World anxiously watches US sanctions, cyberattacks on banks & consequential economic crisis

World anxiously watches US sanctions, cyberattacks on banks & consequential economic crisis

Iran is looting US through cyber-attacks, claims a US cyber-security company

Tehran/Washington: Iran, who threatened an unconventional war in retaliation to the sanctions imposed by the United States is realising its threat through cyber-attacks. The US cybersecurity group has exposed this information and has warned that Iranian hackers are attacking the US companies for financial gains. US cybersecurity experts and former officials have said that the Iranian cyber-attacks have intensified, against the background of the withdrawal of the US President from the Iran nuclear deal and subsequently imposing harsh sanctions against Iran.

US President, Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and imposed harsh sanctions against Iran. The events over the last six months show that the Iranian economy has been severely affected due to these economic sanctions. The Iranian government had claimed that these sanctions were as good as waging a war against Iran and that Iran would retaliate strongly against it. On this background, the increasing cyber-attacks on the United States, at the hands of the Iranian hackers attracts attention.

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China, Germany and Turkey oppose US sanctions against Iran

Beijing/Berlin/Ankara: Russia had announced that it will continue its relations with Iran while refuting the United States’ sanctions against Iran. Following Russia’s footsteps, China, Germany and Turkey have declared that they will also not accept the sanctions against Iran. The United States has already announced that the countries maintaining trade relations with Iran will also fall within the purview of the sanctions. Thus, it appears that China, Germany and Turkey have decided to stand in opposition of the United States on the issue of the sanctions against Iran.

China has criticised the United States’ sanctions against Iran terming them as unilateral and outside the legal framework. The Chinese Foreign Ministry declared that China will continue its trade relations with Iran stating that the Iran nuclear deal is within the framework of international rules. By saying ‘the Chinese trade cooperation with Iran is transparent, clean, legal and within the limits of the rules laid down by the United Nations Security Council,’ the Chinese Foreign ministry further warned that the United States should respect the rights of China.

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Tehran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticised President Trump saying, ‘The United States is never firm on its promises and this has been experienced by every country in the world dealing with the United States. The world knows that the United States can never be trusted’. After his meeting with the North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yang-ho, the Iranian President advised North Korea who is about to sign a nuclear deal with the United States.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho had visited Iran recently where he had discussions with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif. The discussions were about improving cooperation between the old allies. The North Korean Foreign Minister informed about the details of the historical meeting that took place a month ago between the leadership of the US and North Korea in Singapore and the discussions regarding the nuclear deal.

The Iranian President advised the North Koreans not to trust the United States citing the example of the sanctions imposed by the US President Donald Trump.

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US cannot impose trade sanctions on other countries, claims German Commerce Minister

Berlin: ‘United States is openly ignoring its partners and the sanctions imposed on Iran are its glaring example. All the other countries should unite with the European countries to stop United States from imposing its own rules on other countries.’ appealed the German Commerce Minister. Germany too should take a more aggressive stance against the United States sanctions, and invest in Iran, suggested German Commerce Minister, Peter Altmaier.

Altmaier fired a salvo of criticism at the autarchic working of the United States, in an interview with the German daily ‘Build’. The world is being pushed towards an economic war because of these sanctions imposed by the United States on various countries of the world, accused the German Minister. Nobody will come out as a winner in this war and there will only be defeat, he claimed further. Last week, the United States also imposed fresh and harsher sanctions against Iran. ‘Sanctions have officially been imposed on Iran. The United States will not have trade relations with countries, continuing their relations with Iran’ US President Trump had warned. At the same time, President Trump had announced that one more important stage of sanctions will be implemented in the month of November.

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US shocks Pakistan by cutting its military aid, also stops the training of its military

Washington: United States has delivered a strong blow to Pakistan, who is trying to increase its military cooperation with Russia and China. The US Congress has passed a bill, restricting the military aid to Pakistan worth $150 million. At the same time, the decision to stop training Pakistani soldiers and officers in the US military training institutes has also been taken. Military cooperation between Russia and Pakistan is developing and Russia has expressed its willingness to train the Pakistan military. On publication of this report, the United States has delivered this blow to Pakistan.

There are major changes to the US policies regarding Pakistan, ever since President Trump took over the Presidentship. Last year, in the month of August, US President Trump had reprimanded Pakistan openly with the announcement that Pakistan is a country that supports terrorism. Subsequently, a decision to stop financial aid worth $255 million to Pakistan was taken. The United States took this action, saying that Pakistan is not performing satisfactorily in the war against terror.

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Slide in the value of Indian Rupee increase concerns

New Delhi: There was a record decline in the value of the Indian Rupee against the US dollar and the Rupee declined to 69.93 per USD. The decline of Re.1.10 on Monday was the highest in a single day, over the last 5 years.

As per analysts, this slide in the Indian Rupee and many other currencies has been triggered by the slide in the Turkish Lira, following the imposition of sanctions by the US against Turkey. A few days ago, Urjit Patel, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India had warned that a currency war may emerge from the current trade war.

The effects of the strengthening of USD are seen all around the world. Many upheavals are seen especially because of these harsh measures being taken by the United States against China, European Union and Turkey. Currencies of many countries are declining against the USD and the Turkish Lira has seen the deepest decline. The Turkish Lira has declined by 12% on Thursday and 20% on Friday. Even on Monday, the Turkish currency declined by 8%.

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US relaxes restrictions on the use of cyber weapons

Washington: Henceforth, there would be no need for permissions from a dozen government agencies if the United States wishes to use cyber-weapons. US President, Donald Trump has taken steps in this direction and has signed an ordinance to that effect. A report regarding this was published in the leading US daily.

Former President, Barack Obama had imposed certain restrictions on the use of cyber weapons during his regime. It was mandatory to take permission from the agencies related to the White House. It was said that it made the process very complex and difficult. There was also criticism that this caused delays in the cyber-security of the United States. But over the last few months, President Trump had prioritised cyber-security and had announced improvements in the rules governing it.

Accordingly, President Trump has relaxed the rules for use of cyber-weapons, informed the US daily. However, although the daily has claimed that the restrictions imposed during the Obama regime have been removed, it could not elaborate further on this matter.

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Possibility of a huge cyber-attack on ATMs all over the world in the next few days

Washington: The US investigation agency has issued a serious warning saying that ATMs all over the world might face a huge cyber-attack in the next few days and US dollars worth millions will be stolen. The “Federal Bureau of Investigation” has published an alert in which it has warned that cyber-criminals from all over the world would be using “malware” to steal huge sums of money from ATMs, with the help of the “cash out scheme”. Earlier in 2016, thousands of ATMs in Europe had been targeted and billions of Euros had been purloined.

‘The US investigation agency has received information about a huge plot about to be hatched by cyber-criminals. These criminals would be looting huge amounts of funds from ATMs all over the world. There is a possibility that this heist would be conducted by tweaking the functioning of the ATM-card system. Huge amounts of funds could be stolen within a particular and pre-planned window of time’, mentions the warning issued by the FBI.

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Repercussions of the Turkey-US economic war will be felt globally, warn economists

Ankara: Turkey has decided to retaliate against the taxes imposed on Turkish exports to the United States, in the same manner. The Turkish Vice President announced a big increase in the taxes on the imports from the United States. These include the cars, tobacco and other products. At the same time, the economists have warned that the repercussions of this trade war between the US and Turkey will be felt all over the world. The downfall in values of the currencies like the Russian Rouble, the Indian Rupee and the South African Rand is an evidence of the same, claim the economists.

Christian preacher, Pastor Andrew Brunson, a US citizen has been arrested by Turkey. The United States has been demanding his release, which Turkey bluntly refused. Following this, the United States imposed taxes on the Steel and Aluminium imported from Turkey. The Turkish President termed this imposition of taxes as a trade war. Erdogan declared that Turkey will not yield to the pressures exerted by the United States. He also criticised that the United States is deserting a good friend on a trivial issue such as the release of a preacher.

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The US imposes sanctions on Russian and Chinese companies that violate its sanctions imposed against North Korea

Washington: The US treasury department has announced new sanctions against Russia and China, alleging them to have violated the sanctions imposed by the US against North Korea. These include two companies from China and one from Russia, and their directors. Only two weeks ago, Nicki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations had issued a stern warning that the double standards of Russia on the North Korean issue will not be tolerated.

At the beginning of this month, the United Nations had submitted a confidential report regarding North Korea. The report exposed that the nuclear as well as the missile development program still continued. Against this background, it had been observed that despite the sanctions imposed by the United Nations and the United States, Russia and China had provided massive aid to North Korea.

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