You walk holding me by my hand

Experience Of Ashok Kamble, New Panvel

Every Bapu devotee surely experiences the fact that once you hold your Sadguru's hand, you will never need to look for anyone else's. The Sadguru continues to send help to us either Himself or through others. 

I am no 'malkari' i.e. I don't wear garlands of tulsi around my neck. But wherever bhajans and kirtans are sung, I go and sit there quietly to listen to them. It is one of my favourite hobbies. 

One day, I casually felt like visiting Alandi, but I had never travelled on that route. Hence, I was a little skeptical. I had to face one more problem, I was completely ignorant as regards train travel. Honestly, even if elders say that travelling with an experienced person is always advantageous, I left by myself. I had kept Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu's Upasana book in my shirt's pockets. I had faith in my Sadguru Bapu that He will make sure I reach the destination... and literally, I experienced that my Sadguru held my hand at every point of the journey. 

On 30th of December, 2012 I purchased a ticket for Pune from Panvel station and stood at the platform. I was scared since I was about to travel all by myself. Suddenly, two young strangers came up to me and without knowing anything about me they asked, "Do you wish to go to Pune?" I was left aghast. Without any further thought, I said 'yes'. They were going to Pune too. At that moment, the Pune - Bhusawal Express arrived at the platform. I followed those youths as we got into the general compartment. After sometime, they found a seat in the train where they asked me to sit. My Sadguru had provided me comfort and had given me a place to sit when I was fearful of how I would be able to travel alone by train. 

I was looking at them and they too were watching me at intervals. When Pune station arrived, they helped me to get out of the train and before I could notice, they had disappeared. I looked for them everywhere at the station. 

Even though the journey until here seemed easy, I was worried. This was because the next course of my journey was yet to be covered which was Alandi. 

I was thinking of who I could ask when suddenly, a middle aged man with a waist pouch came up to me and before I could say anything he said, "Come. I'll show you where the S.T. stand is for going to Alandi. Come with me." Now I was completely bewildered... I had no idea as to what was going on!

Then he showed me the bus stand. Not only did he show me the stand, he also asked, "You need to go to Alandi, right?" and said, "There's the bus." After that he helped me to get into the bus, and thereafter I did not even realise where he disappeared. I was completely wonderstruck by these two events. Strangers meeting, when I have no idea as to what should be done and even before uttering a word, they understand where I wished to go. This was indeed strange!

At this moment, I kept recalling my Sadguru Bapu with all my heart. Who else can it be other than Bapu who would help me in this?

Thus, I reached Alandi safely. While taking the Samadhi's darshan at Alandi, I kept on thinking about Bapu. After taking darshan, I sat peacefully on the banks of the river Indrayani and continued to think about my Sadguru's unconditional grace. 

Sadguru, I bow before you a thousand times! (It goes without saying that the journey back home was safe as expected!)

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