We went away but …

- Mrs. S.S.Panhalkar

Disasters often come without a forewarning and they catch a person unaware. But, the Sadguru’s ‘Disaster Management cell’ is ever ready for the protection of the devotee.

O Sadguru, a million salutations to you! A simple devotee like me is blessed to have your grace. You have consistently extricated me out of any adversity and have always shown me a new path.  Due to my workload, I do not get sufficient time to do your devotion. Yet, you have always rushed to my help. My family and I offer our prayers at your feet.

It has been about 8-9 years since I started attending Bapu’s discourses. I regularly attend the Upasana on Saturdays as well. Even if I have a lot of work, I try to make it to the Upasana. So be it summer or monsoon or even late in the night, I know that my Sadguru is always with me and hence I travel without any fear.

On 11th January 2011, we faced an enormous calamity. However, my Sadguru took care of this situation. In the evening, my daughter and I were cleaning the vegetables in the kitchen. My 4-year-old grandson was present in the kitchen as well.

I asked my daughter to continue, as I had to light the lamp in the Devghar (place in the household where the images and idols of Gods are kept). I left the kitchen and my grandson followed me. My daughter got up, covered the vessel full of vegetables and kept it on the kitchen table, and stood near the table.

Suddenly, I heard a loud cracking sound. I rushed to the kitchen. I found that the tube light in the kitchen had burst and it fell right at the spot where we were sitting a little while earlier! The floor was scattered with the shattered glass. The first thing that came to our mind was how Bapu had saved us from this situation. We were just overwhelmed by his love.

Everyone rushed from the main room towards the kitchen. They did not know what had happened. But, we knew that Bapu had ensured our safety. It is true that Bapu takes care of us all the time. But, we do not realize and appreciate his love till such incidents happen. Had we not gotten up from the place where the tube light fell we either would have been dead or would have been grievously injured.

Sai Baba has said that those who enter the Dwarakamai, would sail smoothly in the journey of life. Similarly, Bapu has said that he will never forsake us.
Truly, Bapu… we are indebted to you and we are grateful for that. Please let us devote our entire life towards your devotion. This is the only prayer we offer at your feet.


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