What could dare touch you if Bapu was your saviour?

- Suresh Vasgade, Sangli Each one of us experiences various unpleasant incidents in our lives, and Bapu effortlessly pulls everyone, especially a Bapu Devotee out of such untoward events. I am sure each of us has experienced his divine interventions and his blessings aplenty. Even I experienced something similar through which I grew aware of Bapu’s support and experienced his grace.

Sankatamadhe Jo Haath Dhari, Ashakyache Shakya Bapu Kari! (He holds my hand in times of adversities, making even the impossible possible!)

I am a teacher by profession and travel from Sangli every day to go to the Primary School, Ashram Shala at Kodoli, where I teach. Some days I travel by bus while on the others, I travel by a two-wheeler. That day, on the 19th of January, I was going by a two-wheeler to the School from Sangli to Kodoli. After finishing with school and associated work, I left Kodoli around 5:15 pm by the two-wheeler. It usually takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to cover the distance. Also, one has to cross the Irwin bridge which is close to Sangliwadi. By the time I came close to the bridge, it was about seven in the evening. It was quite dark in and around the bridge, and the traffic was quite heavy as well. In the nick of time, I saw a four-wheeler overtaking another one which was moving at high speed and came right in front of me. As I sensed the momentum of the vehicle, I lost my judgment of the road ahead, and my vehicle hit the bridge railing. I had met with an accident, and in no time, a big crowd began to gather around me. Due to the injuries to my face, my nose was bleeding profusely. I asked for help, but no one was willing to step forward and take me to a nearby hospital. In the midst of that chaos, I heard someone say, "You do not have any injuries. Before the crowd thickens, please rush to a dispensary." These words gave me the much-needed strength at the time. Someone helped me to start the vehicle, and while my nose continued to bleed, I drove in the midst of heavy traffic to a hospital which was about 2 km away from the accident spot. I then got myself admitted to the hospital. I felt as if it was not me who drove the vehicle but some superpower instead had driven me to the nearest hospital. I am certain that it was none other than my Sadguru Bapu. The doctor on duty was quite stunned and with genuine surprise asked me, ”Who brought you here?” I immediately said to myself, ”My Bapu brought me here." After that my family members were informed of the injuries and surgery was performed. What could dare touch you if Bapu is your saviour? It was Bapu who had taken me to the hospital. He sailed me through the adversity, and that is why I was saved. I bow to the lotus feet of SadguruAniruddha Bapu who is the saviour of one and all.