Carrier of rumours

Hari Om,

I read the note posted today by Shri. Vaibhavsinh Kulkarni. The note turned out to be literally an expression of my own opinion.


Carrier of rumours

Hari Om. For the last few days, a message is being circulated in social media widely. The message claims that the points in it were discussed during a video conference held by Samirdada with Shraddhavans. On reading the message, the first thought that came to my mind was about its authenticity. Whenever Samirdada has a message for us, he sends it through official means. If it is so, then why are all of us forwarding this message when it has not come officially from him?

Now, coming to the point of the video conference held by Samirdada with Shraddhavans from foreign countries. Samirdada has informal dialogues with numerous Shraddhavan regularly. Informal communication is altogether a different thing. I feel it is a very incorrect practice to circulate any of such informal discussions with Samirdada as if it is a formal message, that too, without his consent. I clearly feel that anybody who has done it is just trying to take undue advantage of the opportunity and does not have even the smallest of realisation about responsibilities. We must understand that any group talk held by Samirdada is explicitly meant for that group only. If such acts continue then, it may result in Samirdada not holding any more such informal conversations.

Forwarding such unofficial message can create distortion and miscommunication. Even if we consider the example about which I am talking, it appears that somebody has added many extra points to the original content. It means someone has made additions as per own wishes either unknowingly or purposefully.

Here, one may consider this to be a trivial matter! Some may even feel that the message they forwarded was out of care. However, it needs to be understood that forwarding messages unofficially can lead to terrible consequences which neither of us will have to bear. Then who will have to suffer from it? It is for us to understand this. Being in the Media Industry for last many years, I have seen the horrifying repercussions such baseless messaging can create and hence I am writing this letter just to raise caution. It is necessary for all of us to exercise utmost caution considering the current state of affairs across the world.

Samirdada, of course, will convey to all of us whatever has to be conveyed officially. However, henceforth, we must avoid forwarding any unofficial messages particularly. Let each one of us take care not to allow me to be a 'carrier of rumours'.

Hari Om, Shriram, Ambadnya, Vaibhavsinh Kulkarni 03-May-2020

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