I collapsed after suffering a massive heart attack, but I came back to life!

 - Maharukh Patel    

I wish to start this narration by expressing my indebtedness to Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu for blessing me with a new lease of life on November 17, 2006. About seven days prior to that day, I suddenly became unwell. I would gasp for breath even on walking just a few steps. The situation became far worse on November 17. I was experiencing so much difficulty breathing that I was hardly able to speak to anyone. When I consulted the doctor, he immediately asked me to be admitted to a hospital. He also added that the symptoms were of an impending heart attack; my heart was barely functioning and was supplying only about 20% of the Oxygen the body needed.   

 We boarded a taxi as there was no time for an ambulance and started moving towards the Parsi General Hospital. However, destiny had something else in store for me. I suddenly turned blue and collapsed right there in the moving Taxi. At that precise moment, I saw Bapu in front of my eyes. I could see a rainbow and stars twinkling around him. His hands stretched towards me, and he walked on a path adorned by fragrant flowers. He said, “Come, my child, your time has come, and as promised, I have come to take you along with me.” I embraced his feet and felt as if I had become one with them. I just cannot remember anything that happened after that.    

My family members told me the following: I was declared ‘brought dead’ in the hospital. At that time, my husband and my daughter cried out to Bapu. My daughter pleaded to Bapu, saying, “Please do not take her away, Bapu; if she goes away, who will look after me? Who will help me with my studies? Who will guide me in life? Bapu... Bapu... Bapu...,” she kept calling out to him for help.    

Just then, they saw a doctor wearing a white shirt and black trousers walk towards me. He came and gave a strong blow right in the centre of my chest, and miraculously, I woke up. I blurted out, “Bapu”! and I was alive again. I was in the ICU for the next ten days. During that time, my husband diligently and religiously applied Udi on my forehead and chest. During this time, one nurse, also a Bapu bhakta, was on duty in the ICU. She would sit next to me and would chant the Ghorakashtodharan Stotra regularly. It was almost as if Bapu had arranged for the protective shield to be placed around me! During these rather testing times, several Bapu devotees provided immense emotional support to my husband. I was finally discharged from the hospital on November 27, 2006  

I will remain indebted to Bapu forever and ever!!  

I pray to Bapu to give me the strength to spend the remainder of my life serving those in need.