Happy Home Ganeshotsav

Hari Om Dear Friends,Two days have passed as if in a flash. Yesterday, the darshan having started in the morning at 9.00 am, people could get darshan very comfortably. The last person took darshan at 8.00 p.m. A group of people who had turned up late had assembled at the gate. Bapu, being the ocean of compassion, came down on the first floor terrace and gave darshan. There wasn’t a single soul who went back disappointed.It has been raining since morning today. People had started queuing up for darshan since 6:00 am. Suchitdada, who had hardly slept a wink, rushed down immediately and ensured that everybody was accommodated within the compound of Happy Home. At around 9:30 am. Nandai stepped down and, in an instant, the gloomy atmosphere brought about by the rains had been completely transformed. The smiles were back on the faces and everyone felt energized. Like yesterday, Nandai took a complete round within the complex and thereafter went outside on the road to meet people waiting in the queue; enquiring about their well being along the way. Such compassion… it is truly indescribable. As I write this note, the rains seem to have relented. It is getting brighter; let us hope that it continues to get brighter. Preparations are in full swing for the Punarmilap (procession). Those of you, who haven’t seen our procession, and who can make it, try not to miss it. Those who are unable to make it for whatever genuine reasons, the procession is being covered live on In-Mumbai channel. The coverage, I am informed, covers Thane as well. Have to take your leave now.