Even amid Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan continues to sponsor terrorism

Even amid Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan continues to sponsor terrorism

Angry Baloch protestors chase away Pakistani soldiers

Islamabad/Mumbai: – Pakistani soldiers trying to build a post in one of the provinces of Balochistan had to face the wrath of the Baloch people. Seeing the vehemence of the Baloch people, the Pakistan soldiers had to run away from the place. Video of the incidence has been published. The Pakistan military had crossed its limits, in terms of atrocities against the Baloch people, when the Pakistani soldiers executed a four-year-old Baloch girl along with her mother. Thereafter, the anger brewing in the Baloch people seems to have erupted in this fashion.

Pakistan military is carrying out extreme atrocities against the Baloch people, and the crimes have intensified further in the last few weeks. Abduction and killing of Baloch leaders, activists, youth and women have become commonplace, and the Pakistan military is using its agents for this purpose. Baloch people and leaders are raising their voices against these atrocities. The Pakistan military, upset with these protests, seems to be crossing their limits of crimes against the Baloch people. Only last month, Pakistan military tried to terrorise the Baloch people by killing an innocent four-year-old girl along with her mother. The Baloch anger flared up after the incident.

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Strong retaliation by Indian Ministry of External Affairs against Imran Khan

New Delhi: Saying that he is deeply moved as 84% of the Indian population is facing starvation, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan offered help to India. Imran Khan showed his generosity in a tweet saying ‘We have the experience of schemes implemented for the poor people in Pakistan. We can share our experience with India.’ Indians are scoffing at his quote. Whereas, the spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Anurag Srivastava retorted that Pakistan, trapped in a debt burden as big as 90% of the country’s GDP, should first worry about the country’s health. Srivastava also reminded Pakistan that the package announced by the Indian government is larger than the GDP of Pakistan.

A survey report, published by some US universities, says that 84% of the Indian population is faced with the financial crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A Pakistani newspaper had carried news regarding this. Referring to that news, the Pakistan Prime Minister extended a ‘helping hand’ to India. The Indians reacted to this. Netizens scoffed at Imran Khan saying Pakistan, a pauper, advising a country like India, is almost laughable.

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Pakistan initiates moves to reactivate Al-Badr in Jammu and Kashmir: Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh

Srinagar: – Dilbag Singh, Director General of Police (DGP) for Jammu and Kashmir, said that Pakistan has started movements to reactivate the terrorist organisation Al-Badr. Pakistan has activated the terrorist organisation ‘The Resistance Front’ (TRF) in the Kashmir valley. TRF has carried out a few terror attacks in Jammu-Kashmir in the last few months. Dilbag Singh said that with activation of the TRF and Al-Badr, Pakistan intends to portray that the terrorist activities in Jammu-Kashmir are carried out only by locals.

On Monday, TRF terrorists shot down a Sarpanch in the Lalkipura area of Anantnag district. The activities of the TRF, having members from the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba, are on the rise in the Kashmir valley. A few days ago, General MM Naravane had referred to the TRF as ‘Terrorist Revival Front’. On Tuesday, DGP Dilbag Singh said that after activating TRF, since the last few months, Pakistan is now trying to activate Al-Badr.

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Afghanistan dismisses allegation levelled by Pakistan against India

New Delhi: – Pakistan accused that Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is operating from Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan and it is working under instructions from India. Afghanistan has shown the mirror to Pakistan over this issue. Afghan Foreign ministry very subtly taunted Pakistan saying ‘Afghanistan is acting against all the terrorists without any discrimination. TTP terrorists also have been killed in the military actions in Afghanistan. At the same time, foreign terrorists from terrorist organisations like Jaish and Lashkar also have been arrested. The Afghan foreign ministry dismissed the accusation that India is using Afghan territory to destabilise Pakistan.

Pakistan government claimed, on Thursday, that the Analytical Support and Sanction Monitoring Team of the United Nations has accepted that TTP is carrying out activities against Pakistan, with support from India, using Afghan territory. Pakistan also accused that TTP was being used to destabilise Pakistan. These allegations made by Pakistan have received a reply directly from Afghanistan.

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IMF: Debt-ridden Pakistan should stop employee salaries

Islamabad: – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slapped Pakistan, requesting for a fresh loan of $15 billion, on the face. The IMF has given frank advice that as a country has obtained loan upto 90% in its economy, Pakistan should stop paying its employees to avert an economic crisis, . The IMF also demanded Pakistan should set an objective of reduction in expenses, of $180 billion in the budget, to be presented in June. It is clear that if Pakistan accepted this demand the Pakistan economy will sink further.

Following the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Pakistan has been pleading with the international financial institutions and leading countries of the world, for loans, to protect its people from the pandemic. It was exposed that the funds which came in after this, were used by Pakistan for loan repayments and payment of electricity bills, instead of using for the benefit of the people of Pakistan. The IMF has taken serious cognisance of the fact that the Pakistan government is using the funds on non-productive things rather than cutting down expenses.

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Pakistan Military threatens India

Islamabad: The Pakistan Army will retaliate fittingly if the Indian Army tries to trespass the Kashmir LOC. Hence, India should not dare to play with fire, warned Director General of Inter-Service Public Relations (DGISPR) of Pakistan Army, Major General Babar Iftikhar. But it is revealed that the Pakistan Army, who warned India to not play with fire are themselves playing with the fire of terrorism. As per the information disclosed, Pakistani ISI chief Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed secretly met the terrorist bases located at the POK border.

Furthermore, the Indian Army has already slain the militants operating in Jammu-Kashmir who were plotting another attack like the Pulwama. At the same time, the Army initiated the fire and ceased the militant intruders from crossing the POK line of control and enter India. Only two days ago, the news got published about Indian Army demolishing the Pakistani militant base. As this action was ongoing, the Union Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, however, has not denied the possibility of capturing the POK. Hence, extreme reactions have emerged from Pakistan on this matter.

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Endorsement for Indian claim that Pakistan is the hub of terrorism, retorts Indian foreign ministry

New Delhi: – There are nearly six and a half thousand active Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan. The United Nations Security Council has received a report which claims that almost 1,000 out of these are members of the Pakistani terrorist organisations Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba. The Indian foreign ministry accused that Pakistan is still the hub of global terrorism and the report endorses the accusations levelled by India against Pakistan. The report of the UN Security Council notes that there are nearly 6,500 Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan and the members of Lashkar and Jaish have joined hands with the Taliban. Anurag Shrivastava, the spokesman of the Indian foreign ministry, said that this report endorses the accusations levelled by India against Pakistan. This exposes that Pakistan has, once again, failed to discharge its international responsibility to take action against the terrorists.

Pakistan had requested to remove its name from the FATF grey list, stating that it was taking action against these terrorists in front of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). But India pointed out that the report exposes that instead of taking action against these terrorists, Pakistan is supporting these terrorists in every possible way.

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China is constructing a huge naval base in Gwadar, Pakistan, warns the US military analyst

Washington – China is constructing a huge naval base at the Gwadar Port in Pakistan to maintain its control over the Indian Ocean region. A leading military analyst from the United States revealed this information by publishing satellite images. Moreover, the analyst warned that the movements initiated to construct a base at the Gwadar Port by China, who has already deployed its army at the Ladakh border to challenge India, can become an ultimatum for the Indian security.

Furthermore, earlier, the news of China constructing a naval base alongside a dock through its ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ had surfaced. At the time, it was being claimed that China is constructing its Naval Base at Gwadar as an option to the Karachi Port. However, under the pretext of developing the Gwadar port, China had managed to wipe the news of naval base being constructed. However, in an article written by H.I. Sutton, which was published in a US tabloid, Sutton revealed the information about the largest naval base being constructed at the Gwadar port.

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6,500 active Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan

Kabul: – There are six thousand five hundred Pakistani terrorists in Afghanistan, at this moment. The United Nations report notes that nearly a thousand of these, are affiliated to Jaish-e-Mohammed or Lashkar-e-Taiba.

It is clear from the report that Jaish and Lashkar terrorists are assisting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The report also disposes of the Pakistani claims of a major contribution for peace and stability in Afghanistan. The terrorist organisations Jaish and Lashkar, send their terrorists to Afghanistan. These terrorists are a threat to Afghan security. The report warns that Jaish and Lashkar share excellent relations with the Haqqani group in Taliban and Al Qaeda. Therefore, those claiming that there is no Pakistani involvement in terrorism in Afghanistan have been exposed.

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More than 650,000 Coronavirus cases in the city of Lahore in Pakistan, shocking report exposed in Pakistani media

Islamabad: – Coronavirus has claimed 1,439 lives and there are 77,836 cases in Pakistan. But there has been a horrible revelation that there are more than 650,000 Coronavirus cases in Lahore alone. The Pakistani agencies and the government are trying to hide this outbreak. But the Pakistani doctors’ associations have warned that this will make the situation in Pakistan, worse than one in Italy. As per official information, there are just about 77,000 Coronavirus cases, in Pakistan. The discussions have started in the media that this information is incorrect and the Pakistan government is hiding a lot of facts regarding the pandemic. In this scenario, the Secretary in the health ministry, of the state of Punjab, claimed that there are more than 670,000 cases in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab province. This is noted in the report submitted by the Secretary to the Chief Minister.

Fear has gripped the Pakistan media, following this revelation. There is a large number of people having Coronavirus infection, without any signs and they are not going to the hospital for screening. The report notes that these people are responsible for the spread of the pandemic. This revelation has exposed the lie of the Pakistan government, regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, in the country. Pakistani leaders were bragging that Pakistan has ventilators but no patients of Coronavirus. But the reality is seemingly entirely different.

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Two employees from the Pakistan embassy expelled from India for espionage activities

New Delhi: – Two employees belonging to the Pakistan embassy in New Delhi have been expelled from the country. These two were involved in sharing sensitive information regarding the Indian military with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Abid Hussain and Mohammed Tahir Khan were working in the visa section of the Pakistan embassy. Abid is from the Punjab province in Pakistan and Mohammed is a resident of Islamabad. Both of them were found to be carrying Indian identity cards and even Aadhar Cards under fake names. They had bought SIM cards based on these fake identity cards. They were visiting sensitive locations using these fake names and ids. They were also involved in instigating defence personnel through social media and extracting confidential information from them.

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