Words Fall Short to Express Your Blessings

- Bharati Shinde, Bhusaval

Abhala Evadhi Maya Tujhi Tirthe Saari Tujhyaat

Mahati Tujhi Bapu Varnu Kashi Shabdaat…

Since the year 2002, I began attending the upasana at the Upasana Center. Right before, I had read about the first anniversary of the centre in a local newspaper, and so I went to the venue along with my son. At the anniversary celebration, Paduka poojan was performed. After that, the upasana was recited, which was followed by the Aniruddha Chalisa. I felt a sense of calm and peace while chanting the Chalisa.  Therefore, I decided to attend the upasana every Saturday, and so I did.

My mother-in-law's friend handed me a special issue called ‘Shree Aniruddha Visheshank." My eyes had welled up on reading the several experiences of devotees. As I read the experiences, there arose a desire to experience his divine intervention. I wondered if I would ever encounter something in life where Bapu would intervene and come to help me.  Naturally, I shared my thought with our Pramukh Sevak, Rupaveera Kulkarni. On hearing it, she said, "To have an experience like that one has to face some severe calamity, to begin with. Moreover, why would you want experience? Bapu is always with us."

Along with my family members, I immersed myself in devotion towards Bapu. Several years passed by and the year 2006 dawned. In June 2006, my lower back began to hurt. Later on, the ailment aggravated to such an extent that I could not get up or sit without anyone's help. I even had to use a walking stick for walking. There was no one else to look after the household chores. My family comprised of my 85-year-old father-in-law, two sons and husband. The entire responsibility of the household work was on me. My sons were busy attending college, and my husband was busy with his job. My husband and my sons would do some household work whenever they would get the time. Soon the lower back began to hurt so much that I could not even stand for a mere two minutes. When I stood on my feet, I would experience a tingling sensation in my left leg. I then consulted an orthopaedic surgeon. He began his treatment, put some traction and gave me the light treatment, although nothing worked. In the end, my doctor recommended that I consult a neurosurgeon. He suggested we take his treatment and wrote us a recommendation. Afterwards, we consulted a neurosurgeon at Jalgaon. He examined me and asked me to get an MRI done.  We got that done as well.

As I was alone after they wheeled me into the MRI room, several thoughts crossed my mind. I told myself that one has to face the vagaries of one’s fate oneself.  Even if we have many relatives, friends and family, no one can bear those on my behalf. Regardless of whether one is in an examination hall or on the operation table or even if one were to fight against death, no one could be with one at a physical level. The only exception to that is one's Sadguru, one's saviour as it is he who always assures that, "I will never forsake you.”

Only one's Sadguru can extend the support of this kind. In all the ups and downs of life, he supports us. In the good days, he keeps us firmly rooted on the ground and in our difficult times, he helps us sail through troubled waters by lifting us through the turbulent phase. I experienced all of that on the day of my MRI.

While the MRI was being performed, I was continually chanting Bapu's name. I said to Bapu that I hoped to not discover a new grave problem as a result of the test. I was to get the reports in the evening. After collecting the reports, we went to the doctor, but we could not meet him. We waited for a long time and then out of sheer disappointment, decided to return home. The attendant came to us and informed us that the doctor was in the middle of a surgery and asked us if we could wait for a little while. It was about 9:30 in the night and was raining outside. The doctor's wife, who is also a doctor checked my reports. She asked me to get admitted to the hospital and informed us that she would perform the surgery the next morning. However, we told her that we had not gone there with any prior emotional or physical preparation for the operation and therefore, decided not to get admitted immediately.

We came home and went to the doctor who we had consulted earlier. He explained to us that the distance between two discs had narrowed and as a result, two of my nerves were under pressure. It has, therefore made it difficult for me to stand for a longer duration. We asked for some time to think about the situation and mull over the predicament. We took a second opinion as well. Most of the doctors advised us that such surgeries usually are not successful and even if we were to decide in its favour, we ought to get it done at Mumbai or Pune.

Nevertheless, we decided that we would not get the surgery done. We made up our minds to stand before Bapu's photo every day and ask him to show us the right path. I would add some Udi in my water and drink it every day as also apply it on the aching spot. And it  did make a huge difference... The medicines did not work on me, but the Udi did. I am entirely cured and fine now. I even participated in crowd control on Bapu's 50th birthday celebration.

I thought, who are we to serve him and be called his devotees? He himself gets it done and makes things happen for us. Also, he works extremely hard for the well-being of each of his devotees. It is he, who keeps giving us abundant fruits of such minuscule devotion that we offer at his lotus feet.  During our difficult times, we keep telling him, "Sadgururaya, I have no one to turn to. You are my only source of strength and support." Many people around us enjoy their lives and only then think of God.  I wonder if all those who I call "My people," and due to whom I distance God, are genuinely my people!

The one and only one who loves me, before my birth and also loves me after my death, is truly mine. And there is just one such person, he is none other than my Sadguru Bapu, my God.

Kiti Aadhi-vyadhi Tu Kelyas Shaant

Rakshiles Majala Ghor Sankataat

Visarlas Na Tu Mala Aaho-raat

Smartugaami Bapu, Dattaguru Olakhalo

Aniruddha, Tujha Mee Kiti Runi Jhalo

Aniruddha Tujha Mee Kiti Runi Jhalo !!