Once you surrender to Aniruddha, you’ll be fearless forever!

Kanta Surajmani Sinh, Thane Would medical science be able to rationally explain how a person can discharge one’s day-to-day duties, responsibilities and chores after having suffered from a heart attack? Bapu is the only saviour who can go beyond the boundaries of science, recognises one's difficulty and extends help in such times. This incident took place on September 27, 2011.  As usual, we laid down on our bed after dinner and were awake. While chatting with each other, I must have fallen off to sleep.  In the night at around 11:30 pm, my husband had severe chest pain.  He began to sweat profusely, So much so that his clothing, as well as the mattress, were drenched in his sweat.  In spite of that, he did not wake anyone as he did not wish to disturb us.  In the middle of the night at around 12 am, he went into the kitchen and began chanting Bapu’s name.  He was chanting Bapu’s name till about 4 am.  After that, he started to feel better. He then came back to his bed and lied down again. Since the Ghatsthapana was on the following day, I got up, as usual, took a shower, did the pooja, had my breakfast and went to the market to buy groceries. I came back after all the work was done. My husband was busy doing his chores as usual. However, during the ordinary course of our conversation, he mentioned to us that he had had chest pain the previous night and he also informed us that after chanting Bapu’s name, the pain was relieved. On hearing this, because he was above 70 years of age, we immediately took him to the doctor. My son who is a doctor, got all the possible tests related to chest and heart done.  After the tests, we realised that my husband had suffered from a heart attack.  Honestly, it is only due to Bapu’s divine blessings that his ailment did not take any severe untoward turn. On hearing that, I recalled a couple of lines from Bapu’s Nine Resolves.

AniruddhaKshetri Jo Ala Sharan,

Tayasi Kaisa Bhaay Dukkha Bhaar |

Shraddhavan haachi Majha Mitra Sakha,

Taysi Me Rakshin Devayanpanhi ||

(The one who seeks refuge at Aniruddha'sabode, he knows not fear, sorrow or hardships |A shraddhavan is my true friend, and I will protect him with Devayaanpatha ||)

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