When one reposes complete faith in Sadguru, anything can be made possible!

- Ashwini Kedar

Once a person surrenders at the Lotus Feet of Sadguru and offers the two coins –of Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (forbearance) - He would do anything for the devotee. It is then that the unachievable becomes possible! Then be it a job offer on campus through a strict short listing mechanism in the middle of recession and slowdown of the job market or the chaos of workforce reduction in an organisation. One cannot help but feel that "My Bapu is slowly and steadily doing everything to make things better for us."

Bapu’s grace

My daughter, Amruta, graduated with a Software Engineering degree, majoring in Computer Science, in the year 2010. At the time of her admission for Engineering, as a mother, I was quite hesitant about her engineering education, bearing in mind the intensity of the engineering curriculum. Since my husband and I as well as my daughter had complete faith in Bapu, we knew that he would take care of it all. Needless to say, that is precisely what happened. As a result, the four years of her engineering were utterly uneventful.

Amruta's faith in Bapu was so intense that she would carry Bapu's picture with her every day while leaving for college. She would keep it in her scooter's storage space, and only then would she switch on the ignition. She always wore Bapu's Tripurari Trivikram Locket in a chain. This chain would be on her at all times.

Therefore, Bapu - in the form of his photograph - would accompany Amruta every day. She would leave at 8:30 am after breakfast, attend her college and then go for her tuitions. Bapu would bring back Amruta safe every day in the evening. We were confident that he helped her through her studies as well. With Bapu's blessings, Amruta secured more than 75% every semester in engineering. Also, in the last semester, she secured 76.5%.

In 2009, when Amruta was in her third year of engineering, the entire global economy was deeply entrenched in recession. Therefore, it was quite uncertain to predict the success of the campus recruitment program. In fact, everyone assumed IT companies would not show up on campus for recruitment. However, in December 2009, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) decided to come on campus. Since Amruta fulfilled all the eligibility criteria set by TCS, her name was sent to the organisation as an eligible student. She thereby began her preparations for campus interviews in November. Nevertheless, due to the global recession, everyone was unsure about the prospect of her getting placed at TCS.

After a fortnight, it was announced that TCS representatives were to visit campus on December 13th. Amruta appeared for the written campus recruitment test and informed us on the same day in the evening that she had passed it. We bowed in front of Bapu's picture at home and reiterated that he takes care of all his children incessantly.

The next day, December 14th, 2009, was when the next stage of campus recruitment began, but her turn for the interview had not arrived till about 8 pm. The interview panel was quite strict, so she had heard, and so, Amruta was quite tense about the interview. As it happens, her interview was rescheduled to 9 am the next day. She, therefore, returned home late in the evening and sat studying in front of her computer till 3 am.

On December 15th, she applied Udi on her forehead and left for college, as usual, along with Bapu in the form of his picture. She had informed us that there would be three different tests one had to appear as part of the recruitment process individually.

In the morning, during my daily pooja, I had said to Bapu that he ought to do whatever was appropriate and apt for Amruta. I neither insisted that she gets the job nor did I force Bapu to intervene.

Since Amruta did not return home in the evening, my husband called to check on her. She informed him that she had cleared two rounds by then and was awaiting the third. The third round was a personal interview, and since it was the last step in the interview process, it was scheduled on the same day. She told him that she would be coming home late in the night. We went for an evening stroll and, while returning, bought Amruta's favourite chocolate for her.

By the time we returned, it was almost 8:30 pm. While offering the chocolate to Bapu, Amruta called to inform us that she was selected for the job at TCS. She also told us that she had received the offer letter.

Interestingly and most importantly, she informed us that the interview panel did not consist of the strict members from the previous day. That particular day's team was quite lenient. On hearing that, we were speechless! Who else can turn the situation around other than our beloved Bapu!

We could not contain our joy upon receiving the news of her selection. We stood right in front of Bapu's picture and told him that we were eternally grateful to him for giving Amruta an opportunity she longed to receive. Our eyes welled up as we expressed our feelings to Bapu. We thanked him profusely over and over again.

Once one reposes complete faith in one's Sadguru, he can make anything possible. We were 108% convinced about it after our experience with Amruta's campus placements.

During the four years of her engineering education, Amruta managed to write only 8 Ramnaam Books and stitch only two quilts. She also operated the Charkha whenever she had some spare time. If one were to look at it, this service was negligible. However, the fact that she managed to do this, despite her hectic schedule, is something Bapu considered. With such little but heartfelt efforts, Bapu fulfilled her desire and helped her achieve success.

Amruta later obtained the offer letter from TCS, and she joined the organisation in due course of time. Bapu, let every devotee get a chance to perform seva and be at your Lotus Feet. I ask you to grant me this blessing.