Let us relive the joy

Let us relive the joy

Watching Bapu is as much a blessed moment as it is a joy. We receive as much joy and blessing from Bapu’s pictures and photographs as from the actual ‘darshan’. It is as much a moment of connectedness as is the ‘darshan’.

In response to the wish and request of Shraddhavaans, we begin today, to post here Bapu’s photographs taken around the year 1997- 1998 and thereafter. Those who were already part of this family at the time will certainly relive precious moments and feel a revived joy. The others, I am sure, will connect with the special moments they have experienced - …for it is after all, about the Sadguru’s love and blessing that is so evident– always and for all Shraddhavaans.

||   Hari Om   ||     ||   Shriram   ||     ||   Ambadnya   ||


Aniruddha Bapu - Sai Niwas, Holi
Bapu at Sai Niwas, Bandra during Holi, 1997


Aniruddha Bapu - Sai Niwas
Bapu at Sai Niwas, Bandra, Mumbai


Aniruddha Bapu - Ram Navami
Bapu during Ram Navami utsav, 1998



Aniruddha Bapu
Bapu during the 1998 Dhanya Tula program at Antonio D-silva High School, Dadar, Mumbai