Launch of YouTube Channel – ‘Low Calorie Delicious Recipes’ by Healthonics

On 13th December 2014, Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi, our beloved Sadguru Aniruddha, had delivered a lecture on the very important topic of ‘Self-Health’. He scientifically yet lucidly explained all about taking care of our own health.The lecture which lasted for about five hours was focused on how changes in food and lifestyle are necessary for maintaining a sound health and how they can be implemented. To further the cause, site and its Twitter handle was launched which is regularly educating and making people aware of Self-Health and other related topics.

Moreover, it is observed that for a common man it is difficult to change and adapt to low-sugar and low-oil diet as many times to follow such a diet means compromising on the taste and also on the palatability. Keeping in mind this difficulty, Dr. Aniruddha has given the concept of providing recipes with their videos which can guide and demonstrate on making of less-sugar and less-oil diet. The recipes are low in calories yet are very tasty and yummy.

Accordingly, we are launching a YouTube Channel named ‘Low-Calorie Delicious Recipes’ –  These videos will also be provided site.