You Take Immense Care of Me

You Take Immense Care of Me

Paramanand Chavan, Koparkhairane,

Only he can supersede/conquer any physical, emotional turmoil or disease. It is evident from this experience. When a person’s body does not support him/her, he gives us that extra strength to achieve the seemingly unattainable. However, one must ensure that one reposes unflinching faith at his lotus feet.

Sadguru Aniruddha - Experience of Neeta Kenjalkar


I am an ardent devotee of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu! I do not know any kind of devotion or service. Through this experience, Bapu gave me the inspiration to do some Gunasankirtan. This is an attempt to articulate my experience from the year 2008. I had begun experiencing problems such as Spondylitis and Tennis Elbow. Likewise, my hand used to go numb occasionally. I was totally restless for almost a month. I used to have severe aches in the night as compared to those I experienced during the day. After consulting Dr. Narsikar, I started visiting KEM hospital to take the light treatment. The doctor at the hospital asked me to wear a belt around my neck and the elbow. I was told to not lift more than 2 Kgs of weight. I was also informed that I would be required to wear those belts for the following 4-5 months. They also reiterated that if I lifted more weight than was allowed for me, it would be imperative for me to undergo a surgery. In spite of wearing those belts, I was not feeling better. Within a month from this incident, I was allotted Palkhi, Aarti and Chavari Seva for Srimadpurushartha Grantharaj through ‘Aniruddha’s Bank of Ramnaam’. I was very happy. However, no sooner did I think about these aches and pains than I felt dejected. I was totally perplexed. Finally, I concluded that whatever may be the outcome, I was not going to let go of this golden opportunity. From Tuesday of the week in which I had this seva, all of a sudden, I began experiencing more pain. While leaving home, on Thursday, October 02, 2008, I said to myself, “Whatever it is, Bapu will take care.” Saying that, I reached Shree Harigurugram along with my son. My right hand was numb and had no sensation at all. I would experience excruciating pain if the hand moved even an inch here and there. My shoulder was throbbing with pain. I had handed over the bag of all the Aarti preparation, to my son. And also, I removed the belt from around my neck and elbow and placed it in a bag. I resolved in my mind I would perform the seva to the best of my abilities. At that time, I was reciting Hemadpant’s line from Saisatcharitra. Jovari Ya Dehi Shwaas, Neejkaryas Sadhuni Ghya II I got my attendance for Seva marked in my passbook. I was then asked to go to Gate No. 2. By the time I reached the spot, the Karyakarta had already assigned the responsibility of carrying Palkhi to someone else. I was told to walk ahead of the Palkhi procession. I was told not to let Palkhi lean on my shoulder. In the heart of hearts, I felt good because I possibly could not have carried the Palkhi. My shoulder and my hand both were aching. All of us began walking towards the hall. As soon as we climbed the staircase, one of the Karyakartas, asked another devotee to step aside and handed over that side of the Palkhi to me for placing it on my shoulder. Since this happened all of a sudden, I did not get any opportunity to explain anything to the respective Karyakarta. I got scared. In spite of that, I walked into the hall. The weight of the Palkhi was almost unbearable. I was feeling as if my shoulder was about to dislocate and fall off. I began to sweat. The perspiration was so intense that I was drenched in just a few minutes. My body began to tremble. I almost began to drag my feet. While putting a foot forward, I almost felt as if I had been walking for miles together. With much effort, I reached close to the stage. Karyakarta at the venue helped me take Palkhi off my shoulder and I took a deep breath. Looking at my condition, the Karyakarta offered me some water and made me sit under a fan. I began to feel better after a while. During this time, I simply did not realize the fact that my shoulder had stopped aching. I was simply surprised realizing that my shoulder had remained unhurt. My hand continued to be numb. I was not able to lift my hand. I was quietly sitting in one corner. Parampujya Bapu arrived a little later. He delivered his discourse and the Gajar began. As it picked up momentum, my Bapu began to dance to the tune of Gajar. Everyone joined him with the dance. I began to dance as well without worrying about any of my aches and pains. Everything around me was happening in a brisk fashion. I was able to lift my hand and the pain had vanished. Finally, it was time to perform Aarti. At that time, I realized that my fingers were still numb. I stood there for Aarti with a worrying thought that the Aarti plate might slip out of my hand due to the numbness. In my mind, I requested, ”Bapu, Please help me perform the Aarti. Let me not be embarrassed here. Going forward, I will not wear those belts. Feel free to do whatever you wish to.” When I looked at his face, he gave me a light smile. I was standing third in the line for Aarti. As soon as Aarti was over, wonder why, but Mahessinh Zantye held my hand and made me stand right in front of Bapu. I was totally startled. I could not think of anything at that point in time. My God wished me “Hari Om” and raised his eyebrows. He winked at me and smiled. Since I was completely out of my senses, I had forgotten to reciprocate his ‘Hari Om’. By the time I regained my composure, I had stepped aside from where I was standing earlier, i.e., right in front of Bapu. After that I felt that I had the throbbing sensation in my hand once again and my hand began to go numb. I had held the Aarti plate in my left hand and stepped out. Now, I had the ‘Chavari Seva’ where the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj was placed. While I was deeply engrossed in wondering how I was going to fulfill that Seva, one volunteer called me to begin the seva. I had the Chavari in my right hand but due to numbness, I was not able to hold it well. Other devotees were looking at me with much displeasure. I became immensely restless. Bapu was sitting on the stage for Darshan. During this time, My Lord who knows it all, just gave me his loving glance and smiled. He then tilted his neck and shrugged it a little bit just to give the much-needed strength to my hand. I almost felt as if an electrical current passed through my body. Immediately after that, I felt the sensation in my hand and the same hand began to function normally.

Keval Ek Drushtipaat I Kshanaat Hoee Papaghaat II Talel Janmanche Durit I Dheeg Jaleet Kukarmache II

My eyes welled out. I began my Chavari Seva effortlessly with my right hand once again.

Eka Janardani Bhog Prarabdhacha I Hari Krupe Tyacha Naash Aahe II

All of us Shraddhavans must have the patience and the perseverance to witness it.

“Bapu Payee Thevu Drudh Bhaav, Bapu mag Gheyee Dhaav”

Bapu will never abandon us.

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