Digital Fortress

FI - Digital-FortressJust a couple of weeks back, I finished reading an extremely interesting book titled Digital Fortress;a techno-thriller novel written by the renowned American author Dan Brown who has authored the international bestseller novel, The Da Vinci Code. I read the Marathi translation of the book which was wonderfully done by Ashok Padhye. Its great to see Mehta Publishing House making these quality novels available to Marathi readers. 

Digital Fortress transports the reader deep within one of the most powerful intelligence organizations on earth; an ultra-secret, multi-billion dollar agency whose existence is hardly known to its countrymen and the world.

The book describes in absolutely gripping detail, how this organization comes to being held hostage… not by guns or bombs, but by a software code, so ingeniously complex, that if released, it would cripple the intelligence system of its country. The book opens up before the reader a mysterious, unknown world of IT driven technologies and machines. It throws light on an altogether different aspect of Information Technology, which is particularly used in the field of intelligence. The book showcases the extent to which an individual or an organization can go to protect the national interests of his country.

With its unrelenting pace and unexpected twists and turns, particularly where the agency is scrambling to avert the biggest intelligence disaster in history, and to foil a desperate bid to destroy a creation of inconceivable genius by an impregnable code-writing formula that threatens to forever alter the balance of power, Digital Fortress is virtually ‘unputdownable’.   

It just goes to show that hi-tech advancements in technology can be a double-edged sword, which may be used for massive destruction if it falls into the wrong hands; but, if used judiciously and positively it can bring about development and betterment and also act as a deterrent against anti-national elements. India’s nuclear policy of ‘no first strike’ is a classic example of judicious use of advanced technology.

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra - India