Another Appreciation Letter from Police Department addressed to Param Poojya Bapu

Today I would like to share yet another appreciation letter that was also addressed directly to Param Poojya Bapu in the year 2010 by the then Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Shri. Sanjeev Dayal, currently functioning as Director General of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), a leading para-military force responsible for security along the India's border with China. Below given is image is of the mentioned appreciation letter. 

We do already know that the DMVs are trained on the guidelines laid down by Param Poojya Bapu. Shri. Sanjeev Dayal had written to Bapu to acknowledge and praise these sincere and tireless efforts of the DMVs put by them during Ganesh Utsav 2010 which was made possible as a result of motivation and love received from Bapu. 

Sanjeev Dayal, Mumbai Police, Commissioner of Police, ITBP, Ganeshotsav, Bapu, Param Poojya Bapu
Letter by Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Sanjeev Dayal to Param Poojya Bapu (Dated 08-10-2010)


In my last post (click here to view it) I had shared with you all, the appreciation letter that was addressed directly to Param Poojya Bapu by Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Shri. Vishwas Nangre-Patil. He too had praised Disaster Management Volunteers (DMVs) of Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management (AADM) for their sincere and tireless efforts during this year's Ganesh Utsav.

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra - India