Ambadnya to all Shraddhavan Friends and Blog Readers

Couple of days back, when I visited my Blog, I was extremely delighted to see that the visitor hit count had crossed the million mark Bapu has been stressing on the importance and relevance of Information Technology in our everyday life through his discourses. It was under Bapu’s guidance and with his vision that I first started blogging and launched my Blog on the7th of July 2012.Since then, it has been my absolute pleasure and privilege to provide you all with the latest news and updates on the subjects which are of interest to us and also which have bearing on our day to day life. The number of hits on my blog is but a reflection of the enormous love that you all have for Bapu. I really appreciate the valuable feedbacks and comments that you have given to me, which has contributed to the manner in which the blog has since evolved.

This Blog is meant to be a workshop of the Life-science that Bapu has propagated through his discourses and his works, viz. Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj, Matruvatsalya Vindanam and Matruvatsalya Upanishad amongst others. Readers who have met me inperson have likened the blog to a kaleidoscope that reveals various aspects and facets of Bapu and his persona. The simple and lucid manner in which Bapu puts forth his views has the power to attract people who believe in living a meaningful and balanced life which provides contentment and joy that is rooted in purity; quite similar to the manner in which flowers attract bees. I am sure this fragrance of Bapu and his life-science will continue to spread in all directions; figures will be mere milestones and statistics.

With this Blog, I am also trying to introduce Shraddhavan friends of Bapu to the realities of this world, hitherto unknown to them. Hence, I have been making a conscious effort to write on a host of subjects,viz., sports, international politics, literature, cinema, social values, various important happenings in India, etc. so as to give to the Shraddhavan friends a well-rounded perspective of things that are happening around them, which they should be aware of.


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I am sure that all of you will continue to partake the fragrance that is meant for all those who believe in truth, love and joy.

Hari Om

Shri Ram

I am Ambadnya