Megha, The Bhakta with Firm, Unshakable Trust & Whole-hearted Bhakti for Sai

ll Hari Om ll
The forum began with 'the references to Lord Shiva, the stories relating to Lord Shiva and the significance of these' as its launching theme and everyone participated in the discussion with so much enthusiasm, really!!
Each one presented several references to Lord Shiva. Megha is indeed an intense bhakta of Lord Shiva and for him, Sainath is indeed Shiva.
Shiva is the One who brings about 'merger' or dissolution and destruction and so in the 11th chapter we come across the fury of Sainath that destroys the ill fate of bhaktas. Vishakhaveera and Maheshsinh Naik pointed out that the 11th chapter is the 'Rudra-adhyaay' (Rudra refers to Shiva).
We also have for reference the 47th chapter with the story of the rebirth of the snake and the frog. There too, there is an allusion to Lord Shiva. Not just a couple of verses but the entire story in fact, revolves around Lord Shiva and His role, His function, viz. dissolution.  In order to efface (cause the destruction of) the impact and implication of 'debt-enmity-slaying' in the shraddhavaan's life, Sai-Sadguru, Sai-Sadashiv keeps the word that He gave the shraddhavaan in the previous birth. He keeps His word at all times and through consequent births of the shraddhavaan. The reference to the Sai-Shiva connection in this story is as clear and obvious as it is in the story of Megha. Besides, it is in this story again, that we read about the renovation of the temple of Mahadev.
Yogeshsinh Joshi, Aniketsinh Gupte, Harshadaveera Kolte, Poorvaveera, Suneetaveera Karande, Suhassinh Dongre and Pallaviveera Kanade have all pointed to very interesting references and instances. Do continue on the same track.
The Saisachcharit contains many a story of Megha and we read as much about his resolution as about his wavering. We read about Megha's journey on the path of bhakti, a journey that teaches us so much indeed....but so does his death! So then let us take up for discussion in our forum 'Sai the guiding spirit', the following theme: "Megha, the bhakta with firm, unshakable trust and whole-hearted bhakti for Sai and his journey on the path of bhakti."