Explanation to the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra

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Padukas of Shree Nrusinh Saraswati (Lord Dattatreya) at Home of Bapu
Yesterday we have seen the importance of chanting Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra in the month of Shraavan. In Bapu's (Aniruddhasinh) words the Yajna consists chanting as much as possible of our favourite among the names of the God, as also recalling to our mind as mush as possible all the attributes of God. And what is offering in this Yajna? It is the lack of bhakti (abhakti), lack of faith (ashraddha), lethargy and apathy. In Prathana 1 of Satyapravesh Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) says "Let us evoke Lord Dattatrey, the son of Anusaya, let us sing His glories and therefore chant Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra in the month of Shraavan". 
Explanation of the Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra is given herein below:
O Lord of the Lords, O Shreedatta, O Shreepada, O Shreevallabha, who can be attained purely and solely by means of love, who is known to completely wipe out all pain, please do protect us at all times. Salvage us from this intense misery. We offer our namaskar to You ...1 
O Prabhu, O Vishvamoorti (the One, who has granted the manifest form to the universe which in other words means that the universe is 'His' manifestation), You are our Mother, You, our Father, You, our close and dear Kin, who has nothing but our well-being at heart, O Supreme One, You are the Sadguru, who takes care of our welfare and well-being; You are just all, everything for us. Salvage us from this intense misery. We offer our namaskar to You ... 2
O Ishvar, destroy our sin, our pain, our mental as also our physical ills, our want, our fear and our pain. Other than You, we know of no other, who can soothe our agony and protect us. Salvage us from this intense misery. We offer our namaskar to You ... 3
O God, there is just no other apart from You, who can protect us. You are the One, who at all times grants us what is apt; apart from You, we have no support, we have nowhere to turn to. You take care and protect the one, who surrenders to You and You are the one, who rids of misery. O son of Atri, grace us; O poornakaama (the One whose will always reaches fulfillment) salvage us from this intense misery. We offer our namaskar to You ... 4
O God, You, who are Joy manifest, grant that we may love dharma, grant us apt buddhi and also that we may always be in the company of the virtuous. Grant us the fulfilment of desires but in accordance with dharma, free us from adharma (all that contradicts the norms of dharma). Grant that only pure sentiment and pure intention be roused in the mind. Salvage us from this intense misery. We offer our namaskar to You ... 5 
Shreevasudevanandasaraswati Maharaj (Shree Tembeswami) says, this stotra of five shlokas enhances the welfare of all beings. The one, who regularly and consistently recites this stotra, with sincerity as also bhakti in the heart, will be very dear to Shreedatta. 
The Ghorakashtoddharan that manifested through Shreematparamahansa parivrajakacharya Shreemadvasudevanandasaraswati swami is thus complete.