With me at every step

-  Darshana Sawant

The dreadful moment comes, we even go through it. But with Bapu ’s love and grace, we emerge safe and happy. In the life of a shraddhavaan who trusts and loves Bapu, there has never been an exception to this rule and there never will be.

Aniruddha Bapu_With Me at Every Step

It was January 7, the second last day of the Vardhamaan Vrat. I had gone along with my family to Kothimbe. We sought darshan and after lunch proceeded to come back to Mumbai. We had decided to visit Juinagar on our way back.

We reached Juinagar around 4.30 pm. I was carrying my nine-month-old baby in my arms. Many of us know that the entry to the Juinagar Gurukul has a slight slope. I noticed the slope and put my right foot forward. However, there was a crack between the flooring and slope. My toe got stuck in that crack and I lost my balance. Trying to save the baby in my hands, I first touched the ground with my knees. My hands went towards holding my baby’s neck tight and I ended up touching my elbow to the ground. I fell down with a huge thud right next to the Tulsi Vrindavan.

For a moment, I thought that my baby too was hurt. My sister-in-law immediately picked up the baby. There was shooting pain in my hands and feet and I almost thought I had fractured them. Immediately, the volunteers there rushed to my aid. They applied udi on my hands and feet and calmed me down. In a matter of minutes, the pain was bearable. My baby was not hurt, not even a wee bit.

At the Juinagar Gurukul, Bapu and Mothi Aai were themselves present. How could they have allowed any harm to come to me and my child?

Exactly a year back, on January 2011 too when I was in the seventh month of pregnancy. I had had a fall. I would regularly go and show my reports to Suchitdada and he would assure me that everything was fine. From the fifth month onwards, he had asked me to chant the Ramraksha, which I did very regularly.

We had been to a saree shop to buy a saree for my ‘dohalejevan’ (the function in the seventh month of pregnancy). I was entering the shop when I slipped. I even held the bar but could not keep my balance. My husband Prasadsinh was not able to hold me in time. However, at that point, I felt as if someone held my carefully and helped me sit on the steps. I was not hurt at all. Just the edge of the step had hurt my back slightly. Before this incident on December 31, Dada had asked me to perform two Dattayaag.

Bapu always ensures that our troubles are taken care of even before we face them.

I can never forget the lines uttered by Bapu in his January 9, 2012, Pravachan – “Always believe firmly that your Sadguru is with you at every step in your life.” I experienced this first hand… I cannot imagine otherwise in any case. My Bapu is with me, He is with me always and He is with me at every step in life.

I love you Baba, Aai, Mama and Mothi Aai!

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