You make the impossible, possible!


Experience Of Kumaran


An ordinary Shraddhavan who dreamt of getting a job in an organization. Such a simple aim! However, the situation was entirely against him. He had no experience for the type of work he would be expected to do, for the role that he had applied. Moreover, his previous experience was utterly irrelevant for the new job. The other candidates who had come for the interview were far more superior and qualified than him.

It would mean that it was impossible for this shraddhavan to get the dream job. However,…

My name is Kumaran, and  I have completed my studies in B.Sc. I also hold a degree in Hotel Management.  I am an MBA in Human Resources as well.  My father ran a business which was not doing as well as he had expected it to do.  Therefore, our financial situation was weakening slowly.  My mother is a homemaker, and I have a younger sister who is studying for the last year of her degree college.

After completing my Hotel Management degree, I began to work at “The Park” hotel as a steward.  My duty was to provide water and soft drinks to guests who would come into the banquet hall.

Three years ago, Cognizant Technology Solutions had organized an annual conference for its employees. I was, as usual, performing my duty of serving water and soft drinks to the guests. In the conference, a presentation was made regarding the welfare benefits the company provided to its employees.

After watching the presentation, I do not know why, but I felt the desire to work for this organization. With every passing day, this desire became more and more intense. Finally, one day, I left my job as a steward and got myself admitted into the Chennai Business School for MBA.

I ensured that my MBA was completed successfully.  However, I did not find luck in getting a job in Cognizant in spite of my untiring efforts. After several hard attempts, I gave up my hopes of getting a job in the company. I was in dire need of a job as our financial condition at home was slowly deteriorating.  I then got a job in a company called “Prince Jewelers.”  After gaining some experience there, I switched my job and began to work at “VummidiBangaruJewelers.”  My loving Sadguru probably felt empathetic towards my situation. I say this because, around the same time, I learned about Bapu from one of my aunts.

And from here onwards, things began to change positively for me. While listening to Bapu’s stories from my aunt, I had also begun to feel love and admiration for Bapu. In my mind, I had almost come to infer that if at all there was someone who could do something for me, it could only be Bapu. Moreover, only time revealed how my resolve proved to be true!

Bapu had begun to create opportunities for his devotee.  I had also heard from my aunt that there was a vacancy in the company I so desired to work for,'The Cognizant Technology Solutions'.

On the day of my interview, I noticed that there were in excess of thirty candidates, for two vacant positions.  All those who had come for the interview were looking extremely well dressed and they all apparently had impeccable work experience. Compared to them, I almost had no experience.  I was quite tense, thinking about my viability in comparison to their skill set.

I had prepared myself to the best of my abilities. I had prepared answers to most of the frequently asked questions in such interviews. Nevertheless, when I looked around at the other candidates, they came across to me to be more prepared than myself. As a result, my confidence began to dwindle.

I had reposed complete faith in Bapu and had asked him to take me through this process.  I repeatedly took out Bapu’s picture from my pocket and held it close to my chest.  People around me kept staring at me as if I was some lunatic.

By this time, 4-5 candidates had gone in and had appeared for the interview. Each one of them had a different expression on the face as they stepped out of the interview room. Some looked confident while the others looked nervous and teary-eyed. I could not conclude anything based on their mixed expressions.  Others had circled these interviewees to ask them which set of questions the interviewers had asked them. I mustered enough courage and approached one of them to ask him about the expected questions. He informed me that the interviewers had asked him about sports.

I was flabbergasted the moment I heard the word “Sports” from him because barring Cricket I was not well informed about any other sport. I was only confident about Cricket.  I then began to pray to Bapu that if they did ask me questions about sports, let them ask me only about Cricket.

Then came my turn to go inside to face the interview.  I entered the room with my heart pounding.  The interviewer looked at me and then began scanning my resume.  I had written “Playing Cricket” as a hobby.

You would think that I was lying if I told you that right from the start of the interview till the time it ended, for around 45 minutes, he asked me questions only about Cricket and that was all!  He did not ask me anything other than Cricket. There was not even one single question regarding the field in which I was seeking a job.  Bapu, you are simply great!

The interview was done. I felt quite confident and I came out with a smile on my face. My heart had stopped pounding by now and I felt sheer happiness as I stepped out. I then looked at the remaining candidates and felt the fear go down my spine once again. My interview had gone off well but what if one of the remaining people also experienced a great interview?  I was worried someone else would get the job.  In my worried state of mind, I returned home.

One week passed by and then another couple of weeks did as well, while I was waiting but only in vain.  I began to feel depressed as I felt the position had been offered to someone else.

On second thought, how could that have been possible if one hadBapu as one’s saviour? After four long weeks, I got a call from the organization that I was being offered the position.

I could not contain my happiness. I felt almost as if I was losing my mind as I was thoroughly overjoyed. I got a job in my dream company, the “Cognizant Technology Solutions.” A dream that I had seen as a steward in a hotel, was now a reality. This was possible only and only due to Bapu’s blessings and his divine intervention.

Well, the real stunner is yet to be unfolded. After I joined the organization, I befriended the person who had interviewed me for this position. I was shocked after I heard what he had to say…  He told me that there was a rule in the organization which retrained employees from recruiting candidates with a hotel management degree or background. However, no one knows as to why the rule was ignored at the time of my recruitment!

I then absorbed the whole event only to realise and conclude that it was indeed a divine intervention of my Bapu as no one else was capable of doing something like this. My Bapu is always ever ready to help the poorest of the poor of his devotees. He is the only one who fulfils the most trivial desire of his devotee!

Sadgururaya, I bow at your lotus feet, a million times over!