For you, I will make the impossible possible….

Experience of Kalpita Borse

When anyone falls sick, our visits to the doctors, hospital are frequent so is the intake of medicines. The patient and his relatives are completely frayed in this cycle. It is absolutely necessary to have a firm belief in “Him” along with medicines to cure a patient effectively. The Shraddhavans who know “medicines treat” but “He cures”! However, what one really needs most is complete faith in Sadguru…. ‘Ek to asel purta’; only then the Sadguru Himself intervenes.

I wish to offer my reverence to Param Pujya Bapu before narrating the experience. I have had several experiences of Bapu in my life. However, this experience was explicit.

This experience bonded me to one of the nine promises lifelong.

Majsave jo preme yeil, Tayache ashakya shakya mi Karin

(In the life of the one, who walks my path with love and trust, I will make possible, all that comes forth as impossible.)

I married Jitendrasinh in June 2012. He was already suffering from blood pressure then. One early morning he felt dizzy. He said it could have been due to high blood pressure. So, I insisted him to come along with me to the hospital. He came and all the tests were carried out.  Blood and urine samples were collected for the tests and the reports showed increased creatinine levels.

Further treatment was to be taken at KCM Hospital, Pune. Before leaving for the hospital, I prayed to Bapu, completed the daily pooja and told Bapu that there was no other savior than him. I also told him to strengthen my faith in him and always let my affection and love for him rise; never let it decrease. My mind was muddled with negative thoughts then and it was getting difficult to live life. Doctor had asked us to get the blood, urine and creatinine levels of Jitendrasinh checked once again within a month. The medicines were already there but for them to work more effectively, I decided to take to worship. I started looking up for experiences of other devotees in the Krupasindhu magazine to know about the various upasanas (prayers) that the devotees had performed when engulfed with calamities. Along with daily prayers consisting of Dattabavani, Ghorkhashtodharan Stotra, Hanuman Chalisa, Shree Ramraksha and reading of nine verses of Bapu, I started reciting mantras from the Matruvatsalyavindanam, 24 times. The doctor had said that the ratio of the creatinine was not decreasing. But I had complete faith in Bapu that he would do everything right for me.

On the day before the check up, I had applied udi on my husband’s forehead and had also given him water mixed with it to drink. In the initial days, I used to get very upset while talking to Bapu about the problem; standing in front of his photograph, I would talk a lot to him. But on the day before the check up, I cried a lot sitting in front of his photograph and said, "Whatever you do is for good. But do not let myself and my husband to be apart; do not let my marriage end".

The reports were expected on the following Thursday. I went to fetch the reports. But there was news waiting for me, a surprise indeed!

Jitendrasinh’s creatinine levels had reduced. When I held the report in my hand, I could see only Bapu in front of my eyes. Tears rolled down and I said, “Bapu, you are really great!” It was the moment when I just wanted to hug Bapu’s lotus feet, cry a lot and tell him to let us be with him for the rest of our lives.

The doctors too were very happy to see the reports. My worries had disappeared and my faith had strengthened than before. One who truly loves Bapu, for him impossible is made possible by the Sadguru.

Sharan Maj ala ani vaya gela, dakhava dakhava Aisa koni.

(Show unto Me he who sought refuge and been turned away). 

I surrender myself at His lotus feet forever and conclude the narration of my experience with the above prayer.