Sadguru Aniruddha bapu's grace saved me from gas leak disaster while cooking.

Aruna Alai, AmalnerVehicle
One often reads about accidents caused at homes due gas leak or mishap with the gas cylinder. One obviously knows about the severity of such accidents and the effect. However, the shraddhavan who is narrating this incident to us was saved by Sadguru Aniruddha’s (Bapu) grace in spite of a gas leak in her kitchen. Not just that, she also prepared her breakfast, tea, her lunch and escaped the impending fatality without any harm. I have seen the fount of the Ganges. I visited Gangotri as well. When I saw that ever-flowing water, I wondered about how the water has been flowing for thousands of years, incessantly. Even science has not been able to explain this phenomenon. It is said that spirituality begins where science ends. One needs to have unwavering trust, faith in one’s God, one’s Sadguru. That is what Bapu keeps telling us “Ek Vishwas Asava Purta Karta Harta Guru Aisa.” (There must be a trust that 'Sadguru is my doer, my savior) Here is a narration of a totally inexplicable experience that I have had. On the morning of September 03, 2013, I got up to make some tea and tried switching on the gas stove but it would not ignite. My son then put some effort and attached a new cylinder, after which it ignited. My daughter-in-law made tea, breakfast and also prepared lunch. Then we cleaned the kitchen. As I, Anilsinh and my daughter sat in the drawing room, we smelt the gas leak. Immediately after we realized what was happening, we rushed to the kitchen. To our utter shock, gas was leaking profusely through the gas pipe with a hissing sound. The gas spread all over the house. It meant the regulator was not fitted well and the gas was leaking all along. We immediately switched off the regulator and Anilsinh called the Gas Company to lodge a complaint. The mechanic arrived at 3 pm, and when he checked, he realized that the regulator did not have a valve. We were flabbergasted. I exclaimed to the mechanic that it was not possible because we had finished cooking on the same stove just a few hours ago. He was equally shocked. He looked at the picture of Dattaguru and Bapu on the wall and said, “You have blessings of your Sadguru and that is why a big fatality was avoided.” He then fitted a valve and set the gas cylinder to normal mode. In our mind, we profusely thanked Bapu. It was because of Bapu’s blessings that a fatality was averted. Our Sadguru knows the sequence of events that unfold in the future. One gets to witness the fact that wherever his Shraddhavans are and however a dire state they are in, one’s Sadguru is always there to protect them. Bapu, we are Ambadnya. Smartugami Bapu Dattaguru Olakhalo | Aniruddha, Tujha Me Kiti Runi Jhalo |