Bapu's Unique Gift to His Children

Today on the 1st day of the Aadiveshan, Bapu first announced the names of the 122 centres that had been granted official status amidst loud applause. After a short break Bapu took stage again and commenced His main address which dealt with the subject "You are not judged by your performance but by your faith". He touched upon several aspects including functioning of Upasana centres.
He then announced a plan of introducing a new currency for rewarding volunteers which would be known as 'Mother Chandika Spiritual Currency'. I shall cover this in greater detail in a separate post.
Bapu then moved on to the subject of submission of 36 hanks by each volunteer and observed that many volunteers had defaulted in the submission. He then offered another proposal of a volunteer submitting 15 Ramnaam books, 1 Anjani Mata book and donating an amount equivalent to the cost of stitching of one set of school uniforms. Bapu then announced a new mantra to be chanted while running the Charkha and stitching quilts.
Bapu then mentioned that he had made this mantra 'siddha' during the period of his Tapashcharya and said that this mantra has the capacity to protect his children during the 30 years of strife that was to commence from January 2013. He said that if a person did not know any other mantra, merely chanting this mantra would protect them from all dangers. He said that even if we did not have 'Udi' if we were to pick up the soil from the ground and chant this mantra 5 times, the soil would perform the role of Udi.
We are indeed blessed to receive this unique gift at such a crucial juncture in our lives.