Can I Donate Blood?

Can I Donate Blood?

Hari Om,

This year's blood donation camp is organized on Sunday, 21st April 2024. For the convenience of interested blood donors, we are providing the medical information required for blood donation.

Criteria for Blood Donation (PDF)

1. Age
If your age is between 18 to 65 yrs, you can donate blood.

If you are first time donor after the age of 60 years.

2. Hemoglobin
If my hemoglobin is above 12.5 gm/dl.

If my hemoglobin is below 12.5 gm/dl.

You can increase hemoglobin by consuming right foods.

3. Weight
if my weight is above 45 kgs.

if my weight is below 45 kgs.

4. I am having Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
If BP is controlled with medication, you can donate blood.

5. I am having Diabetes
If you are on oral medicine.

If you are on insulin.

6. I had recently delivered a baby
If 12 months had passed from the date of delivery.

If less than 12 months had passed from the date of delivery.

7. I had been breastfeeding my child
If the lactation period is over.

If the feeding is still going on.

8. I had recently gone abortion surgery
If 6 months had passed from the date of surgery.

If less than 6 months had passed from the date of surgery.

9. I am having menstruation cycle
After the menstruation cycle.

If the menstruation is going on.

10. People taking these medicines are allowed to donate blood
1) Oral Contraceptive Pills (गर्भनिरोधक गोळ्या / औषधे)
      2) Pain Killers
      3) Vitamins
      4) Cholesterol Lowering Medicine
      5) Oral Diabetes

11. People taking these medicines are not allowed to donate blood

1) Insulin
      2) Blood Thinners
      3) Thyroid Medicines
      4) Chemotherapy Medicines
      5) Heart Failure Medicine

( If you have taken any vaccine, do not donate blood. Call your local doctor for details.)

12. People having these medical problems are not allowed to donate blood


1) Cancer
2) Severe Allergy
3) Blood Diseases
4) Rheumatoid Artritis
5) Kidney Failure
6) Heart Failure/ Heart Diseases
7) Leprosy
8) STD's
9) Liver Failure
10) Thyroid Diseases
11) Psychiatric Illnesses
12) Convulsions/ Seizure Disorder
13) Asthama

13. WAIT

People taking these medicines will need to wait for sometime after their doses are completed and then they can donate in the future.

1) Antibiotics Delay Donations 2 weeks.
2) Prostate Medicine 1-6 months.
3) Antifungal Medicine 1 week.
4) TB medicine 2 years.

14. I had Tuberculosis
If your Tuberculosis is completely cured before 2 years, you can donate blood.

15. I recently underwent surgery
If you had major surgery (One that requires hospitalisation and anaesthesia), you can donate blood after a gap of 1 year.

16. I have donated blood 3 to 4 months back
Male: Can donate blood after 3 Months.

Female: Can donate blood after 4 Months.

17. I recently had my tooth extracted
6 months after tooth extraction, you can donate blood.

18. I recently had a tattoo made on my body
After 1 year gap of making tattoo, you can donate blood.