When my fate seemed sealed, I saw a ray of hope...

- Anita Mistry, Devgad Since the year 2003, I started following Bapu. After that, I came to realise and experienced Bapu’s grace every now and then. I have had two experiences of how he protects and blesses us. Albeit, I am alive today to be able to narrate the third experience only due to Bapu. I bow at the lotus feet of Bapu and pray to him that the rest of my life be devoted to and be blessed by him. On January 16, 2009, I was returning home on a motorcycle with my son's friend. All of a sudden, even before I could comprehend the situation, I fell off the motorcycle on the road. My head was severely injured, and I suffered internal head injuries resulting into me going into a coma. People soon gathered around and took me to a nearby hospital. However, looking at my condition, the doctors at the hospital advised to admit me in a better-equipped hospital at Kolhapur. Therefore, I was immediately moved to Dr. Santosh Prabhu’s hospital. The doctors examined me and performed the necessary tests. They then informed my family members that I was critical and that they only had 1% hope for my survival. One of the doctors also stated that it would require a miracle for me to survive the accident. My sister-in-law responded to the doctor by telling him that I was a good person and a follower of Parampujya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. On hearing the doctor’s diagnosis, my children informed the doctor that they would like to take me to another hospital. However, the doctor told them that if I was taken out of the ICU, I was likely to succumb to my injuries immediately. Therefore, he informed them that if they felt the need to take me away, they would be doing it at their own risk. I lay in that state of coma in the ICU for almost an entire month. During that time, the Pramukh Sevak of Jamsandi Upasana Centre was visiting Kolhapur. A volunteer from the Centre came to visit me at the hospital. He had brought along some Udi, which he handed to my son and said, ”Please do not worry as Bapu will take care of her. Also, apply the Udi on her forehead every day. Additionally, do chant Ghorakashtodharan Stotra as well.”  My son began to chant the stotra and also ensured that he applied the Udi daily. After a month, I was brought out of the ICU. I was neither able to recognize anyone nor was I able to recollect my name. However, anyone who consumes the panacea called "Udi" and anyone who chants the name of Aniruddha, effortlessly tides over the severe blows of an unfortunate destiny. And so did I! Due to the strength he endowed upon me, I am now completely cured and that too without any abnormality or disability. Nevertheless, I am required to follow some instructions and a diet for a few months, but I am sure Bapu would provide me with the strength to get through the illness. Sometimes bad incidents help dawn a new realisation. In my case, during my accident, my children, my husband, my sister-in-law and other family members cared so much for me that I am overwhelmed by the love, care and concern. It was possible only due to the immense love and blessings of my Bapuraya.

Kalratra hota hota Ushakaal jhala 

Aare, punha aayushyacha Deep tejalala  

(Before the dark night could befall, there was a break of dawn. What wonder, once again my fire was relit)

I now only have one wish, that is to offer my life at Bapu's lotus feet. May he continue to shower his blessings on all shraddhavans!