound from the clutches of a life-threatening disease like the swine flu. Most importantly a little baby of two months he said, was cured merely by the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa-without the administration of any drug. Also how this same child was cured of her fits was totally mind boggling, just beyond any thought or explanation! It was his only due to his firm faith in His Sadguru that got Amitsinh his daughter back. All that comes to the mind are the following words:

'So sab tav prataap Raghuraai' (It is all Your doing O Shreeram! We owe it all to You)   

All the blessed incidents and moments happen in the first place owing to the faith that 'My Bapu is larger than my troubles'.

You may view these videos on 'Aniruddha Bapu Videos' the Youtube channel. I am sharing also, the link to Amitsinh's and Sonchoriveera's narrations. Girishsinh's video too will be uploaded soon.

Sonchoriveera Ghosh

Amitsinh Singhal