Gunasankirtan - The Way Forward

Hari Om Dear Friends,
It just occurred to me that today I should share a few thoughts with you on Gunasankirtan (narration in praise of the attributes of the Sadguru). As I reflect back over the Gunasankirtan activities that we have undertaken over the past 2-3 years with a renewed focus, I can see before my eyes how it has translated into so many important milestones. It is necessary to understand and appreciate that the reason for Bapu visiting different places is because the love and affection of Shraddhavans for Bapu and Bapu’s unconditional love for them. It is our moral duty to reach out to the Shraddhavans and make available to them what we have received and benefitted from. That Bapu’s visits to Aurangabad in November 2010 and to Jalgaon in 2011 became unprecedented successes, was because people came with an expectation that they have someone to look up to for the real support (aadhaar), which is one of Bapu’s fundamental principles. The importance of Gunasankirtan was further underlined this year with a total of 125 new centres being granted official recognition. Actually, during the Adhiveshan, Bapu had announced the names of 123 centres. Subsequently, with Bapu’s approval, another 2 centre were granted recognition – Sarve Budruk, Taluka Pachora, District Jalgaon and Akole (Shekaiwadi), Taluka Akole, District Ahmednagar. Such a quantum leap in the number of new centres could not have happened without Gunasankirtan.
Gunasankirtan has, in fact, been the subject of my address for the last two Adhiveshans. The importance of Gunasankirtan cannot be overstated. It is undeniably the need of the times, considering the fact the situation all over the world is getting worse by the day and it is in times such as these that people need support, that is absolute and unconditional, i.e. without any expectations whatsoever. 
Come to think of it, Shri Saisatcharita itself is a Gunasankirtan of Shri Sainath by Hemadpant. Moreover, Hemadpant’s coming into contact with Shri Sainath was because of Shri Sainath’s gunasankirtan to him by his two friends. Most of you, I’m sure, would have come to Bapu after you happened to hear his gunasankirtan from a friend of yours and or through a Visheshanka. I recall that during the Bhaktisheel class, I was told by Bapu to speak on the 32nd Chapter of Shri Saisatcharita. On that occasion, I had spoken on how the journey of Hemadpant began with the listening of the Gunasankirtan of Shri Sainath from his friends and how he took the first step towards Shri Sainath and then never looked back. When he took his last breath, he had just finished penning down the last word in the 52nd Chapter of the Shri Saisatcharita. I am attaching a video clipping of the relevant footage taken during my talk on the 32nd Chapter.
I pray at Bapu’s lotus feet that this Gunasankirtan always continue in the same manner as this is a golden opportunity available to every Shraddhavan for his / her own progress.
कर्म मात्र मी करणार । समर्थ हरिगुरु फल देणार । ऐसा ज्याचा दृढ निर्धार । बेडा पार तयाचा ॥ 
(अध्याय ४८, ओवी ४४ )
The karma is mine, I will do it. The fruit however, is of the all powerful Hari-Guru. It is His prerogative and Will. He will give it. The one who makes of this value, a firm resolve, will have a fulfilled and blessed life
- (Chapter 48, verse 44)
ll Hari Om ll