Let me be at your lotus feet in every birth!

- Pranjalveera Deshpande
My parents live at Ratnagiri. They chant Ramraksha, Hanuman Chalisa as well as Gayatri Mantra on a regular basis. My mother, Sou. Jayashree Prabhu Jamadar’s health began to deteriorate in the year 2005. She lost a lot of weight and also had a loss of appetite. Once in a while, she would feel giddy and experience immense weakness. Till then, we had never seen her fall sick even with common cold and flu. We got all her blood tests done on the recommendation of our family physician. He informed us that her Hemoglobin count was very low and therefore, she was experiencing this. He began the treatment but there was no improvement in her health. In December 2005 while she was in Mumbai to attend a wedding of a relative, my husband Prasad Deshpande insisted that she go with him to Suchit Dada. My parents, Prasad and I went to meet Dada. As soon as Dada looked at my mother, he asked us to get some tests done. As we came down, we saw our beloved Sadguru Bapu preparing to leave. We had a very good darshan. He looked at my mother very lovingly. I mentioned it to my mother and said, ”See you came here for the very first time and you had a good darshan of Bapu. It is a good sign.  You will now recover very quickly.” Based on Suchit Dada’s recommendation, we got all the tests done and met him along with all the concerned reports. Dada asked Prasad to meet him alone and told him that it was slightly serious but he ought not to worry. My mother had the cancer of the intestine and it had reached the third stage. We all were flabbergasted as the next stage was the last. In spite of that “Please do not worry” were the words of Suchit Dada and those words provided us the much-needed strength and support. Suchit Dada himself called Dr. Tongaonkar at the Tata Hospital. Due to his support we got the surgery scheduled immediately. Otherwise, it is very difficult to get a date for surgery at the Tata Hospital that soon. Suchit Dada had asked us to light Sudeep at Sai Niwas as well. Whatever Dada asked us to do, we did each one of those things immediately. With the blessings of Prampujya Bapu, my mother’s surgery was successfully performed on December 22, 2005. She had a total of 40 stitches. After taking a look at the sufferings of the other patients around her, my mother's pain and suffering may be termed as being considerably mild. After getting discharged from the Tata Hospital, we continued with Chemotherapy and medicines as per Suchit Dada’s advice. After a few days, my mother returned to Ratnagiri. We kept sending her the Chemotherapy tablets and medicines on a regular basis. In spite of being on chemotherapy, due to Dada’s medicines, she barely had any severe issues. She slowly began gaining weight. Soon she began to feel hungry as well and in a year’s time, my mother’s health returned back to normal. Today, if one were to look at her, no one would believe that she had a third stage cancer. She got this second birth, only due to the blessings of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. My husband had explained the significance of the Ramnaam book to my father and had requested him to write it during my mother’s hospitalization. My father Shri. Prabhu Jamadar would write the Ramnaam book for her, for hours at end. Later, he became so addicted (in a good sense) to the Ramnaam book that he received the golden opportunity of availing Bapu’s charan sparsh for the second time around. My parents do Aanhik and Bapu’s upasana on a regular basis. This is how our Bapu transforms the lives of many people all at the same time. When I sit back and reflect upon this phase of my life, I realize the extent of transformation that took place in our lives due to Bapu’s blessings. In fact, it’s very difficult to articulate them. I have only one thing to ask for from Bapu, ‘May each birth of ours be complete only with devotion and service at your lotus feet.”